Enterprise Originals (Star Trek newsletter)

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Title: Enterprise Originals
Publisher: Enterprise Originals, a fan club out of Middlesex, UK
Editor(s): Jacqueline Comben
Date(s): Spring 1987-to at least 1990
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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Enterprise Originals is a newsletter for the fan club of the same name.

It was published quarterly, and for an unknown number of years.


From the first issue:

Welcome aboard, fellow 'originals'
Who remember life before we ever saw
A star ship like a saucer with nacelles
And fell beneath the magic of her spells!
Recalling when we'd never heard of 'to boldly go'...
Remembering a time before we learned to know
That Vulcans were, much less pointed ears
And a propensity to bottle up their tears...
We all are totally aware of the effect upon our lives
Of our first encounter with the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Your editor would like to hear which part
Of STAR TREK made most impact on your heart.
Was it the value placed upon diversity
Contrasting with our era's prejudiced perversity?
Was it the fact that weapons were not used
Unless the Captain could find no other course to choose?
Was it the willingness to admit that we
Had much to learn about the galaxy?
Write, please, and tell us your view.
What about STAR TREK fascinated you?

Issue 1

Enterprise Originals 1 was published in spring 1987 and contains 16 pages.

first page of issue #1
  • article by Jacqueline Comben about scientific errors in TOS
  • the cast of TNG speculation of whether it will be "real" Trek
  • a review by Ray Dowsett of the movie "Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home"
  • an article by Ray Dowsett about the H.M.S. Enterprise, a "6th Rate Frigate, 28 Gun" sailing ship from 1757
  • book reviews of "Deep Domain," and "Dream of the Raven"
  • "Vulcans never joke...", article
  • lots of ads and announcements for cons and such

Issue 2

Enterprise Originals 2 was published in summer 1987 and contains 22 pages.

first page of issue #2
Pat Lennon's computer art from issue #2 (source of the image used here on Fanlore is most likely a photocopy, so the original reproduction may be better)
  • comments on an article about space travel that was published in "The Guardian" (newspaper, July 10, 1987)
  • editorial by Ray Dowsett, some topics: how they got into fandom, encouragement to go to Midcon and perhaps be a steward, encouragement to send in material for this newsletter (the words "beg" and "grovel" and "entreat" are employed)
  • there is a very, very early example of "computer art" -- "A special 'thank you' to Pat Lennon for his brilliant art work. Because this is generated on a computer, it reproduces far better than do photographs. Not only that, it is original and the work of a member, which makes it three times better than mere photographs."
  • there are six letters to the editor and one which was not printed: "... because Margaret Rainey and I work for the same employer, if on different sites, we correspond via computer or internet mail and I have mislaid her missives. My apologies..."
  • some info on The Next Generation, photos and ship specifications and discussion of mission—the fan notes "Unfortunately, is seems the BBC, not ITV, has bought the series, so when we'll see it in Britain, who knows? About 1991, probably!"
  • an article by Ray Dowsett on "U.S.S. Enterprise, schooner, 12 guns"—a sailing ship from 1800 and "U.S.S. Enterprise Brig-of-War, 16 guns"—a sailing ship from 1812
  • scientific bloopers in Star Trek, an article by Jacqueline Y. Comben
  • a review of the pro book, "Strangers from the Sky"
  • the editor asks for zine reviews, discusses the topics of opinion on them, says she enjoyed Attuclac, but for personal reasons did not care for Koon-ut-kal-if-fee #5, see that page

Issue 3

Enterprise Originals 3 was published in autumn 1987 and contains 25 pages.

first page of issue #3
  • a MidCon con report
  • a WorldCon con report
  • a Ne 'A Driar con report
  • the club has 29 members, and two honorary ones, which a fan points out isn't too bad seeing how the club has only been in existence since May 1987
  • there is much discussion on fan's opinions about the likeability of Kirk and Spock
  • an article by Ray Dowsett about "H.M.S. Enterprise Ironclad Steam Sloop 1864-1886"
  • a number of fans comment on what they've seen of The Next Generation so far
  • an article about language and a "universal translator"
  • a review of the pro book "The Romulan Way" and of "Crisis on Centaurus" and "How Much for Just the Planet?"
  • some very short comments on the zines: Contact (US) and Contact (UK), Variations on a Theme, Acceptance, Infinite Diversity, and Archives

Issue 4

Enterprise Originals 4 was published in winter 1988 and contains 24 pages.

first page of issue #4
  • some reports of The Next Generation and its fan reception (mixed, mostly negative)
  • the editor apolgizes "for the lateness of this issue, which is entirely her fault. She will try to do better in the future."
  • the editor warns: "The U.S. Professional Convention organisers 'CreationCon are advertising a Con in London in May 1988 just before UFP. One hopes this will not be well attended as we do not want profit seekers to take over in this country and squeeze out our own Cons!"
  • there is much discussion on original characters in the Trek universe, "club ships" and whether they are Mary Sues
  • there is a very, very long TNG episode synopsis and review by Margaret Rainey for "The Naked Now"
  • a con report by Pat Lennon for WorldCon
  • a con report by Miri Rana of MidCon, includes a wonderful photo of the author
  • another article about ships by Ray Dowsett, this one about H.M.S. Enterprise "Light-Cruiser 1926-1946"
  • an article by Jacqueline Y. Comben about warp drive
  • pro book reviews: "Demons" by J.M. Dillard and "Bloodthirst" by J.M. Dillard and "Encounter at Farpoint by David Gerrold and "Enterprise: The First Adventure" by Vonda McIntyre
  • short comments on the zines Alnitah, Enter-comm, Kraith zines, All Loss Restored
  • lots of ads

Issue 5

Enterprise Originals 5 was published in spring 1988 and contains 26 pages. The art is by Pat Lennon.

first page of issue #5
  • Ray's Ramblings (2)
  • Editorial (3)
  • Letter to the Editor (4)
  • The Most Famous Enterprise, article by Ray Dowsett about the aircraft cruiser named "Enterprise" (9)

From the sublime to the RN!, another article about WW2 warships (10)

  • Starship Routine by Ray Dowsett, first article in a new series (11)
  • Help Wanted Column (14)
  • News from Down Under (14)
  • Book Reviews ("Strangers from the Sky," "How Much for Just the Planet," "Deep Domain," "Bloodthirst") (15)
  • Zine Reviews (22)
  • Zine and Club ads (23)

Issue 6

Enterprise Originals 6 was published in summer 1988.

cover of issue #6

Issue 7

Enterprise Originals 7 was published in autumn 1988 and contains 32 pages.

front page of issue#7
  • Ray's Ramblings (2)
  • Editorial (3)
  • Letters to the Editor (4)
  • MidCon '88, con report (6)
  • Federation History: The Klingon Rollerball Team, article by Pat Lennon (8)
  • TNG Episode Reviews by Margaret Rainey (9)
  • Starship Routine: Odds and Ends, article by Ray Dowsett (15)
  • Star Trek V News (17)
  • Commander William T. Riker, article by Margaret Rainey (18)
  • Zine Reviews (23)

Issue 8

Enterprise Originals 8 was published in winter 1989 and contains 28 pages.

cover of issue #8
  • Ray's Ramblings (2)
  • Editorial (3)
  • Letters to the Editor (4)
  • TNG Episode Reviews (6)
  • More Star Trek V (11)
  • More Letters to the Editor (12)
  • A Career in Starfleet (14)
  • Federation History: The Garde of the United Federation, article by Pat Lennon (17)
  • Lieutenant Commander Data, article, part three of a series about the crew of the Star Trek: TNG, by Margaret Rainey (18)
  • Shona (22)
  • Book Review by Karen Broadribb ("Dreams of the Raven," (22)
  • Zine Reviews (24)

Issue 9

Enterprise Originals 9 was published in spring 1989 and contains 36 pages.

cover of issue #9
  • George and the Unicorn (1)
  • Star Trek V: The Magnificent Seven in Space?, updates, people were invited to a screening wihich wsa caneceled due to production unhappiness with the special effects (2)
  • Ray's Ramblings (3)
  • Editorial (4)
  • Letters to the Editor (5)
  • TNG Episode Revews by Margaret Rainey (8)
  • Starship Routine: Alerts and Emergencies, article by Ray Dowsett (16)
  • Sol III con report (20)
  • Crusher & Son, article by Margaret Rainey (22)
  • Sol III con report, "The Adelphi is Run by Hissing Side, or How One Hotel Can Ruin a Perfectly Good Convention" (26)
  • Sol III con report (29)
  • Zine Reviews (31)

Issue 10

Enterprise Originals 10 was published in summer 1989 and contains 28 pages.

first page of issue #10

Issue 11

Enterprise Originals 11 was published in autumn 1989 and contains 26 pages.

first page of issue #11
  • A Family Affair, a review of the movie "Star Trek V" (4)
  • Ray's Ramblings (5)
  • Editorial (5)
  • Letters to the Editor (5)
  • a very long RecCon con report, includes photos (7)
  • JUNO Space Mission (10)
  • TNG Episode Guide by Margaret Rainey (11)
  • Vulcan Biology: Reproduction, article by Jacqueline Y. Comben (17)
  • Book Reviews ("Vulcan's Glory," "The Cry of the Onlies," "The Lost Years," "Yesterday's Son" (20)
  • Zine Reviews (22)

Issue 12

Enterprise Originals 12 was published in winter 1990 and contains 26 pages.

first page of issue #12
  • 1990, Twenty-four years on, and still counting! (article about the anniversary of Star Trek: TOS) (2)
  • Ray's Ramblings (3)
  • Editorial (3)
  • Letters to the Editor (4)
  • MidCon con report, includes photos (7)
  • TNG Episode Guide by Margaret Rainey (9)
  • URGENT! ACTION! (a plea to fans to protest what they believed to be the script for Star Trek VI, one that had a flashback to the Academy that was humor a la "Police Academy" movies, as well as using "unknown" actors to play the crew in their much younger days) (17)
  • Vulcan Biology: Development, article by Jacqueline Y. Comben (18)
  • Pro Book Reviews ("The Kobayahsi Maru" by Julia Ecklar, "A Rock and a Hard Place" by Peter David (20)
  • Zine Reviews (21)

Issue 13

Enterprise Originals 13 was published in spring 1990.

Issue 14

Enterprise Originals 14 was published in summer 1990.

Issue 15

Enterprise Originals 15 was published in autumn/winter 1990 and contains 26 pages.

cover of issue #15
  • Another Family Affair, comments about MidCon '90 (1)
  • Ray's Renewed Ramblings (2)
  • Editorial (4)
  • Letters to the Editor, much about the profitability of British Star Trek cons, the number of fans, and convention politics (5)
  • Star Trek, TNG, etc. (9)
  • Editor's Reaction (11)
  • My Weekend with Patrick Stewart by Margaret Rainey, an very, very long account of a IAAPS 3-day con in Baltimore, Maryland with 215 people, Patrick Stewart was in attendance (12)
  • MidCon '90 Con Report by Miri Rana (17)
  • Star Trek TNG episode reviews by Margaret Rainey (18)
  • Zine Review (23)