Harper Beat

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Title: Harper Beat
Publisher: Fort Weyr out of Center Line, MI
Date(s): 1981-at least 2006 (gaps of several years at least twice)
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
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Harper Beat is a gen Dragonriders of Pern newsletter.

It contains much fiction and art and some news.

Also see Between 'Zine.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

Issue 9

Issue 10

Issue 11

Harper Beat 11 was published in December 1983. The front cover is by K'lee.

"The Harper Beat at that time was around 30 pages. It was constructed of 8 sheets of Legal Size paper, hand typed (on a TYPE WRITER!) and stapled in the center. This format was used for many years." [1]

Issue 12

Issue 13

Issue 14

Issue 15

Issue 16

Issue 17

Issue 18

Issue 19

Issue 20

Issue 21

Issue 22

Issue 23

Issue 24

Issue 25

Issue 26

Issue 27

Issue 28

Issue 29

Issue 30

Issue 31

Issue 32

Issue 33

Issue 34

Issue 35

Issue 37

Harper Beat 37 was published in February 1989.

"By Issue #37, we were having a lot of production problems. We had grown to nearly 60 pages! This issue (cover by Robin Wood) was the last "digest" size Harper Beat ever printed. By then, the format of the content inside had grown to be pretty consistent with what you'd find in a Harper Beat today. The editor of the Harper Beat at that time did a lot of the cutting and pasting to put these 'zines together. We had entered the digital age and the individual sheets were created using Word Perfect and a daisy wheel printer. The pages where reduced and set onto Legal Size paper using the copy machine. It was February, 1989. We didn't know any better." [2]

Issue 38

Harper Beat 38 was published April 1, 1989.

"On April 1st, 1989 we went 8 1/2 by 11! Pam Spurlock did the cover. We had mixed reaction to the first issue. A lot of people had really grown to love the digest format. We could now go directly from printer to copier and production became a whole lot easier. Especially at 6 issues a year! ssue #38 was also the first issue with our new masthead, the familiar "fort" shape you see on all of our publications. You learn something new every day, eh?" [3]

Issue 39

cover of issue #39

Harper Beat 39 was published in June 1989 and contains 42 pages.

  • Weyrwoman's Record (1)
  • A Rose By Any Other Name by Wendy (Zac) Kosak (2)
  • A Piece of Fluff by Debra (N'xar) Reuss (6)
  • For Want of a Pen... by Nancy (Nickonee) Janda (8)
  • Square One by Julia (G'tan) Ecklar (12)
  • Weyr News (18)
  • Threadfall by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak (22)
  • Fort Fest Information (25)
  • Blind Man's Bluff by Lisa (Shira) Padol (26)
  • New Old Friends by Pam (Fr'nir) Spurlock (30)
  • Birds of a Feather by Melissa (Shatani) Gelhaus (34)
  • Kreelings (37)
  • Weyr Holding the Fort (41)
  • art by Diana Stein, Sue Linville, Nancy Janda, Tom Howell, Sandy Schreiber, Drexler Robertson, Jennifer Crosby (Pam Spurlock is listed but crossed out by hand)

Issue 40

cover of issue #40

Harper Beat 40 contains 58 pages.

  • Weyrwoman's Record (1)
  • Kreelings (2)
  • Someone Else's Dream by Caitrin (Govral) Baer (5)
  • Hiccups by Karen Rose (Antek) Cercone (6)
  • Forte from ForTen (9)
  • The Most Improbable Choice by Jennie (Adriana) Rohde (10)
  • WInter's Tale by Chantal (D'mir) Gaudiano (14)
  • Out of the Blue by Melissa (Shaitani) Gelhaus (18)
  • In Shadows Hid by Beth (C'rie) Bowles (22)
  • Searching for Trouble by Karen (E'rina) Purcell (24)
  • Weyr News (27)
  • And Nothing But the Truth by Dave (N'gan) Parsley (32)
  • No Room at the Inn submitted by Kristin (G'leep) Burger (35)
  • Vintage by Wendy (Zac) Kosak (36)
  • Intro to the Weyrs III (41)
  • One Day by Debra (N'xar) Reuss (44)
  • Round Robin by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak (46)
  • Fort Fest Information (51)
  • Prelude by Julia (G'tan) Ecklar (52)
  • Weyr Holding the Fort (58)
  • art by Jennifer Crosby, Nancy Janda, Diana Stein, Sue Linville, Pam Spurlock, Stacy Lung, and Bill Hohman

Issue 41

cover of issue #41

Harper Beat 41 (v.8, n.5, issue 41) was published in October 1989 and contains 70 pages.

  • Weyrwoman's Record (1)
  • Kreelings (2)
  • Zorath by Teresa (Ma'ying) Sarick (2)
  • Commencment by Lara (Mecli) Van Winkle (6)
  • And the Harper Sings... by Kristin (G'leep) Burger (16)
  • Splashy Introductions by Ann (Ch'ell) Cecil (20)
  • The Big Payoff by Diana (Jana) Stein (24)
  • Weyr News (30)
  • Legacy by Jennie (Adriana) Rohde (34)
  • Good Intentions by Jennifer (Kaetryn) Hutton (38)
  • Wedding Gifts by Tracy (Elissa) Worcester (42)
  • A Picture's Worth by Melissa (Shantani) Gelhaus (46)
  • Helping Out by Karen Rose (Antek) Cercone (50)
  • Lullaby for Mixed Voices by Julia (G'tan) Ecklar (56)
  • Retribution by Wendy (Zac) Kosak (62)
  • Cloudy, With a Chance of Showers by Maggi (Reggan) Rohde (66)
  • Weyr Holding the Fort (70)
  • art by Kristen Burger, Jennifer Crosby, Nancy Janda, Sue Linville, Stacy Lung, Sandra Santara, Sandy Schreiber, Diana Stein and Robin Wood

Issue 42

cover of issue #42

Harper Beat 42 was published in December 1989 and contains 74 pages.

