Bristol Star Fleet Registry

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Fan Club
Name: Bristol Star Fleet Registry
Dates: 1982-2000
Leadership: Rod Summers, Pete Wilson, Dave Uppington, Paul Rowe
Country based in: UK
Focus: Star Trek
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1986 flyer

Bristol Star Fleet Registry - The BRITISH SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW (originally founded 1982 as the BRISTOL STARFLEET REGISTRY) International Star Trek and Science Fiction Fan Club. Publishes quarterly publications, featuring news, reviews, interviews, photos and more. BSFR supports the annual NEXUS SF Media conventions, held in Bristol since 1995. It ceased in 2000.

Some Finances


from BSFR Newsletter #5, artist uncredited: "These B.S.F.R. 'zines are really good, Jim!"
1986 flyer
a 1984 flyer
a 1989 zine flyer