Come Filking

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Filk Album
Album Title: Come Filking
Type: Part Live, part Studio
Date: 2009
Fandom: multimedia
Performer(s): Multiple
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Come Filking is a filk CD by various artists.

The information below is from the liner notes:

Guests of Honor - Bill and Gretchen Roper

  • 01 Cruising Bill Roper (Bill & Gretchen Roper)7
  • 02 Just Play Bill & Gretchen Roper (Bill Roper)1
  • 03 Library Song Bill & Gretchen Roper 1
  • 04 Sinister Walk Bill & Gretchen Roper (Bill Roper)1
  • 05 Apology Bill & Gretchen Roper1

Interfilk Guests - Brooke Lunderville and John Caspell

  • 06 Worm Herder Brooke Lunderville and John Caspell (Brooke Lunderville)2
  • 07 In a Histaminor Key Brooke Lunderville and John Caspell (Brooke Lunderville)2
  • 08 It's Just So Nice When Someone Knows Your Name Brooke Lunderville and John Caspell (Brooke Lunderville)2
  • 09 The Space Lasers May Already Have Penetrated My Tinfoil Helmet (Despite My Extensive Field Research) Brooke Lunderville and John Caspell (Brooke Lunderville)2
  • 10 The Giant Squid Has Not Brooke Lunderville and John Caspell (Brooke Lunderville)2
  • 11 Burn It Down John Caspell (Michelle Dockrey/Tony Fabris)3

Ghost of Honor - Lois Mangan

  • 12 Ballad of Lois Mangan Judith Hayman/Lois Mangan (Mark Mandel/Percy Montrose)4
  • 13/14 Come, Filking, Filking Lois Mangan/Kathleen Sloan/Heather Borean (Lois Mangan)4
  • 15 The Phoenix Lois Mangan (Julia Ecklar)3
  • 16 Woad Lois Mangan (William Hope-Jones/Traditional)4
  • 17 The Hand of God Lois Mangan/J. Spencer Love/Gary McGath (Julia Ecklar)3
  • 18 Carmen Miranda's Ghost Lois Mangan/Gary McGath (Leslie Fish)5

Toastmistress - Kathleen Sloan

  • 19 Magic To Me Kathleen Sloan6
  • 20 Catalog Queen Kathleen Sloan6
  • 21 Discipline Queen Kathleen Sloan (Paul Kwinn/Kathleen Sloan)6
  • 22 Spiral Dance Kathleen Sloan (Dr. Anne Prather)6
  • 23 Meat Kathleen Sloan/Paul Estin (Kathleen Sloan)2
  • 24 Take It Back Kathleen Sloan2

Performer (Composer, if different from performer)

Thank you to Bill Roper, Brooke Lunderville, Paul Mangan, Ken Lalonde, and Gerry Tyra for contributing recordings for this CD. Thank you to everyone for permission to record your concerts and to use your songs. Kathleen's song “Meat” is based on Terry Bisson's short story “Meat”. More of Leslie’s songs are available at []

Recording locations - 1 GaFilk 2009 / 2 Denvention 3 (Worldcon 2008) / 3 Practice session / 4 FKO 16 / 5 ConCertino '95 / 6 Fencon 2007 / 7 Recorded specially for this album.

  • Bill and Gretchen Roper's web page - [1]
  • Brooke Lunderville's web page - [2]
  • Engineered and published by Harold Stein for ConCertino 2009.
  • Cover art by Jane Sibley
  • MASSFILC logo by Virginia Taylor