  • Retribution (conclusion) by Wendy (Zac) Kosak (2)
  • Firelizard by Teri (Ma'ying) Sarick (7)
  • Green Mischief by K. Rook (F'lis) Lieber (8)
  • Teaching an Old Dog by Chantal (Galenna) Gauriano (12)
  • Digger for Gold by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak (16)
  • SpaceCause (19)
  • Lasting Impressions by Don (Corwin) Cox (20)
  • DragonCon Review by Wendy (Zac) Kostak (23)
  • Enough Hours in the Day by Tracy (Elissa) Worcester (24)
  • Fort Fest VII Review by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak (27)
  • Blood is Thicker than Wherry by Jennie (Adriana) Rohde (28)
  • Weyr News (33)
  • A Place to Call Home by Jennifer (Kaetry) Hutton (38)
  • Graduation Ceremonies by Julia (G'tan) Ecklar (42)
  • Fort Fest VIII Update (47)
  • The Note by Debra (N'xar) Reuss (48)
  • Finding-Day by Karen Rose (Antek) Cercone (50)
  • Reinforcements by Judy (Peylan) Carter (54)
  • Starting Off on the Wrong Foot by Amy (Sivaran) Finkbeiner (58)
  • In the Act by Diana (Jana) Stein (62)
  • Shell Game by Melissa (Shaitani) Gelhaus (66)
  • Kreelings by Tome (R'gel) Howell (71)
  • Weyr Holding Fort (74)
  • art by Tristan Alexander, Jennifer Crosby, Amy Finkbeiner, Jennifer Janda, Nancy Janda, K. Rook Lieber, Sue Linville, Maggi Rohde, Diana Stein, and Robin Wood

Issue 43

cover of issue #43, Jim Gilbert

Harper Beat 43 contains 84 pages.

  • Who? Me? by Caitrin (Govral) Baer (2)
  • Cave-In by Melissa (Shaitani) Gelhaus and Pam (Fr'nir) Spurlock (6)
  • Another Pigeon by JoAnn (Atira) Baasch (20)
  • Initial Introductions by Krisitin (G'leep) Burger (24)
  • What One Can Bear by Chantal (D'mir) Guadiano (26)
  • New Arrival by Jim (B'ron) Gilbert (32)
  • Pawn by Dave (N'gan) Parsley (36)
  • Weyr News (40)
  • Journeyman Blues by Wendy (Zac) Kosak (46)
  • Interior Decorators by Jennie (Adriana) Rohde (and Kireseth) (52)
  • A Proper Tale by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak (56)
  • Just the Facts by Karen Rose (Antek) Cercone (60)
  • Site Survey: Basic Data Form by Jennifer (Ashley) Sparenberg (63)
  • Somewhere to Call My Home by Jo (Jolie) Grove (64)
  • Timing It (A New Feature) (69)
  • Heart to Heart by Melissa (Shaitani) Gelhaus (70)
  • First Dibs by Pam Spurlock (78)
  • Fort Fest 1990 (81)
  • Weyr Holding the Fort (83)
  • art by Tristan Alexander, Tamara Chandler, Jennifer Crosby, Amy Finkbeiner, Jim Gilbert (front cover), Nancy Halpern, Jennifer Janda, Nancy Janda (back cover), Sue Linville, Stacy Lung, Maggi Rhode, Pam Spurlock, Diana Stein

Issue 44

cover of issue #44, Amy Finkbeiner

Harper Beat 44 was published in April 1990 and contains 108 pages.

  • Southern Exposure by Tom (R'gel) Howell (2)
  • Looking Back by Judy (Peylan) Carter (6)
  • Flight Plan by Ginger (Melinna) Melton (9)
  • Dear Ma'am by Karen Rose (Antek) Cercone (10)
  • How to Make Friends and Amuse People by Jo (Jolie) Grove (14)
  • Banished by Barb (Splinter) Denz (19)
  • A Favor to a Friend by Jennie (Adriana) Rohde (20)
  • Fort Fest Update (23)
  • The Wrong Side of the Bed by Charles (Aldor) Schultz (24)
  • Fort Fest Map (27)
  • Glimpes by Hope Erica (Keva) Ring (28)
  • Between the Lines by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak (32)
  • Lylyth by Caitrin (G'vral) Baer (35)
  • Out of the Nest by Lisa (Shira) Padol (36)
  • Better Off Dead by Julia (G'tan) Ecklar (42)
  • Lorest for the Weary by Lesley (N'ue) London (46)
  • Weyr News (49)
  • What Dragon Lost? by Nina (Sinnahn) Pantazis (54)
  • Looking for Trouble by Kristin (G'leep) Burger and Maggi (R'gan) Rohde (60)
  • Aspirations by Don (C'win) Cox (63)
  • Waiting Game by Cindy (Irilyn) Wallace (64)
  • Safe Harbor by Ginger (Melinna) Melton (67)
  • Operation: Rescue by Jennifer (Kaetryn) Hutton (68)
  • Hideaway by Eden (Eedon) Kuhlenschmidt and Virginian (F'len) Harvin (72)
  • One for the Road by Leilani (Clianna) Dawson (76)
  • Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers by Wendy (Zac) Kosak (80)
  • Birthday Surprises by Steve (Ch'van) Herrick (86)
  • Timing It (89)
  • Cold Night, Warm Sands by JoAnn (Atira) Baasch (90)
  • Ghost Pains by Beth (C'rei Bowles (94)
  • Tender Hearts by Jayne (Amicalamasabachthani) Moore (96)
  • Final Destination by Ginger (Melinna) Melton (101)
  • Game of Chance by Meliss (Shaitani) Gelhaus (102)
  • Weyr Holding the Fort (107)
  • art by Tristan Alexander, Tamara Chandler (back cover), Jennifer Crosby, June Drexler Robertson, Amy Finkbeiner, Jim Gilbert, Lisa Haders, Nancy Halpern, Tom Howell, Nancy Janda, Sue Linville, Stacy Lung, Jayne Moore, Maggi Rohde, Sandy Schreiber, Charles Schultz, Pam Spurlock, Diana Stein, Kathleen Thompson

Issue 45

cover of issue #45, Stacy Lung

Harper Beat 45 was published in June 1990.

