Carol Huffman

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Name: Carol Huffman
Alias(es): Carol H., Carole Huffman, Rebel Productions
Type: fanwriter, vidder
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch
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Carol Huffman is a Starsky & Hutch fanwriter who also was one of the early VCR era vidders. She won a Special Huggy Award in 1981 for having helped "clone" or copy Starsky & Hutch episodes for many fans. She also played an important role in disseminating copies of the UK TV show The Professionals in the United States.

"This is what I learned about the early years of Pros fandom in the US soon after I joined the Virgule-L mailing list in the 1990s. In the early 1980s, Pros ran on cable in Texas (possibly Dallas?). Carol Huffman, a SH and ST fan liked the show and taped all the episodes for herself, unaware that there were other fans of the show in the US. Later, she made multiple copies for multiple fans (which is probably where my nth generation copies came from in the early 1990s). Only 4 episodes did not air in Dallas and US fandom had to obtained camera copies of those episodes. Pros also aired on cable in California, Chicago, and Florida and I think one California fan (Sheryl A.? Nancy A.?) also copied the show as it aired." [1]

She produced at least two songtape collection - one under the name of Rebel Productions and the other with Terry Martin and Elaine under the name of The Texas Tape. Both won awards at the Paul Muni Special. She remained active in fandom through the early 2000s.


[I would never have seen Starsky & Hutch if it were not for fans] "like Carol Huffman spent megabucks and taped the originals and then ran a clone-operation.)"[2]


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