Michael Samuelle

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Name: Michael Samuelle
Occupation: Spy
Location: Section One (covert anti-terrorist organization)
Relationships: Simone (spouse, deceased), Elena (spouse, deceased), Adam (son), ??? (sister), romantically involved with Nikita
Fandom: La Femme Nikita
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Like most operatives, Michael was recruited into Section One from prison. Michael, with his friend Rene Dian, was part of a student activist group called L'Heure Sanguine (The Bloody Hour). He was arrested in connection with a bombing at Paris University[1].

He seems to have had an uneasy relationship with his trainer, Jurgen, as seen when Jurgen appears in a three-episode arc at the beginning of the second season.

Fan Response

In general, LFN fandom is pretty fond of Michael. The majority of relationship fic centers around Michael and Nikita, and there's also a subset of stories featuring Michael and female original characters. There's little male/male slash in the fandom, and most of it either features Michael with a crossover character or with an original character[2].

Canon or Fanon

Fandom and fanfic often refer to Michael's "patented blank stare" or "strut." While it's true that both mannerisms appear in Roy Dupuis' portrayal of Michael, fandom tends to exaggerate them.


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  2. See Lorraine's stories at the Split Personality Archive for early examples of OC slash.