  • Circle by Melissa (Shaitani) Gelhaus (2)
  • Justification by Seth (S'tel) Bonder (5)
  • Adjustments by Rhonda (Sienna) Resue (6)
  • A Smiling Healer by Amy (Sivaran) Finkbeiner (9)
  • Now You've Done It! by Kristin (G'leep) Burger (11)
  • Mente et Malleo by Karen Rose (Antek) Cercone (12)
  • Teach Me to Sing by Barb (Splinter) Denz (16)
  • No Pun Intended by Jennie (Adriana) Rohde (18)
  • Details, Details by Charles (Aldor) Schultz (22)
  • A Visit from Home by Lisa (Shira) Padol (28)
  • The Jealous Ones by Toni (Jatarro) Piper (33)
  • Luck of the Gem by Chris (Dentik) Dailey (34)
  • The One that Got Away by David (Uichek) Kosak (38)
  • Counting the Cost by Jo (Jolie) Grove (42)
  • Weyr News (45)
  • The Best Kept Secrets by Don (C'win) Cox (50)
  • Face the World by Deborah (Y'solt) Fredericks (56)
  • The Price of Forgiveness by Tracy (Elissa) Worcester (59)
  • Timing It (61)
  • Wood Dragons by Debra (N'xar) Reuss and Maggi (R'gan) Rohde (62)
  • Gather 'Round by David (S'gon) Stein (64)
  • Just So by Diana (Jana) Stein (70)
  • Duty to the Weyr by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak (74)
  • A Pig in the Poke by Wendy (Zac) Kosak (78)
  • Side Bets with Koi by June (Lawrencin) Drexler Robertson (84)
  • Shall We Dance? by Julia (G'tan) Ecklar (90)
  • Harpers, Firelizards and Wine... Oh, My! by Tamara (Palna) Chandler (96)
  • The Right Thing to Do by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern (100)
  • Post Scripts by JoAnn Baasch (104)
  • Weyr Holding the Fort
  • Tristan Alexander, Kristin Burger, Tamara Chandler, Jennifer Crosby (back cover), Anthony Day, June Drexler Robertson, Amy Finkbeiner, Jim Gilbert, Nancy Halpern, Jennifer Janda, Nancy Janda, Stacy Lung (front cover), Charles Schultz, Diana Stein

Issue 46

Harper Beat 46 was published in 1990.

  • Should It Come True by Nina (Sinnahn) Pantazis
  • 101 Uses by Bob (Klehaan) Gelhaus
  • Doubt by Steve (Ch'van) Herrick
  • Down for the Count by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak
  • Bedside Confessions by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • All Fowled Up by Jennifer (Ashley) Sparenberg
  • The Trouble with Numbweed by Paula (Corky) Carmer
  • A Human of One's Own by Dani (Tipple) Zweig
  • Raise You One Dragon by June (Lawrencin) Drexler Robertson
  • Mirror, Mirror by Jennifer (Kaetryn) Hutton
  • Desiring That Man's Art by Chantal (D'mir) Gaudiano & Jennie (Adrianna) Rohde
  • Weyr News
  • A Salute to Fallen Comrades by Rhonda (Sienna) Resue
  • Calico Calcite by Karen Rose (Antek) Cercone
  • Close Encounters of the Dragon Kind by Sherrie (Nadina) Kidder
  • Close by Barb (Splinter) Denz
  • My Visit to Ruatha River Hold by Donald (Ilastir) Bisdorf
  • A Distant Promise by Sara (Dare) Baker
  • A New Form of Art by Lisa (Shira) Padol
  • Volcanoes on the Brain by David (Uicheck) Kosak
  • 2 A.M. Feedings by the Weyrlings
  • Fort Fest Report
  • Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow by Sherrie (N'dina) Kidder
  • Unfinished Business by Michaela (Lorella) Draper
  • Compromises by Ann (Ch'ell) Cecil
  • Ant Misbehavin' by Melissa (Shaitani) Gelhaus
  • Flitter Jitters by Charles (Al'dor) Schultz
  • Reconciliation by Pam (Fr'nir) Spurlock

Issue 47

Harper Beat 47 was published in October 1990.

  • The Hatching by Barb (Splinter) Denz
  • A Weyrling's Life is Not a Happy One by Paula (Corky) Carmer
  • Girls Just Want to Fave Fun by Melissa (Shaitani) Gelhaus and D.M. (Jetta) Kosak
  • The Zombie Firelizard Stomp
  • The Test by Rhonda (Sienna) Harms
  • No Day at the Beach by Tristan (T'ran) Alexander
  • Harpers and Healers by Laurie (Megana) Hutchison
  • Murder on the Orienting Express by Charles (Al'dor) Schultz
  • A Crock Full of Fun by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • Hatching Results (The Second Chapter)
  • South for the Winter by Lisa (Shira) Padol
  • Song for Two Voices by Chantal (D'mir) Gaudiano
  • Shut Out by June (L'rencin) Drexler Robertson
  • Life Begins at Thirty by Susan (Candra) Rice
  • Bad Day at Black Rock by Karen Rose (Antek) Cercone
  • Weyr News
  • Fears and Spheres by Dave (U'chek) Kosak
  • Masterstroke by Judy (Peylan) Carter
  • Home by Laurel (Trivanna) Meulendyk
  • Variations on a Theme by Julia (G'tan) Ecklar
  • Betrayal by Jo (Jolie) Grove
  • What Goes Up by Jennifer (Kaetryn) Hutton
  • From the Ground by Karen (E'rina) Purcell
  • Solo Flight by Wendy (Z'del) Kosak
  • Showdown by Melissa (Shaitani) Gelhaus
  • Report from the 1990 World Science Fiction Convention by Dennis (B'reltam) Caswell
  • Weyr Holding the Fort
  • Timing It

Issue 48

Harper Beat 48 was published in 1990.

  • A Capella by Julia ( G'tan) Ecklar & Melissa (Shaitani) Gelhaus
  • "Turn's End" by Teri (Ma'ying) Sarick
  • Opening Move by Cheryl (Kean) Smyth Kiser
  • "Crushes" by Karen (E'rina) Purcell
  • No Place Like Home by K. Rook (F'lis) Leiber
  • "Song" by Jo (Jolie) Grove
  • Giant Nightmare Goldfish From Beyond the Bowl by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak
  • "Dragon's Eyes" by Michaela (Lorella) Drapes
  • Dead Ringer by Karen Rose (Antek) Cercone
  • Fools and Little Archivists by Lisa (Shira) Padol
  • Shut Out (Part II) by June (L'rencin) Drexler Robertson
  • Weyrlings, Dragons, and Firelizards by Paula (Corky) Carmer
  • Weyr News
  • Family Connections by Wendy (Z'del) Kosak
  • Fort Fest 1991
  • Masterful Decisions by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • Louie, Louie by Aaron (Balion) Wollerton
  • Reevaluating by Jenni (Adriana) Rohde
  • Fill Your Needles With Care by Sheila (Raven) Willis
  • "As One" by Adrienne (ShyWren) Wilder
  • Does Eat Oats, and Mares Eat Oats, and Little Bugs Eat Flowers by Jon (Inogrin) Tollerton
  • Buckles, Buckles, Who's Got Buckles? by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern
  • Weyr Holding the Fort

Issue 49

cover of issue #49

Harper Beat 49 was published in Feb/March 1991.

