James Doohan

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Name: James Doohan
Also Known As: Jimmy Doohan
Occupation: Actor, Writer
Medium: Television and Film
Works: Star Trek
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James Doohan was an American actor, renowned for his portrayal of Scotty in Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Animated Series and in subsequent films.

He, along with the other actors of the TV series, was a frequent guest at professional Star Trek conventions. During many of his convention appearances he would sing a Scottish lullaby which formed the basis of "Not a Bad Day’s Work" (a Scotty story, written by the author so that the character could sing the Scottish lullaby). It appeared in Orion Archives: 2266-2270 The First Mission 3.

James Doohans wife, Wende, contributed calligraphy and computer graphics to the Beauty and the Beast (TV) zine, Skyline #1.

James Doohan died in 2005.

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