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Title: Skyline
Editor(s): Kathy Bayne
Date(s): 1990-1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Skyline is a het Beauty and the Beast anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Brooks, John Goodwin

Skyline 1 was published in November 1990 and contains 145 pages. The cover is by Brooks and John Goodwin. The novel is by Kathy Bayne, and there is poetry by Stephanie Bowens, Renee Sampson, and Gail Messina. The interior art is not credited.

This zine contains one brief childhood story followed by a unique SND/alternate 3rd season story. In it, we discover that, a year after her death, Catherine's spirit is not at peace as she attempts to reach Vincent through Diana. With Narcissa' s help, Vincent travels to the Land of the Dead and rescues Catherine, altering time's passage and allowing Vincent to save Catherine from the doctor's injection. Diana appears in both pre- and post rescue time lines. Readers should note that the page count is misleading in that 30 pages are either blank or contain only a chapter title. [1]
  • Window Dressing (1)
  • Reflections of Catherine (11)
  • Diana's Wishers (13)
  • Memories Still (14)
  • The Journey (15)
    • Premonitions (4 chapters) (19)
    • Discovery (7 chapters) (39)
    • The Journey (5 chapters) (79)
    • Beginnings (6 chapters) (109)
  • Smile (143)
  • Night Creature (144)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

After one wistful "childhood encounter" story, the zine presents a spooky SND novelette, “The Journey,” a retelling of the Orpheus & Eurydice legend. Catherine IS dead, but she does not rest, reaching for life through Diana, a medium in danger of losing her selfhood to Catherine's spirit. By leaping into the abyss, Vincent reaches the land of the dead to bring Catherine back. All fiction is by Bayne; there's also some poetry. The novelette, all in present tense, is better in concept than execution. The writing style is often stiff and awkward, and the punctuation is sometimes iffy; but the storytelling is good, with effective pacing and suspense, particularly in the section where Vincent is in the country of death. All writers must begin somewhere, and this is an interesting and generally readable start. SND fans may well enjoy this more than the rating indicates. [2]
...there are a lot of title only pages, etc, which make this zine a little light. Still, some nice illustrations, stories and poems. [3]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Pam Tuck

Skyline 2 was published in March 1992 and contains 153 pages. Art Information: art by Faye Brooks, Pam Tuck (cover), Joan Ahlstrom, Gail Streigle, Derek Marrero.

  • Central Park by Kathy Bayne (1)
  • A Gentle Rain Still Falls by Kathy Kayne (3)
  • First Steps by Melanie Strong (33)
  • Secrets by Robin (35)
  • Harlequin Heart Ball by Faye Brooks and Kathy Bayne (37)
  • Secret's Child by Kathy Bayne (55)
  • A Mother's Love by Kathy Bayne (129)
  • Circles by Melanie Strong (131)
  • Sapphires and Emeralds by Kathy Bayne (133)
  • By a Lake in the Mountains by Maxine Meyer (135)
  • All the King's Men by Belinda Keyes (139)
  • Time by Melanie Strong (141)
  • On Vincent's Journal by Annette Lipp (145)
  • A Winter's Night by Judy Darnell (147)
  • All the Pretty Little Horses by Leigh Dalen and Kathleen Ross (149)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

This anthology zine is Classic and Continued Classic except for a brief vignette (“By a Lake in the Mountains” by Maxine Mayer, about V and grown son Jacob). Otherwise, Catherine is very much alive and there is no hint of 3rd season events. The longest story here is Bayne's “Secret's Child,” in which C discovers Anna Pater's diaries. Reading them not only discloses secrets about V's origin but allows readers to make the acquaintance of an important person in Vincent's history. Notable among the other stories are “Harlequin Heart Ball” by Faye Brooks and Kathy Bayne, in which V/C go to a magical (really!) costume ball and are freed of limits...for a little while. And in Bayne's “A Gentle Rain Still Falls,” Kanin endures his time in prison, and the healing of Mrs. Davis (the dead boy's mother) is completed in a surprising manner. Other fiction by Melanie Strong, Leigh Dalen and Kathleen Ross; poetry by Bayne (Example, from “Central Park”: This is the time I revel in and feel rejuvenated/For in spring, it gave me hope/In spring it gave me you.), Robin, Belinda Keyes, Annette Lipp, Judy Darnell; art by Faye Brooks, Pam Tuck, Joan Ahlstrom, Gail Streigle, Derek Marrero.[4]


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