Of Songs Unknown

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Title: Of Songs Unknown
Publisher: Bristol Star Fleet Registry
Author(s): Charlotte Allery
Cover Artist(s): Jim Mortimore
Illustrator(s): Charlotte Allery
Date(s): September 1988 (first printing)
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Jim Mortimore

Of Songs Unknown is a 62-page gen novel by Charlotte Allery. The cover is by Jim Mortimore.


From the editorial page:
Of Songs Unknown' is set approximately one year after Jim Kirk and his colleagues returned to the 23rd century with 'George' and 'Gracie' - as depicted in 'Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home'. Gillian Taylor is now aboard the research vessel 'Venturous' and keeping a close eye on 'her' whales; Kirk and Co are in deep space, and elsewhere a plan is being formed. A Klingon plan. A plan to capture for themselves these previously non-existant creatures with the ability to communicate with the awesome probe from the stars. A plan that, in only it's initial stages, results in the 'Venturous' being blown to smithereens!!! The story is Charlotte's 3rd publication for BSFR following her short story collection 'Encounters' and her first novel, 'The Company of Humans'.


Reactions and Reviews

Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy have reprint rights to a lot of great out-of-print ScoTpress and BSFR zines. I don't know what BSFR stands for, except that they are British zines. ... It is a story about Gillian Taylor, the whales, an interesting Vulcan assistant to Gillian, a Klingon plot, and, of course, our heroes to the rescue. I really enjoyed this. [1]
A refreshing post-TVH zine, focussing on Gillian's career with the whales and her relationship with a Vulcan colleague. The Klingons add a little excitement, and guess who resolves the problem they cause! [2]


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