McCoy - Examined!

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Title: McCoy - Examined!
Publisher: Bristol Star Fleet Registry & reprinted by Peg Kennedy & Bill Hupe
Date(s): July 1985
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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McCoy - Examined! is a gen Star Trek: TOS 60-page anthology by Patricia Thompson; illustrations by Mark Whitfield.

Summary from an Ad

Simply put, MCCOY EXAMINED is a collection of 4 short stories by Pat Thompson featuring different aspects of the personality of Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy. The collection spans events in McCoy's life from 'TV Series' to 'STAR TREK 3'. A rare personal glimpse behind the public facade. [1]

Summaries from the Author

  • The Lion Cub ("In this first story McCoy is re-united with his daughter Joanna for the first time in many months. It does not prove to be a happy meeting, however, when she asks of him probably thet one thing he feels unable to do for her.") (1)
  • Here Beginneth ("Back to series "Trek" here and a solo mission for the doctor on a planet where, thanks to one slip-f-the tongue, he is mistaken for a God. Since he cannot deny it, he has to play the role to the full - and finds the life of a God is not all it's cracked up to be.") (15)
  • Heal Thyself ("Still in series 'Trek' this story turns to love as McCoy has found himself a bride at last. Like most things, however, this silver cloud has a dark lining and an end to McCoy's happiness is just around the corner.") (33)
  • Lion Pride ("Back up to date and a sequel to LION CUB finds us some 18 months after that story and for all of that time McCoy has not been himself. Depressed since the rift between himself and Joanna opened, news reaches him that his daughter is now dead - with them never having made peace. We couldn't leave you on a 'downer' however, this last story does have a happy ending.") (45)



  1. from a 1985 ad in Voyager #12