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Name: Simon & Simon
Abbreviation(s): SS, S&S
Creator: Philip DeGuere
Date(s): 1981-1989
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United States
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Simon & Simon was a show about two very different private detectives, Rick and AJ, who happened to be brothers; it first aired in 1981, and to everyone's astonishment, lasted eight years. The only other character on the show to appear regularly throughout its period was their strong minded and classy mother, