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Name: Julia Ecklar
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Julia Ecklar is a filker, con organizer, and writer, of original science fiction, Star Trek tie-in novels, and fanfiction.

One notable filk is Temper of Revenge which was originally featured on the album The Horse-Tamer's Daughter in 1984 and then Divine Intervention in 1986. It won a Pegasus award for "Best War/Vengeance Song" in 1991.[1]

She and Karen Rose Cercone used the pseud "L.A. Graf" to write about a dozen Star Trek pro books. "L.A. Graf" stands for "Let's All Get Rich and Famous."

A 1984 Proposed Zine

In 1984, Ecklar proposed a zine called "Continuing Voyages." From a flyer printed in Starwings #2:

A new Trek 'zine from Ceti Alpha Press.

The editors are looking for stories that are set in the Trek universe, not just stories about Kirk and Spock. They are seeking a good balance among the already-existing Trek characters, as well as good stories about people other than the Enterprise crew. They will also consider poems, articles, cartoons, and various forms of humor, so long as they are coherent and mature. They will NOT consider X-rated material, or K/S material. Be sure to enclose a SASE with. your submission, if you want the original returned to you. --Julia Ecklar

In the end, the zine was canceled not due to lack of interest by readers, but to lack of quality submissions and "a dumb ex-mailman who didn't always deliver the mail."

Fanworks and Fanac




Many Early Songvid Inspiration

Many fans based their songvids upon Ecklar's music. See List of Blake's 7 Early Songvids, List of Starsky & Hutch Early Songvids, List of The Professionals Early Songvids, List of Miami Vice Early Songvids, List of Star Trek Early Songvids, Shadow Songs.



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