Nikita (2010 TV series)

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Are you looking for the 1997 television series? See La Femme Nikita
Name: Nikita
Creator: Craig Silverstein
Date(s): September 2010 - December 2013
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: United States
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Nikita was an american action television series, it was an adaptation of the 1990 film Nikita and the 1997 TV series La Femme Nikita.


Nikita is a woman who escaped from a secret government-funded organization known as "Division" and, after a three-year hiding period, comes back to bring down the organization.

Main Characters

  • Nikita Mears
  • Michael Bishop
  • Alexandra Udinov
  • Lionel Peller
  • Ryan Fletcher
  • Percival Rose
  • Helen Collins
  • Sam Matthews
  • Sean Pierce



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