  • Surprises by Debbie Williams (3)
  • New Beginnings by Rhonda Harms (6)
  • Shattered Barrier by Toni Piper (10)
  • Omlettes (sic) and Other Disasters by Charlie Schultz and Hope Erica Ring (12)
  • Of a Confused Soul by Maggie Rohde (18)
  • Words to Remember by Chris Dailey (22)
  • Modern Pernese Candidate by Paula Carmer (27)
  • Dragon's Side by Lisa Padol ((28)
  • Shell-Shocked by Lara Van Winkle (31)
  • Let the Chips Fall by Melissa Gelhause (34)
  • All the Werylings Die by David Kosak (40)
  • Figure-Eights by June Drexler-Roberston (48)
  • The Tale of the Chocolate Cello by L. Rook Leiber (52)
  • Queen's Gambit... Declined by Cheryl Smyth Kiser (60)
  • Teacher's Pet by Cyndy Haywood (64)
  • Day Off by Michael Grandey (71)
  • Ghostwater Wood by Karen Rose Cercone (74)
  • Training Aids by Andi Bennett-Banks (81)
  • Double, Double by Jennie Rohde (86)
  • Out of Place by Amy Finkbeiner (90)
  • And the Weyrleader is... written and art by Diana Harlan Stein (95)
  • The Perfect Gift by Debra Reuss (102)
  • Cupid's Arrows by Jennifer Hutton (104)
  • Get Me to the Church on Time by Julia Ecklar (111)
  • The Best Wedding Ever by D.M. Kosak (118)
  • Fort Fest Update, Convention News, Ads
  • art by Tristan Alexander, Heather Bruton, Jennifer Crosby, June Drexler-Robertson, Amy Finkbeiner, Frank Gembeck Jr., Jim Gilbert, Nancy Janda, Barbi Johnson, April Lee, SanTara, Charlie Schultz, Diana Harlan Stein

Issue 50

cover of issue #50, April Lee

Harper Beat 50 has a front cover by April Lee and a back cover by Andi Bennett-Banks. It was published in Mar/April 1991.

Summaries provided by Joan Fisher (S'relle):

  • A Day in the Life by Jennifer (Kaetryn) Hutton (2) (Kaetryn is put in charge of her first case.)
  • Double, Double, pt.2 by Jennie (Adriana) Rohde (6) (Adriana visits her mother and they come to an understanding.)
  • Halfway I Live, poem by Ruth (Il'an) Heller (11)
  • Betrayal by Jo (Jolie) Grove (12) (Jolie learns a lesson from Trib.)
  • Healing Elixir by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks (16) (Deleyan finds a cure for the firelizards from an unexpected source.)
  • The Grateful and the Dead by Hope Erica (Keva) Ring (24) (Keva saves Al'dor, then lets him save her.)
  • Missing: One Firelizard and Echo-Cat by Todd (X-len) McFann (30) (X'len spends his day off chasing his cat and firelizard.)
  • Pernese Colloquialisms by Stacy (T'roi) Lung (35)
  • Opening Stanza by Beth (Jalynn) Bowles (36) (Just when she needed an inspiration, she gets Searched.)
  • Born Useless by Paula (Corky) Carmer (40) (Corky searches for the perfect Craft.)
  • Puzzled and Bewildered by Amy (S'varan) Finbeiner (48) (S'varan learns Adriana has cut her hair, and he searches for a Natal Day gift.)
  • State of the Editors (53)
  • I Prefer to Do the Exams! by Cinza (D'ijon) Ienzi (54) (When D'ijon's family comes to visit, they make taking exams seem easy!)
  • Weyr News (57)
  • Duet in Blue and Bronze by Donald (I'stir) Bisdorf (60) (I'stir finds out a few things about being a rider.)
  • For the Measure, poem by Teri Sarick (65)
  • Turnabout or Weyrlings Do teh Straaangest Things! by Cyndy (R'selle) Haywood (66) (The weyrlings try to convince Al'dor to stop "helping.")
  • I Know an Old Holder (Who Swallowed a Pie) by Jon (Inogrin) Tollerton (72) (Inogrin is Searched and finds out the results of his test.)
  • A Little Knowledge by Rhonda (Sienna) Harms (77) (Sienna learns the hard way about the difference between beast- and dragon-healing.)
  • The Hatching by Candy (Elalea) Brown (81) (Elalea gets sent to the Weyr.)
  • By the Seat of My Pants by K. Rook (F'lis) Lieber (84) (F'lis drowns her sorrows and gambles away more than she knows.)
  • Fish Story by Jim (B'ron) Gilbert (89) (B'ron gets called out on a rescue.)
  • Recapping the Facts by Lisa (Shira) Padol (92) (Shira continues the hunt for the Feathered Mushroom.)
  • Paperwork by Diana (Jana) Stein (96) (Jana gets a secretary. (Comic format))
  • Things that Go Bump by Harold (Ab'lard) Feld (102) (Ab'lard transfers in and becomes an apprentice explorer.)
  • Do I Like Her? By Nancy (Nickonne) Janda (108) (Nickonne goes on a wild ride and gets the perfect gift for Sienna.)
  • Popping Ocean by Charles W. (Al'dor) Schultz (114) (Al'dor goes /between/ for the first time, and causes a splash.)
  • Changing Times by Eden (Eedon) Kuhlenschmidt (120) (Eedon deals with losing a friend, and finds out she is carrying his child.)
  • Turn and Face the Change by Heather (Aden) Burton (124) (Aden faces his greatest loss, and is sent to face a new challenge.)
  • Women! by hantal (D'mir) Gaurdiano (134) (D'mir tries to do something nice, but it turns out to be a comedy of misunderstandings.)
  • Weyr Holding Fort (139)
  • Timing It (141)
  • art by Rillon Anthony, Andi Bennett-Banks, Heather Bruton, Tracy Davis, June Drexler Robertson, Frank Gembeck, Jim Gilbert, Nancy Halpern, Jennifer Janda, Nancy Janda, K. Rook Leiber, Tamara Lowry, Lyne Masamitzu, Lori Mozina, Sandy Schreiber, Charles W. Schultz, Diana Stein and Pam Whitelark

Issue 51

Harper Beat 51 was published in June/July 1991.

