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Name: Morgan Dawn
Alias(es): meeedeee, MeeDee
Type: Author, Vidder
Fandoms: Due South, Supernatural, Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals, Star Trek, Star Wars
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Morgan Dawn is a multi-media fan who loves sci-fi and fantasy. She has been involved in reading and writing both gen and slash fanfiction since 1994.

She has written numerous short stories and a novella in Due South, The Professionals, Starsky & Hutch and Supernatural fandoms. She has also been making amateur music videos since the mid-1990s. Her stories and her vids can be found on her website:

She is a premier authority on fandom history and preservation, organizing multiple projects to rescue and preserve zines, oral histories, and digital materials.

She has donated two collections to the Fan Culture Preservation Project via the Organization for Transformative Works at the University of Iowa Libraries: the Morgan Dawn Fanzine and Fanvid Collection and the Morgan Dawn “The Professionals” Circuit Library and Fanzine Collection.

In 2018, she published an interactive article about the A History of Vidding, Archived version as part of the online vidding fanzine Videlicet.

In her spare time, Morgan Dawn enjoys attending the Galaxy's largest swap meet and drinking heavily at the hotel Overlook.



Notable Works


[In general]: "I've been watching morgandawn's work more recently, and I'm always just blown away by how well she uses nature/atmospheric shots to set a mood or make a statement. Not only that, all of her vids have such a beautiful flow....I hate to pick out certain things that vidders do well because there's always the implication there that they don't do other things well. But that's not what I mean at all. It's just that some people do something so incredibly well that it could only be them - so it becomes like an autograph."[1]

["Don't You Need" (Starsky & Hutch)]: "Morgan's vid was *brilliant*, but it would take a fan of the show to appreciate it fully. All the SH fans who got to see it (most weren't at the (Zcon) vid show, but saw it later at the SH party) were totally blown away by it. Making the kind of new "reconstructed reality" out of this old, overly-familiar show with this complicated piece of music was incredibly ambitious. Especially when most SH fans are used to a song vid that is more traditional: highly romantic music, much longer cuts. This vid was daring, told a totally different story than SH fans usually consider, and convinced you, using very familiar clips, that a totally different story was actually being demonstrated in those eps!"[2]

["Don't You Need" (Starsky & Hutch)]: "The (ZedCon 2) tape also contained Morgan Dawn's "Don't You Need" which blew my mind at Z-Con and still continues to give me this slow lurching feeling in my stomach. What a vid!"[3]

["Full of Grace" (Due South)]: "Makes. Me. Cry. Every. Damned. Time. The things I love about this vid are too numerous to list here, but above all I admire its lightness, its subtlety and delicacy even as it delivers an emotional wallop. When you realize there's nothing particularly sad about most of the individual clips in this vid, you realize that it's their juxtaposition to one another, to the music, and to the context in the viewer's mind that makes the vid so wrenching: the power of vidding in a nutshell."[4]

["True Colors" (The Professionals)]:"The vid that needed a spoiler warning. According to Movies Michelle: "It's Cindy Lauper's "True Colors", and in the sweet opening verse Doyle's all nice and everything, and then when we get to the chorus (And I see your true colors, shining through; I see your true colors, and that's why I love you) it's him being an ASSHOLE! Beating people up, stuff like that. I loved it!!!"[5]

["True Colors" (The Professionals)]:"Your Pros videos are really a lot of what got me into the series in the first place. And now I have the entire boxset sitting with my dvds. Like, I actually bought them and EVERYTHING. *g* This video is sweet and sad at the same time. It's hope where there doesn't seem to be much hope to go around. One of my personal favorites."[6]

The Highway (Jeremiah at

AO3: "This was so moving. I loved the entire vibe. And despite not being the biggest fan of Audio Slave, I think the song choice was brilliant. Those moaning, dragging lyrics were PERFECT for the character, and that's before you enter the lyrics into the equation --- it all fits together so well. As usual, you astound me and inspire me....How you ended the video was especially awesome. Everyone connected, hands grasping, and then he walks off into the sunset of a sort, but not alone. Not like he started out as. WAH. *hands in air* Just love this so much."[7]

Running To Standstill at

AO3: "A twenty-year old La Femme Nikita vid, made on a VCR, and I wasn't in this fandom or vidding fandom at all in 99 but this is still BUCKETS of throw-back feelings"[8]


[on her Due South stories]:"morgandawn has written only three Due South stories, but there should be no confusion about the fact that she has contributed enormously to the fandom. The things that stand out to me are her character development (both individually and how characters relate to one another), and angst (gloriously heart-breaking angst). She writes long, well-developed piece.[9]

"Bodie and Ray are in prison for murder. Something happens to Doyle right before he is released, and the guilt and fear follow him since. I'm a happy-ending kind of reader, so it's weird how I love this story so much, but sometimes a break-up isn't final, and an end can sometimes be a beginning..."[10]

"g...rim, but fits every criterion: AU-ish (King Billy is dead after Wild Justice), the lads are separately in prison, hurt/comfort (90% hurt, it must be said, though), and the psychological effects are definitely a major element. Even when Doyle is out, he's still in a prison of a sort."[11]

  • "Hide and Seek" (Professionals):
    "I have found and read Hide and Seek -- excellent -- in that story you walk a very difficult fine line between dark and hopeful and you really do it well. I find it extremely difficult to manage, personally, and so I am even more admired when someone can pull it off successfully (once I start on the dark, I have to go to the extremes... I am known as a Lads' Exterminator! 8-) I also liked the idea of the dare, and the way you make them sensitive and complex without reducing them to adolescent girls (unlike some Pros author I won't name.."[12]

  • "Between Dreams We Lie Awake" (Professionals):
    "Yesterday I read an excellent Pros story, Between Dreams we Lie Awake, and I waffled enthusiastically about it on a list. As I was told that you are the author, under the pseud of Morgan Dawn, I thought to copy you on my waffle. First of all, congratulations and thanks -- you really did a great job! I think that the pleasure of reading your story for me was in the savouring of all the different layers, in the careful construction of the sequences, the way you repeat little details and phrases from the dream sections into the waking ones -- you interweave such a subtle and rich web! Then of course I loved the references to Yeats, the complexity of the recursive structure, the circularity of time and events, the sense of obsession and doom expressed at the structural level; the economy of expressing emotions with few touches... The craft and the construction aspect was intriguing because I like layering the levels of reading, I find it enriching, I enjoy seeing how the layers set each other off."[13]

  • In His Father's Shoes (Star Wars)
    "What would have happened to Luke if Leia had not rescued him from Darth Vader at Cloud City? If Luke had been turned to the Dark Side by the Emperor long before Han was ever rescued? Where and how would Han & Luke meet again? The story offers a dark twist on Luke's relationship to the Force and the people he loves. This fic has a wonderfully written dark!Luke, anger and bitter and Luke is not the only twisted character in this fic. Wonderful imagery and the end brought a tear in my eye." [14]



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