La Femme Nikita

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Are you looking for Nikita, the 2010 television series? See Nikita (2010 TV series)
Name: La Femme Nikita
Abbreviation(s): LFN
Creator: Joel Surnow
Date(s): 1997-2001
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United States
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La Femme Nikita was based on the French movie Nikita, written and directed by Luc Besson. It ran for five seasons on the USA Network, though the fifth season consisted of eight episodes, rather than twenty-two. The number of words in the episode title reflects the season number. For example, the episodes "Love" and "Mercy" aired in Season One, while the episodes "Opening Night Jitters" and "Any Means Necessary" aired in Season 3.

The show focused on Nikita, a young woman who is falsely convicted of murder. From prison, she is recruited into a covert anti-terrorist organization called Section One. Other characters included Michael Samuelle, Nikita's trainer and love interest; Operations and Madeline, Section One's leaders; Seymour Birkoff, the resident computer genius; and Walter, Section One's weapons expert.

La Femme Nikita Fandom

For many fans, LFN was their first experience of fandom, and the fandom might be described as feral. Though some fans did move into the wider world of fandom and other shows, other fans remained mono-fannish or never participated in another fandom to the same extent.

The predominant pairing in the fandom was Michael/Nikita, and fans of the pairing called themselves "Hopeful Romantics", or "HRs." By contrast, fans of the Operations/Madeline pairing were "Twisted Romantics", or "TRs." The fandom had very little slash, possibly because the show lacked any viable male recurring character to slash with Michael. Birkoff was too young, and Operations and Walter too old. A corresponding lack of female recurring characters in the same age range resulted in almost no femslash.

Much of the meta discussion and fanfic posting took place on message boards. The boards were originally hosted on Insidetheweb, and when that service shut down, the boards moved to Voy Forums. Other fandom boards have been hosted on EZBoard, now known as Yuku.

The fandom is still ongoing, though most stories posted are AUs, rather than the mission-based stories that were popular while the show was airing.


Four conventions were held in Toronto while the show was filming. More cast and crew attended each year. Every year, a charity auction was held on Sunday, coordinated by Joyce Bluewolf.

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Notable Fannish Events

Long-running plagiarist Sybyl first appeared in 1999.

The zine Seeing the Invisible was published in February, 2004.

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