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Synonyms: fanvid or vid, songvid, songtape
See also: Vidding, contape, Songtape collection, vidshows, vid awards, vid contests, VTR
Beauty and the Beast fanvids on videocassette, originally sold to raise funds for a charity
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VCR vidding is the art of creating vids using analog sources and a VCR. The most frequently used VCRs were consumer-quality VHS recorders, but consumer-quality Betamax recorders were also used. Some fans, usually vidding collectives, even used professional-quality VCRs, like those used in TV studios in the '70s, '80s and '90s.

Vids were created using VCRs from the early 70s through the early 2000s—2002 was the first year that conventions received more vids on DVDs than they did on videotape.

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See also Digital Vidding.

Individual Vidders and Vidding Collectives


Some fans have digitized old vids (converting tapes to a digital version). While this preserves the original vid, it usually produces something too blurry to be shown on a large screen and too blurry for current fan tastes. Other fans have taken to recreating vids from clean DVD footage, but this can be difficult even for a one-scene vid because tape stretch often means that the original timing of the scene has been altered.


  • Making Fannish Music Videos is manual on the making and editing of VCR/analog fan made music videos. It was published in the 1990s and was revised at least three times to take into account advances in VCR technology. By the third revision in 1997, there is mention of computer vidding.
  • Making Your Own Song Tapes (1986) by Mary Van Deusen.

Lists of Early Vids