  • For Her Own Good by Leslee (Nijele) Roberts.
  • A Precious Story by Cheryl (Kean) Smith-Kiser.
  • Wild Wherry Chase by Warren (Yeigre) Luftig.
  • My Southern Vacation by Jennifer (Kaetryn) Hutton.
  • Notes on the Feathered Mushroom by Gail (Jelzyn) Celio.
  • Hands-On Training by K. Rook (F'lis) Leiber.
  • The Greatest Invention of All Time by Charles W. (Al'dor) Schultz.
  • Shadowsong by Beth (Jalynn) Bowles.
  • Demonstrations by Karen (E'rina) Purcell.
  • Straight Fight Flight by June (L'rencin) Drexler-Robinson.
  • Friends by Jim (B'ron) Gilbert.
  • Ominous Premonitions by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks.
  • Eggs-aactly What the Healer Ordered by Debbir (C'tari) Williams.
  • Hot Waters by Lisa (Shira) Padol.
  • Guinea Pig by Paula (Corky) Carmer.
  • Great Balls of Fire by Aaron (Balion) Wollerton.
  • How Much is That Dragon in the Window by Nancy (Carey) Romick
  • Exercises in Problem Solving by Hope Erica (Keva) Ring
  • The Gift by Rhonda (Sienna) Harms.
  • Sudden Wedding by Laurie (Megana) McCurry
  • Mission: Im-pun-able by Jennie (Adrianna) Dailey
  • Men and Boys by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern
  • Empathy Run Amok by Ruth (I'lan) Heller
  • Fetchin' Carey by Cyndy (R'selle) Haywood
  • Persistence of Memory by Jennifer (Taver) McMillan

Issue 52

Harper Beat 52 was published in August/September 1991.

  • All Work and No Play by Laura (Rachel) Seiver
  • Baa Baa Blacksmith by Cyndy (R'selle) Haywood
  • The Aging Harper by Cheryl (Kean) Smythe-Keiser
  • I Only Want To See You Smile by Laurie (Megana) McCurry
  • The Adventure Begins by P.J. (Alyndrue) Alexander
  • Innocence Abroad by Jennifer (Kaetryn) Hutton
  • Dreams Come True . . .? by Nancy (C'rey) Romick
  • Shadowsong by Beth (J'lynn) Bowles
  • Dead Men's Resolution by June (L'rencin) Drezler-Robinson
  • Tiny Gold Dragons, OR, This Coyness, Lady by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern and Chantal (D'mir) Gaudiano
  • Impressions In The Afternoon by The Weyrlings
  • Hangovers and Hangups by Nancy (Nickonne) Janda
  • Refuge by Heather (Aden) Bruton
  • One More Time . . . by More Weyrlings
  • Fort Fest Reports by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern
  • Wayward Child by T.M. (K'feir) Alexander
  • Peanut Butter and Jolie by Gail (Jelzyn) Celio
  • Men - Who Needs Them! by Paula (Corky) Carmer and Laurel (Trivanna) Meulendyk
  • Unexpected Situations by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • Fort Weyr Word Search Puzzle by An Anonymous and Bored Person
  • We Gotta Get Outta This Place by Aaron (Balion) Wollerton
  • Future Considerations by Lara (Mecli) Van Winkle
  • Another One Flight Stand by K. Rook (F'lis) Leiber
  • Anything That CAN Go Wrong by Amy (S'varan) Finkbeiner
  • Voices in the Dark by Jennifer (Taver) McMillan
  • Eyes by Chantal (D'mir) Gaudiano
  • Conspiracy by Rhonda (Sienna) Harms
  • White Knight by Cheryl (Kean) Smyth-Kiser
  • The Weyrling's Lament by Somebody Who's Glad He Graduated!
  • Training Wheels by Hope Erica (Keva) Ring and Charles W. (Al'dor) Schultz
  • Solution to Word Search Puzzle

Issue 53

Harper Beat 53 was published in Oct/Nov 1991.

  • Within the Realm of Dreams by P. J. (Alyndrue) and T. M. (K'feir) Alexander. Alyndrue's first days at Fort Weyr.
  • The Enemy by Donald (I'stir) Bisdorf. I'stir learns how to face his fear.
  • Headaches by Warren (Yeigre) Luftig. Yeigre finds that there can be a good side to a bad day.
  • Resemblances by Tim (Cathan) Murphy. Cathan is pleasently surprised with his new home.
  • Settling In by Heather (Aden) Burton. Aden makes new friends, and receives an unexpected visitor bearing gifts.
  • Mating Flight Madness by Kris (G'leep) Burger. For her dragon- G'leep faces the past, and shares it with a friend.
  • ...Must Come Down by Jennifer (Kaetryn) Hutton. Kaetryn struggles to remember the night before.
  • The Trouble with Jasi's Flitter by K. Rook (F'lis) Lieber
  • Why Must I be a Teenager in Love? by Aaron (Balion) Wollerton
  • Night of the Furball by Jim (B'ron) Gilbert. Are there such things as "Weyr" wolves? (Comic format)
  • Dreams by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern
  • Cyrano deBlueDragon by Charles (Al'dor) Schulz. Vraith sends U'chek to serenade Keva, hoping to drive Al'dor away from her.
  • Sewing Circle by Robin (Rianan) Bowns
  • One of Those Days by Alan (P'tre) and Candy (Elalea) Brown
  • Any Time Now by June (L'rencin) Drexler Robertson
  • Pawn in Jeopardy by Cheryl (Kean) Smyth-Kiser
  • R'selle and F'lis' Bogus Gather by Cyndy (R'selle) Haywood
  • Thirty is No Big Deal by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • Language Barrier by Pat (D'monsa) McGann
  • Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! by Paula (Corky) Carmer
  • I Don't Know Nothin' 'Bout Birthin' No Babies by Lisa (Sindee) Haders
  • Misunderstandings by Rhonda (Sienna) Harms and Nancy (Nickonne) Janda
  • Double or Nothing by Lara (Mecli) Van Winkle. Mecli debates whether or not to tell L'rencin that she is pregnant with his child.

Issue 54

Harper Beat 42 was published Dec 1991/Jan 1992.

