Three Sisters

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Name: Three Sisters
Members: Donna Williams, Linda Brandt and Lucy Keifer
Date(s): very early 1980s
Focus: vidding
Fandoms: multifandom
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Three Sisters is a group of three early vidder fans named Donna Williams, Linda Brandt and Lucy Keifer.

Two of their vids are That's What Friends Are For and "Wind Beneath My Wings" (Star Trek), both were shown at the 2008 Vividcon "Vidding History: 1980-1984" vid show.

The group put out at least two Starsky & Hutch songtapes in the early 1980s.

A third songtape, possibly a private one, was circulated in June 1985.

Other vids:

Simon and Simon:

  • I.O.U. - a Simon and Simon fanvid
  • Back to Back
  • It Might Be You – Simon and Simon
  • Take A Look At Me Now – Simon and Simon

Miami Vice:

  • Cover Me, a vid by the Three Sisters
  • Back-To-Back (June 1985)
  • Say You, Say Me - a rare Crockett/Tubbs fan vid by the Three Sisters (1980s)
  • Drive - a rare Crockett/Tubbs fan vid by the Three Sisters (June 1985)

Hardcastle and McCormick:

  • The Search Is Over - Hardcastle and McCormick
  • Friends - Hardcastle and McCormick
  • Back to Back - Hardcastle and McCormick

Multiple Fandoms:

  • That’s What Friends Are For - Multiple Fandoms

Remington Steele:

  • Through The Eyes Of Love – Remington Steele

Scarecrow and Mrs King:

  • Last Time I Felt Like This – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Star Trek:

  • Wind Beneath My Wings – Star Trek