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Title: Xet
Publisher: Bristol Star Fleet Registry
Author(s): Jacqueline Comben
Cover Artist(s): Rod Summers
Illustrator(s): Rod Summers
Date(s): July 1985
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover by Rod Summers

Xet is a 82-page gen Star Trek: TOS novel written by Jacqueline Comben and illustrated by Rod Summers. It is a sequel to The Flight of the Eagle.

The first print run was 250.


From Media Monitor: "Kirk and crew set off in search of a vanished transport ship and discover the planet and populace of Xet—probably the strangest ‘new civilisation’ they have ever encountered."

Reactions and Reviews

This story is set after Flight of the Eagle, but is quite independent of it. The crew investigates the disappearance of a ship near the Tholian sector and discovers a culture that badly needs their help. There are some lovely touches of humour in this story and you find out how the Enterprise got into the Guiness Book of Records for the maximum number of people round a viewscreen at any one time! [1]


  1. ^ from Enterprise Originals #11 (1989)