  • Career Moves by Michelle (Aurelei) Tracey
  • A Crack in the Shell by Joan (G'ana Elee) McKeel
  • It's Only a Mating Flight by Chantal (D'mir) Whittington and Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • Kreelings (or the Wherry Home Companion) by Tom (R'gel) Howell
  • Not Available in Any Store by Guy (Wy'gel) Bradley
  • Weyr is Everyone? a Word Search Puzzle by A Crazy Bored Person
  • First Flight by Dawna (Ji'da) Snyder
  • Kissing Sprigs and Orgy Bushes by Jo (Jolie) Grove
  • Escort Endeavors by Gail (Jelzyn) Celio
  • Joyride by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern
  • Nightmare by Warren (Yeigre) Luftig
  • The Southern Boll Kid and the Show-Off by T.M. (K'feir) Alexander
  • In The Family Way by K. Rook (F'lis) Leiber
  • Never Too Big by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • Ghosts From the Past by Rhonda (Sienna) Harms
  • A Kiss of Flame by Heather (Aden) Bruton
  • Crystal Dreams by Kris (G'leep) Burger
  • Dueling Dandies by Robin (Rianan) Bowns
  • T'was the Night Before Turn's End by Jim (B'ron) Gilbert
  • Home for Turn's End by P.J. (Alyndrue) Alexander
  • A Puzzlement by Gene (D'man) Treadwell and Pat (D'monsa) McGann
  • Face to Face by June (L'rencin) Drexler-Robinson and Jennifer (Kaetryn) Hutton
  • A Taste of my Own Medicine by Debbie (C'tari) Williams
  • Queen Takes Pawn by Cheryl (Kean) Smyth-Kiser
  • The Owner of the Gift by Nina (Sinnahn) Pantazis
  • Who Needs Friends? by Alan (P'tre) and Candy (Elalea) Brown

Issue 55

Issue 56

cover of issue #56

Harper's Beat 56 was published in 1992 and contains 85 pages.

  • Examining Motives (3 pages)
  • Illegal Moves (5 pages)
  • It’s All In Your Mind (4 pages)
  • An Ill Wind (7 pages)
  • Not My Dad (3 pages)
  • Anticipation (3 pages)
  • How Not To Train A Firelizard (3 pages)
  • No Longer Alone (3 pages)
  • Little Dyings (3 pages)
  • Fear Of Flying (4 pages)
  • Lost, One Weyrling (4 pages)
  • Tests Of Mettle (4 pages)
  • Crossroads (4 pages)
  • Wake-Up Call (2 pages)
  • R-selle By Any Other Name (8 pages)
  • Weyr News (2 pages)
  • With A Little Help From My Friends (4 pages)
  • A Little Belief (4 pages)
  • Detention 101 (4 pages)
  • Kite Flight (5 pages)
  • Lack Of Class (2 pages)

Issue 57

Issue 58

cover of issue #58

Harper's Beat 58 was published in 1992 and contains 95 pages.

  • Flower Power (4 pages)
  • The Passion Of Master Gersh (4 pages)
  • Wingleader On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (4 pages)
  • A Matter Of Timing (6 pages)
  • Dreaming (1 page)
  • Parting Gifts (3 pages)
  • Breaking Point (4 pages)
  • To Stand Alone (4 pages)
  • Just Desserts (6 pages)
  • Finding You (1 page)
  • Fort Fest News (3 pages)
  • New Light (4 pages)
  • All That Flitters (3 pages)
  • Galenna To D’Nar VI (1 page)
  • Weyr News (2 pages)
  • Next Time I Fly (3 pages)
  • Things, They Are A’Changing (5 pages)
  • Gem Of A Harvest (4 pages)
  • The Revenger (6 pages)
  • Dragon’s End Part Two (19 pages)

Issue 59

cover of issue #59

Harper's Beat 59 was published in 1992 and contains 93 pages.

  • Dragons’ End Part Three (13 pages)
  • Marking An Entrance (4 pages)
  • Shattering Of The Shell (2 pages)
  • Return To Sender (5 pages)
  • Parents (3 pages)
  • Acid Test (4 pages)
  • Weyrling Worries (4 pages)
  • Puppy Love (2 pages)
  • Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About (5 pages)
  • Stormwatch (7 pages)
  • Stormfront (4 pages)
  • Weyr News (2 pages)
  • Out Of Stone (7 pages)
  • Where There’s A Wall, There’s A Way (5 pages)
  • Runner (6 pages)
  • First Steps (4 pages)
  • A Waltz For Three (6 pages)
  • Friends and Relatives (5 pages)
  • Wanted: One Dummy (3 pages)
  • How Many Stars Could A Starsmith Smith (4 pages)

Issue 60

cover of issue #60

Harper's Beat 60 was published in 1992 and contains 78 pages.

  • Family Ties (4 pages)
  • Blood Ties (3 pages)
  • In The Family Way (4 pages)
  • If A Starsmith Could Smith Stars (5 pages)
  • Paying The Price (3 pages)
  • Gold Mining (3 pages)
  • Gut and Wood (2 pages)
  • ”Guts” Is A Four Letter Word (4 pages)
  • A Confidential Reach (4 pages)
  • Copper Kettle Feelings (3 pages)
  • You’ve Got To Be Kidding (3 pages)
  • Phoenix I (5 pages)
  • Visions Of A Fall (3 pages)
  • Phoenix II (5 pages)
  • Holding Things Together (2 pages)
  • Solitaire (5 pages)
  • Apron Strings (3 pages)
  • Nautical Wheelers (4 pages)
  • Fresh Start (3 pages)

Issue 61

Harper Beat 61 was published in 1993?

  • Strategy by Amy (S'varan) Finkbeiner
  • May I Have Your Attention, Please? by Mary (Q'elti) Winholtz and Tim (Taran) Wiggins
  • Facing the Music byJo (Jolie) Grove
  • Double Dare by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern
  • My Father's Keeper by Shanti (G'estin) Fader
  • Life Goes On by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak
  • Another Hatching Passes by Jennifer (Shelbie) Ryder
  • A Little Vacation by Dana (Killashea) Evans
  • Fool Me Twice by Guy (Wy'gel) Bradley
  • Party to a Delicate Operation by Chantal (D'mir) Whittington
  • Present Accounted For by Ruth (I'lan) Heller
  • Dear Miss Manners . . . by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks and K. Rook (F'lis) Leiber
  • Paradise by Cheryl (Ke'an) Smyth Kiser
  • Out of the Cold by Jennifer (Taver) McMillan
  • Chocolate Covered 'Lizard Eggs by Bob (Kir'l) Fritz
  • Bad Timing by Deborah (T'han) Bernard
  • I'm Hungry by Malcolm (Gryn) Cleveland
  • What Else Can . . .? by Robin (K'taryn) Bowns
  • Bronzeriders, Itchweed, and Tunnelsnakes by Hope (Keva) Ring-Schultz

Issue 62

Harper Beat 62 was published in April 1994.

