I, Q

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Title: I, Q
Publisher: Bristol Star Fleet Registry
Author(s): Rod Summers
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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I, Q is a gen 46-page Star Trek: TNG novel by Rod Summers. The cover and inside art are by Rod Summers.

It was reprinted in serial format during 2000-2001 in Trexperts.


A routine rendezvous for the Enterprise turns into a dangerous mystery when the ore freighter Santana vanishes near the edge of the galaxy. When no contact can be made with Picard's shuttle-bound away team, the influence of Q is suspected. But his presence masks a much more deadly threat to the Federation. [1]

Inside Sample

Reactions and Reviews

Returning from a diplomatic mission, Picard, Troi and Data are abducted from their shuttle while Guinan is taken from the Enterprise. They find themselves on Delta Vega, facing a revived Gary Mitchell, who once again intends to use his powers to dominate the galaxy. While the Enterprise searches for the missing crew, the problem is further complicated by the involvement of Q, who finds that the situation is not as amusing as he would like.

The story is told with the skill we have come to expect from this writer, and it held my attention throughout, buijding to a satisfactory ending. The zine is very well produced, and the dramatic illustrations complement the text perfectly. The cover in particular is very striking, though yet again I have to say that my one criticism is that I had to play hunt-the-title. [2]


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