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Name: Bonibaru
Type: Fanwriter, Vidder, Podficcer
Fandoms: Yami no Matsuei, Shadowhunters, Guardian
URL: Dreamwidth, AO3
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Bonibaru is an author, podficcer and vidder who has been active in fandom since at least 2009.

Blanket Permissions

Transformative works related to mine are welcome! This includes translations into languages other than English, podfics, remixes, art, vids and other works. No need to ask, but if you aren't certain, feel free to ask!

If doing the above, I ask only two things: 1) Please include a link back to my original work, from the platform where your derivative work is housed. I would also like to be able to link or provide a link to your work from mine, so that others may enjoy it, so if you could kindly send me a link that would be great.

2) Please house those transformative works on a free site that does not charge users a fee for access.

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