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For the trope see Prison AU

Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Prison
Author(s): Jack Reuben Darcy
Date(s): 04 July 1999
Length: 87,385 words, 495k
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The Sentinel
External Links: Prison (852 Prospect archive collection on AO3)

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Prison is a Jim/Blair AU by Jack Reuben Darcy. It was archived in five parts at 852 Prospect and due to the move of the archive in 2013, it is now available at the AO3 (so far for AO3 users only).

Summary: "In a distant land, in another time, a man with troubled senses finds someone he didn't realize he was looking for. Learning to live with that fact takes time, patience and a lot of love."

Recs and Reviews

Unknown Date

A breathtakingly beautiful AU that takes place in the year 1937. Jim comes to the reknowned Professor Sandburg for help in dealing with his hyperactive senses, and unexpectedly falls in love. Haunting descriptions, gripping angst, and wonderfully hot love scenes make this one of my absolute favorite stories in this fandom.[1]

It's set in Singapore 1937, thus the mutual angst about their relationship is much more believable than it would be in Cascade during the 1990s. The changes in character are founded in the setting, the descriptions are compelling, and the story gives the senses a central role, and not just telling us that Jim is a sentinel, but making the senses come alive.[2]
This one just blew me away when Rac handed it to me at Escapade a couple years ago. An AU, in pre-World War II Singapore. Right. With characters from The Sentinel. Riiight. Sure. Damn, but it works. [3]

This is quite possibly the best TS story I've ever read. Set in Singapore in 1937, it lovingly and faithfully captures the era and also offers very apt characterizations of Jim and Blair. The two men go through many struggles in this novel-length story—with Jim's senses, the past, society's attitudes about their "perversion," and most of all with each other. It's beautifully written and constructed, a deeply moving and completely satisfying long all of Jack's stories.[4]


I mentioned before that I love AUs, and this is my other all-time favorite Sentinel AU. Set in 1937 Singapore, it's like stepping back in time, to a world on the brink of war, in a city of ex-patriots who all want to forget. Jim is a man struggling with his senses and his identity. Blair is a student of human nature with some demons of his own.

Slash fandoms everywhere are filled with stories where the characters fall suddenly, easily together, and I enjoy them, but there's something particularly satisfying about a story in which the characters struggle to come to terms with their feelings, where they have to fight society's attitudes and their own preconceptions to be able to embrace their love. "Prison" is just such a story. Epic and lush, filled with wonderful historical details and powerful emotions, it's the kind of story that you'll fall into and never want to end. And while you're at it, check out Jack's other stories. I highly recommend them all.[5]

I remember reading "Prison" years ago. It's absolutely gorgeous! It's kinda long, but it is so worth it! Jack Reuben Darcy is a terrific writer. This is a real treat![6]


For The Sentinel fanfic, without a doubt my choice would be Prison by Jack Reuben Darcy. The setting is lush and vivid. I can read it on two levels -- one, as a TS fic with all the requisite Jim/Blair goodness, and two, as a work of original fiction. It's that good.

I don't re-read Prison very often, but it's so rich that it is the one fic I couldn't do without.[7]


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