A Wolfrider's Reflections

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Filk Album
Album Title: A Wolfrider's Reflections: Songs of Elfquest
Producer: Off Centaur Publications (Tape), Warp Graphics, Inc., CD
Type: Studio
Date: 1987 (Tape and songbook), 1992 (CD)
Medium: Tape, CD
Fandom: Elfquest
Performer(s): Julia Ecklar, backup vocals by Lesie Fish, Joey Shoji, Catherine Cook
Other: A songbook with music was also released
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A Wolfrider's Reflections is a collection of filksongs about Elfquest, written and performed by BNFs in the filking community. Each song focuses on a different character or aspect of the Wolfriders' lives.

A print songbook was also published in March 1987.

Madcoil: Nightcrawler was nominated for a Pegasus award in 1996 for Best Eerie Song;[1] it's been the filked itself. Robin Nakkula wrote a parody that begins:

Something lingers in the fridge
Waiting in a pool of mayo...

Gwen Zak wrote a filk (although not a parody) of Troll Hall; "I Am Lord" was nominated the same year for Best Spiritual Song.

Track listing

  • The Tribe: Children of the Fall (Cynthia McQuillin)
  • BEARCLAW: Fun and Games (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • CUTTER: Tam's Song (Julia Ecklar)
  • TIMMAIN: The Calling (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • MADCOIL: Nightcrawer (Mercedes Lackey/Julia Ecklar)
  • PIKE: All About Berries (Julia Ecklar)
  • TYLDAK: Shadow Pact (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • WINNOWILL: Shades of Shadow (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • STRONGBOW: The Confrontation (Julia Ecklar)
  • PETALWING: The Remembering (Julia Ecklar)
  • THE WOLF PACK: Strange Blood (Leslie Fish)
  • SKYWISE: A Wolfrider's Reflections (Julia Ecklar)
  • PICKNOSE: True as Gold (Cynthia McQuillin)
  • THE WOLFRIDERS: The Hunt (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • TWO-EDGE: Troll Hall (Leslie Fish)
  • LORD VOLL: Marking Time (Leslie Fish)
  • THE LOVERS: Triangle (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • LEETAH: Healer's Hands (Julia Ecklar)
  • KAHVI: Marching Orders (Leslie Fish)
  • ODDBIT: Suitors (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • RAYEK: Pridefall (Leslie Fish)
  • Catatonia County Rag (Julia Ecklar/Leslie Fish)


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