Stave the Wails

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Filk Songbook
Title: Stave the Wails
Publisher: Wail Songs and Harpy Music
Editor(s): Heather Rose Jones & Bob Laurent
Date(s): 1991
Medium: Paper
Size: Letter-sized
Subject: various
Language: English
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Stave the Wails is a filk collection of filksongs, most of which were popular (to some degree or other) in the SF Bay Area in the late 80's. The editor's note says:

We wanted to make a filk sampler; something along the lines of a good chocolate assortment with a variety of cremes and nuts and chews and maybe a few truffles. So we sifted through raw convention tapes, song collections and our own memories to come up with a long list of titles that we thought were well-written, entertaining and, in general, not easily available in published form. ... We tallied up the attributes of the songs we'd already picked and then looked for material to even out the balance. ("We need more group songs. Doesn't anyone write group songs anymore?" "Here's six more good group songs." "OK. Now we're seriously heavy on ose. We need more funny stuff." And so forth.)

It includes art by Heather Rose Jones, Melody Rondeau, and Mel White. The cover art is uncredited.


Fourteen of its songs were nominated for or won Pegasus Awards: Bloodchild, Cosmic Drain, Do It Yourself, Drink Up the River, Fire in the Sky, Flying Island Farewell, God Lives on Terra, Lullaby for a Weary World, Marcon Ballroom, Mommy, Can I Have a Spaceship, Ship of Stone, Time and Stars, Vampire Megabyte, and Wishful Thinking.

Cover of Stave the Wails


  • The Wind from Rainbow's End - Bill Roper
  • Beyond Pandora's Door- Ernest Clark
  • Ramblin' Railway Filker - Curtis Katz
  • Marcon Ballroom - Anne Passovoy
  • Song at the Ready - Suzette Haden Elgin
  • Three Harps - Colin Fine
  • All of the Filkers are Singing - Mark Bernstein
  • Oh, What a Horrible Filksong - Valerie Housden
  • Dopple Entendre - Bob Kanefsky / Kathy Mar
  • Mary Sue Fan Fiction Blues - Mary Jean Holmes
  • Flying Island Farewell - Barry Childs-Helton
  • Ship of Stone - Don Simpson
  • Star Sisters - Jean Stevenson
  • Mommy, Can I Have a Spaceship - Joey Shoji
  • Fire in the Sky - Jordin Kare
  • Soul of the Steel - BJ Willinger
  • Tyrannosaur's Lullaby - Jane Robinson
  • Hound of the Baskervilles - Jane Mailander / Brenda Sutton
  • Bloodchild - Joey Shoji
  • Black Dragon - Beth Stevens & Janet Wilson
  • Grey Rider - Michael Whitaker
  • Lesson - Larry Warner
  • Hymn to Amber - Roberta Rogow
  • Publish & Be Damned - Phil Allcock / Chris Bell
  • Good Morning, Mister Johnson- Mark Bernstein
  • Parasite's Anthem - Dave Luckett
  • Ain't It Tragic - Naomi Pardue
  • Temperature of Revenge - Tom Smith / Julia Ecklar
  • What Does a Dorsai Do? - Chris Weber
  • Star to Steer By - Karen Willson
  • The Last of Grand Moff Tarkin's Crew - Nick Smith
  • Imperial March - Jim Vibber
  • Do It Yourself - Bill Sutton
  • Little Teeny Eyes - Tom Digby w/ Lee Gold
  • Vampire Megabyte - Steve Savitzky
  • Drink Up the River - Kathy Mar
  • Kites & Windmills - Jane Freitag
  • Song of the Women - Janet Warner / Zander Nyrond
  • God Lives on Terra - Julia Ecklar
  • Draw Down the Moon - Brenda Sutton
  • Cosmic Drain - Sally Childs-Helton
  • I Saw My World Go Down - Bill Sutton
  • Starbound, Soilbound - Barb Riedel & Carol Roper
  • Stowaway - Deirdre M. Murphy
  • Outer Space Rocket Trilogy - Clif Flynt
  • Suns - Paul Mac Donald
  • Time and Stars - Sharon Porath
  • Red Star, Rising - Mitchell Burnside Clapp
  • Wishful Thinking - Peter Thiesen
  • Lullaby for a Weary World - TJ Burnside Clapp