USS Eagle Intercom

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Title: USS Eagle Intercom
Publisher: USS Eagle NCC1719, Region 4 Starfleet: International Star Trek Fan Association
Editor(s): Eugene Craig (1980s)
Date(s): 1980s
Frequency: monthly
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Fandom: Star Trek
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USS Eagle Intercom is the newsletter of USS Eagle, one of the oldest continuous Starfleet fan clubs in North America. The club was founded (or commissioned using Starfleet club terms) in 1978. The newsletter was published through the 1980s, possibly longer. The fan club is still active as of 2011.

The newsletter contains reports of fan club activities, local sci-fi news, essays about the Star Trek universe as written by club members in their fictional crew roles, along with puzzles and other games.

July 1984

cover art on July 1984 issue, artist is uncredited

July 1984 contains 40 pages.

  • A View From The Bridge by Commander John Crane (monthly report from the club chair)
  • Empire Class - Romulan Bird of Prey Cruisers by Dean Marella (essay)
  • Humanoid Psychology - First Installment - Vulcan Psychology by Valarie Dickinson
  • Fan club roster and org chart
  • Vulcan Blood Types and Composition by Ensign Maria Gutierrez
  • Spock and Numerology by Cmdr. Dail Koehler

August 1984

cover August 1984 issue

August 1984 contains 13 pages.

  • Club report by Captain Eugene Craig
  • Humanoid Psychology--Romulans--Adapted from Starfleet Medical Reference Manual by Cmdr. Valerie Dickinson
  • Review of Diane Duane's Star Trek novel "My Enemy, My Ally" by Lt. Larry Lawhon
  • 1984 Starlog Festival by Miriam Trentini (convention report)
  • A report on Timecon 84 by Commander John Crane (convention report)
  • A bibliography of Star Trek novels compiled by Cmdr. Dail Koehler
  • "The Prisoner" a short story by Gene Craig

September/October 1984

cover Sept/Oct 1984 issue

September/October 1984 contains 18 pages.

  • Worldcon 1984 - LA Con II - Saturday by Valerie Dickinson (convention report)
  • "The Man Trap" crossword puzzle by Beverly Battaglia
  • Computers and Data Processing by Linda Whitten (essay)
  • Mug shots of the crew
  • Word puzzle by Larry Lawhon
  • Avenger Class Starshups by Dean Marella (essay)

December 1984

cover Dec 1984 issue, artist uncredited

December 1984 contains 14 pages.

  • A View From The bridge by Commander John Crane (club report)
  • USS Eagle tshirts for sale
  • Computers and Data Processing - Part 6 - Second generation: 1959-1964 by Lt. Cmdr. L.L. Whitten (essay)
  • "Cristmastime in Sector 5" by Julia Ecklar (filk)
  • The Mathematics of Searching For Intelligent Life (an article submitted by Dail Koehler)
  • New corner (local news)
  • Personell Questionnaire by Valerie Dickinson

February 1985

cover Feb. 1985

February 1985 contains 18 pages.

  • Spotlight On You (results of the club questionnaire)
  • Gorn Defence Force Battle Cruisers by Dean Marella (essay)
  • The First Starships: Project Orion by Dean Marella (essay)
  • Club personnel roster
  • Whirlpool by Nina Twersky (poem)
  • "Kirk" by Kathy Canciamilla (art)
  • Puzzles
  • A Brief Adventure in Mixed media by Jeff Swycaffer (fiction)
  • Crossword

May 1985

cover May 1985

May 1985 contains 14 pages.

  • Crew Announcement by John Crane
  • Spotlight On You (results of the club questionnaire)
  • Computers and Data Processing - Part VIII by Lt. Cmdr. Linda Whitten
  • Nina Twersky (poem)
  • The Psychology of Tellarites by Commander Valarie Dickinson
  • The Secret Diaries by Captain Eugene Craig
  • Puzzles and computer art
  • Confidential Certified Document No 102 (fiction)

July 1985

cover July 1985

July 1985 contains 12 pages

  • Returning Spacefarers' Guide to Earth by Captain Eugene Craig
  • Computers and Data Processing - Part X by Lt. Cmdr. Linda Whitten
  • Spotlight On You (results of the club questionnaire)
  • Confidential Certified Document No 104 (fiction)
  • An Ocean Called Space by Nina Twersky (poem)
  • The Comet Is Coming by Cmdr Dail Kohler (essay)
  • An Historic Date In Space History by Captain Eugene Craig

November/December 1985

cover Nov/Dec 1985

November/December 1985 contains 28 pages.

  • Captains Log by Capt Kraig
  • 1986 Party Announcement
  • Star Trek Convention Report (Nov 16-17, San Francisco) by Valarie Dickinson
  • Humans And Space - The "Other" Astronauts (essay)
  • Starfleet Intelligence Report Re: Klingon K'T'inga Class Battlecruiser (essay with ship diagrams)
  • The Adeventures of the U.S.S. Eagle (fiction)
  • Local news
  • Nina Twersky (poem)