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Title: Fortfolio
Editor(s): Michael Sharer
Date(s): 1984-1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
Language: English
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Fortfolio is a gen Dragonriders of Pern anthology with four issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Pat Munson-Siter

Fortfolio 1 contains 94 pages and was published in 1984.

  • A Stitch in Time by Pam Ortel (2)
  • Mooth and Marla by Kristy Kerney (8)
  • Between Mel Snacks by Beverley Spindler (24)
  • The Hapless Hatchling by Michael Sharer (28)
  • Word Search by Jayne Moore (36)
  • You Get the Point by The Miridon Holdees (38)
  • A Lasting Impression by Michael Sherman (48)
  • Watchdragon by Michael Sharer (53)
  • The Sixth Mark by Jayne Moore (57)
  • A Cast of Characters (91)
  • A Word from the Editor (93)
  • art by Pat Munson-Siter (front and back covers), Patty Kearney, Pam Ortel, Cheryl Morisette, Jayne Moore, Daniel Vessels, Jr., Michaels Sharer, and Celesta Costley

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, June Grandey

Fortfolio 2

  • Editorial by Michael Sharer (3)
  • Conscience by Julia Ecklar (5)
  • Portraits in Collage by June Grandey (41)
  • The Doxies by Barb Knaus (58)
  • A Visit to Fort by Kathy Agel (59)
  • Fosterling by Michael Sharer (67)
  • Canteean Meeting by Pat A. Munson-Siter (79)
  • Weep for the Watchers by Jo Ann Baasch (87)
  • The Ancient Timer's Quest(ion) by Nina Pantazis (96)
  • Grounded Weyrsingers (cartoons) by June Grandey
  • art by June Grandey (front and back covers), Elaine Moertl (inside front and back covers), Cheryl Morisette, Pat A. Munson-Siter, Jayne Moore and Michael Sherman

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Diana Stein
another version of #3's cover

Fortfolio 3 was published in Winter 1985.

  • Editor's Note by Michael Sharer (2)
  • Spring Games by Julia Ecklar (3)
  • Mourningsong by Nina Pantazis (39)
  • He's Only a Baby By Edina Rolfs (58)
  • Games by Sharon S. Smith (59)
  • Lessons by Jo Ann N. Baasch (75)
  • Time Enough by Cheryl Crawford (83)
  • art by Diana Stein (cover), June Grandey, Sandy Schreiber, and Sharon S. Smith

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Sandy Schreiber

Fortfolio 4 was published in 1989.

  • Verdict by Julia (G'tan) Ecklar (2)
  • The Third Time's the Charm by B.J. (B'rell) WIllinger (35)
  • Gifts by Bonnie ( (b'sil) Meyer (38)
  • A Fresh Start by Maureen (Blue) Geiger (46)
  • Hatching Day by Sharon (Sheya) Smith (51)
  • Corinna's Songy for K'lee by Nina (Jana) Stein (56)
  • That's What Friends are For by Charlie (D'avid) and Terry and Beth (Mili) Bowles (66)
  • Hearts (Lonely and Otherwise) by Kim (F'lis) Leiber (73)
  • Beautiful Blue Eyes by Ginger (Melinna) Melton (91)
  • Still at It by Andy (P'sel) Strausman (94)
  • art by Tom Howell, Jennifer Crosby, Cheryl Morissette, Diana Stein, and Sandy Schreiber (cover)