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You may be looking for the TOS zine Star Voyages.

Title: Star Voyage
Publisher: STAG
Editor(s): Margaret Richardson
Date(s): 1986-1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Star Voyage is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology published in the UK. Each issue was dedicated to their mimeograph machine: ".... BONES - Grumpy, grouchy, coughs stutters and throws paper around the room but gets the job done in the end. House trained by CATHERINE RICHARDSON and LESLEY A. WOOD."

General Reactions and Reviews

There are some very nice stories in this series. In #1, my favourites were After the Night by Kelly Mitchell, which takes place after the refusion at Mount Seleya. Kirk stays on Vulcan to come to terms with his personal losses; also The Return by Janis Bowers, also set after TSFS. In #2, In Whatever Fleet deals with the eight ex-crewmembers re-affirming their friendship after the refusion at Mount Seleya. [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Star Voyage 1 was published around 1986 and contains 68 pages.

  • First Day Abroad by Janis Bowers (1)
  • The Liberation of Leila Kolomi by Geraldene Pickson (4)
  • Birthday by Sandra Trenton (5)
  • The Klingon's Weakness by Karen Whiting (6)
  • Trapped by Pony Godic (10)
  • Operation by Keith Stevenson (42)
  • The Dark Alien and the Golden One by Linda Wood (43)
  • The Single Bloom by Katy Deery (44)
  • Enterprise Incidents by Linda Norman (45)
  • The Legacy by Ann Smith (46)
  • After the Night by Kelly Mitchell (48)
  • The Return by Janis Bowers - THE RETURN won First Prize in the What Happens Next? Competition (52)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Star Voyage 2 published in 1989, contains 43 pages of fiction by Lorri Goodison, Lynne Collins, Sandra Trenton, Keith Stevenson, Karen Whiting, and Marilyn Agius. Art by Carol Hart and Jeni Stace.

Issue 3

Star Voyage 3 was published in 1989.

Issue 4

Star Voyage 4 was published in 1989 and is a 43-page single novel by Pony Godic called "The Horla's Lair." It was later printed in Orion.

From a publisher's ad: "Uhura is trapped in the Horla's lair and it is only a matter of time before she is lost forever. Kirk has to solve the puzzle or face the consequences."


  1. ^ from Enterprise Originals #12 (1990)