  • All For the Love of a Dragon by Dan (Darkain) Cross and Paula (Corky) Carmer
  • What's Weyr? by Malcolm (Gryn) Cleveland
  • Too Hot to Handle by Toni (J'tarro) Piper and Dorothy (Darissan) Luftig
  • Incentive by Mary (Q'elti) Winholtz
  • Gumdrops and Furry Kisses by Jennifer (Shelbie) Ryder and Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • A Gift of Love by Joan (G'ana Elee) McKeel
  • The Present Problem by Tim (Taran) and Josh (J'non) Wiggins
  • Daymare by Kat (J'rel) Ross)
  • Ground Crew by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern
  • Burning Bridges by Guy (Wy'gel) Bradley
  • Dragon Trouble by James (C'han) Smith
  • The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch by K. Rook (F'lis) Lieber
  • A Lovely Day by Kathy (Katryn) Agel, Candy (Elalea) Brown and Rick (R'nol) Kirka
  • How Exciting! by Lynn (El'rian) Pacione
  • Fear of Flying by Jennifer (T'ver) McMillan
  • Adjustments by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • Love Life by Ruth (I'lan) Heller
  • Promises to Keep by Robin (K'taryn) Bowns
  • Childhood's End by Cheryl (Ke'an) Smyth-Kiser
  • Getting Out by Beth (C'rei) Bowles
  • Miss Adventure by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak
  • Jingles in My Heart by Beth (Weski) Bryant
  • How I Spent My Vacation by David (U'check) Kosak
  • Are You My Sunshine? by Nancy (N'konn) Janda

Issue 63

Harper Beat 63 was published in October 1994.

Summaries for Harper Beat #63 provided by Mark Eric Stein (V'lad).

  • Everyman by Shanti (G'estin) Fader. In which G'estin has a look back at his roots.
  • The Dentist by Dave (U'chek) Kosak. In which Ikeath gets a filling and a hangover.
  • It Happened One Gather by Warren (Yeigre) Luftig and Rhonda (Sienna) Harms. In which dragonriders still haven't gotten the hang of dealing emotionally with firelizard mating flights.
  • A Little Matter of a Mating Flight by Kathy (Katryn) Agel and Rick (R'nol) Kirka. In which two brownrider lovers become rivals for an afternoon.
  • Good to the Last Drop by Bob (Kir'l) Fritz. In which Kir'l finds it impossible to kick a klah habit.
  • Last Flight Out by Mary (Ora) Bowles. In which Ora breaks away from an abusive relationship and Clan Telgary.
  • Choir Practice by James (C'han) Smith. In which a Stormchaser beach party becomes a salve for growing pains.
  • Home Sweet Home? by Dan (Darkain) Cross. In which Fort acquires a new WeyrButthead.
  • A Bowl Full of Trouble by Mark (S'vitar) Luftig. In which Tegrith develops a mode of attack violative of the Geneva Convention.
  • Fire Lizard Tales by Mary (Q'elti) Winholtz and Tim (Taranenthim) Wiggins. In which yet another clutch of eggs is distributed to the unwary.
  • Life Goes On by Beth (Elalea) Brown. In which Elalea gains a job and loses a man.
  • Memoriam
  • Dragon Dreams by Ruth (I'lan) Heller
  • Are You Sure? by Peggy (Falina) Baird. In which Falina is Searched.
  • Fetch by Malcolm (Gryn) Cleveland and Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks. In which training a firelizard is trickier than expected, even for a dragonhealer.
  • Making Choices by Mona (Lista) Shumaker. In which L'ta Impresses.
  • Backwater by D.M. (Jetta) Kosak. In which Jetta's courier business plan almost gets deep-sixed.
  • Trouble Again by Steve (R'karn) Austin. In which R'karn's animals land him under the Spoon of Doom
  • Golden Days of Summer by Nancy (Lilandra) Halpern. In which Lilandra Impresses.
  • A Cop When You Need One Cartoon by Judi (Rowynn) Laub
  • If You Want to Capture Someone's Attention by Beth (W'ki) Bryant. In which the W'ki and N'konn soap opera truly begins.
  • No Cure For Boredom by Jennifer (Shelbie) Ryder. In which Shelbie's ventriloquism becomes a hazardous pastime.
  • Arrival by Toni (Quillen) Lay In which Fort acquires a new flirt -ahem- tailor.
  • Walking the Measure by Shanti (G'estin) Fader. In which G'estin and N'konn have a legendary dust-up.
  • Scratch and Sniff by Ruth (I'lan) Heller. In which Il'an soothes a savage feline.
  • What We Have Here by Warren (Yeigre) Luftig. In which Yeigre reads some Fort Hold ruffians their rights and lefts.
  • The Rider I Like by Mary (Q'elti) Winholtz. In which C'han plays matchmaker for his withdrawn wingrider.

Issue 64

Harper Beat 64 was published in June 1994.

  • Fugitive by Mark (Varalad) Stein
  • Late Riser by Deborah (T'han) Brown
  • Graduation Flight by Terelynn (Ta'ralynn) Marks
  • Who Are You Calling a Dimglow? by Kendall (Kendrick) Jung
  • Drudgery by Amy (S'varan) Finkbeiner and Lara (Mecli) Van Winkle
  • Minor Distractions by Jennifer (Shelbie) Ryder
  • The Nose Knows by Peggy (F'lin) Baird
  • Mouths to Feed by Tim (Taranenthim) Wiggins
  • A Touch of the Poet by Shanti (G'estin) Fader
  • Postcards From the Edge by Kris (G'leep) Burger
  • T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Mona (L'ta) Shumaker
  • Trouble, Too by Beth (W'ki) Bryant)
  • Mutant Firelizards From the Red Star by Paula (Fidelith) Carmer
  • The Firelizard's New Look by Dierdre (R'gina) Purcell
  • Flight by (Rill'n) Anthony and Mike (D'ren) Anthony
  • A Time of Reckoning by Debra (N'xar) Reuss
  • Incentive Plan by Dan (Darkain) Cross
  • The Devil Went Down to Fort Fest by Michelle (Aurelei) Tracy
  • Winning in a Different Direction by Beth (C'rei) Bowles and Hope (Keva) Ring
  • Pieca! Pieca! by Josh (J'non) Wiggins
  • Let Me Handle This by Peggy (F'lin) Baird and Mary (Q'elti) Winholtz
  • Friend or Foe by Andi (Deleyan) Bennett-Banks
  • The Limits of Discipline by Shanti (G'estin) Fader
  • Real Inventors Never Die by David (U'chek) Kosak

Issue 65

Harper Beat 65 was published in June 1998.

