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Name: Timecon
Dates: 1984 to 1992
Frequency: Annual
Location: San Jose, CA
Type: fan run, celebrity guests
Focus: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Dark Shadows, Science Fiction and Fantasy
Organization: Conventions of Time, Ltd.
Founder: Steve Mann, Randy Shev
Founding Date: 1983
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Timecon was a multifandom convention held in San Jose, California between 1984 and 1992.

flyer for the 1985 con

Rule Six

In 1991, the con hotel required attendees to sign a contract of rules in reaction to what the hotel felt to be inappropriate behavior by guest the previous year. The list of rules and expectations was lengthy; many con attendees expressed their extreme dislike for the sixth item on the list, which became known as "Rule Six."

Timecon Follies, Archived version


August 3-5, 1984 at the Sainte Claire Hilton Hotel (Downtown Hilton).

Jon Pertwee, Jonathan Frid, James P. Hogan, John Nathan-Turner


It was held July 26-28, 1985 at the San Jose Convention Center. The con hotel was the Sainte Claire Hilton Hotel (Downtown Hilton).

photo of celebrity guests, (from l to r): Nicholas Courtney, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Ian Marter, Sarah Sutton, Colin Baker Photo

The celebrity guests of honor were: Colin Baker, Jonathan Frid, Sarah Sutton, Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin, John Levene and Ian Marter


Tom Baker, James Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig

convention attendance 3,820


July 31-Aug. 2, 1987

Colin Baker, others

photos from 1987 Timecon


Nicola Bryant, Nicholas Courtney, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn


Janet Fielding, Gates McFadden


George Takei, Majel Barrett, Richard Arnold, Eric Hoffman, Sylvester McCoy, Richard Chaves, Henry Winkler, John Rich, John Levene, Anthony Ainly and Robert Colbert

flyer for the 1990 con