List of Miami Vice Early Songvids

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This is a list in progress of Miami Vice vids from the VCR era (up through 2000).

Note: much of this info comes from handwritten and faded songvid lists, so there may be many errors. Please feel free to pitch in and correct. If you are uncertain, place a ? next to name/dates. If a vid contains source *other* than Miami Vice, add a note next to the vid.

Names have been adjusted to fit within Fanlore's naming/permissions policies.

Please feel free to add information!

Similar Lists

Cybel Harper

  • Cuts Both Ways sung by Gloria Estefan (Crockett/Castillo)
  • It's a Jungle Out There sung by Bonnie Tyler (before June 1993)
  • Just Another Day sung by Jon Secada (Crockett/Castillo)
  • One Night In Bangkok (from the musical "Chess") (made before June 1993)

DJ Driscoll

  • The World In My Eyes (The World in Your Eyes?): "The World in Your Eyes (C/C) is one of DJ Driscolls best vids, and 85% of it is just Castillo's dark hooded eyes...sigh." [1]

Elke M and IrisS

  • Tower of Strength – The Mission UK

Gayle F.

  • End of the Night by Gayle F. (a vid focusing on Sonny's alter ego amnesia arc)
  • Constant Craving by K.D.Long (winner 1993 Friscon Mist Romantic)
  • No Fear, No Hate, No Pain

Linda Brandt (also vidded under Three Sisters)

Mary Van Deusen

  • 24 Hour Love
  • Temper of Revenge, sung by Julia Ecklar, a vid by Mary Van Deusen and Caren Parnes (Switek/Zito)
  • Too Long A Time
  • Hour Love by Dan Seals (Zito/Switek)
  • After You by Dan Seals (Switek/Zito)
  • Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton
  • Galveston by Glen Campbell (Sonny/Caroline)
  • Hands of God Jby ulia Ecklar (Pilot & Prodigal Son) (vid by Paul Kosinski)
  • I'd Love to See You Tonight by England Dan and John Ford Coley (Sonny/Tubbs
  • Je Te Rechaufferai by Charles Aznavour (Sonny/Caitlin) (French and English lyrics
  • People Got To Be Free by Rascals (Switek/Zito)
  • Ready for the Times by Crystal Gayle, John Ford Coley (Castillo/..)
  • Ready For The Times To Get Better Mary Van Duesen
  • People Got To Be Free Mary Van Duesen

Three Sisters


  • Close My Eyes
  • I Want to Know What Love Is (shown at Escapade 1994)
  • Where's the Fire?
  • In My Life

Terry M.

  • Sunnny (song by John Davidson) (shown at Virgule 1992)


  1. comment by Sandy Hereld on Virgule-L (September 13, 1994)