  • Kreelings by Wendy (Weyrleader Z'del) Kosak
  • Canines and Other Curses by Rillan (Rill'n) Anthony
  • Puffith, the Mighty Dragon (and Other Flights of Fancy) by Marcy (Q'elti) Winholtz
  • The Weyrlings get a Gryph by Mona (L'ta) Shumaker and Beth (W'ki) Winkler
  • Prodigy by Mark (Varalad) Stein
  • Blind Luck by Kendall (Kendrick) Jung
  • Firestone: Just Say No by Beth (W'ki) Winkler
  • Birthday by Mary (Ora) Bowles
  • A Time for Every Purpose by Shanti (G'estin) Fader
  • The Name Game by Tim (T'im) Wiggins
  • Facing the Past by Marvin (Temoral) Bryant
  • Rights of Passage by Deborah (T'han) Brown
  • Setup by Mark (Varalad) Stein
  • R'nata's New Clothes by Terelyn (Ta'ralyn) Marks and Renata (R'nata) O'Connor-Rose
  • With Bells on Her . . . by Beth (W'ki) Winkler
  • Love Potion #9 by Mary (Ora) Bowles
  • Nothing to Speak Of? by Joan (S'relle) Fisher
  • All's Fair by Shanti (G'estin) Fader

Issue 66

Issue 67

Issue 68

Issue 69

Harper Beat 69 was published in winter 2000.

  • When Weyr We?
  • Sweet Misery by B'ron
  • Thread Always Falls (Pt 1) by G'estin & G'leep
  • Impression Impressions by M'san
  • ...and Tribulations by R'gina
  • Weyrling Master by R'gina
  • Starry Night by Q'elti & Tamlyn
  • Announcements
  • Reflections by J'rel
  • G'lian's Isle (Pt 1) by G'lian, R'mond & S'relle
  • Something's Fishy Around Here by Kallath
  • Fair Exchange by L'tha
  • Ode to Mecli by K'nder & B'rina
  • Absolutely! Nothing up my Sleeve by Xellarannoss
  • Right of Passage by K'nder
  • Remise by V'lad
  • Demon Brewer by V'lad
  • Save the Last Dance for Me by Balion
  • Kreelings by Z'del
  • Welcome to the Future by Jetta
  • Advertisements

Issue 70

Issue 71

Issue 72

Issue 73

Harper Beat 73 was published in Winter 2004. The front cover is by Cassandra Riessen.

  • When Weyr We? )2)
  • First Impressions by Joan (Moyan) McKeel (3)
  • Rhythm & Wings by Kira (Quinne) Heston with Jim (R'mond) Page and Henry Tjerlund (10)
  • Search & Rescue by Mary (Q'elti) Winholtz, Crystal (Tylana) Jones and Ashley (Zentia) Baird (15)
  • Announcements (25)
  • Beaten at My Own Game by Deidre (R'gina) Purcell (26)
  • The Eye of the Storm by Kat (J'rel) Joss and Sharon (Ammondonia) Lynch (31)
  • Weyr Business (41)
  • The Fest at Lake Weyrbegone by Deborah (Xell'oss) Brown (45)
  • art by Deborah Brown, Amy Finkbeiner, Joan Fisher, Mary Ann Howard, Nancy Janda, Deirdre Purcell, Maggie Rohde, and Aaron Wollerton

Issue 74

Harper Beat 74

Issue 75

Harper Beat 75

Issue 76

Harper Beat 76

Issue 77

Harper Beat 77 was published in 2005.

  • When Weyr We? by the Editor
  • Consolation & Hope by L'tha
  • Eleventh Hour Effort by O'lor
  • Dream the Dream by O'lor and G'ana Elee
  • Half-Chance by Q'elti
  • Sledding Fun by Peregrine
  • All I Have to do is Dream by D'nia, J'rel, O'lor, Q'elti and W'ki
  • Word of a Dragon by Arielisondariana
  • Weyrbound in Snow by M'san
  • White Runner by Reuma
  • It's a Secret by T'ana
  • How to Put One Over on a Harper by J'rel
  • News from Lake Weyrbegone by Xell'oss

Issue 78

Harper Beat 78 was published in 2006.

  • When Weyr We? by Editor
  • Change of Life by Q'elti
  • By Any Other Name by Cherys
  • Have You Ever Had One of Those Days by Dezi and Q'elti
  • Fort Fest 2004 Toons by G'leep
  • Slipping Away by J'rel
  • Heads of Tails by Cherys
  • Taking a Licking by G'leep
  • Who's on First by B'ron
  • Fort Folk by B'ron
  • News from Lake Weyrbegone by Xell'oss

Issue 79

Harper Beat 79 was published in 2006.

  • When Weyr We? by the Editor
  • With Friends Like These... by O'lor and L'tha
  • Chess, Complications by L'tha
  • Hide & Seek: The Games People Play by Xell'oss
  • Fashion Faux Pirate by Q'elti and H'yu
  • Special Assignment by J'rel
  • Fever by D'nia
  • The News from Lake Weyrbegone by Xell'oss

Issue 80

Harper Beat 80

  • When Weyr We? by the Editor
  • Anniversary (Part 2) by Id'ris
  • New Faces at First Posting by Carradh
  • Southern Gifts by S'vitar
  • Sailing, Sailing by D'nia, J'rel and Q'elti
  • The Favor by T'mas, Quelti
  • Judgement by V'lad and Q'elti
  • Kreelings by G'leep
  • Fighting to Survive by Bowles, Cherys
  • Weyrling Training by Rhiaan
  • Guests by Xell'oss
  • News from Lake Weyrbegone


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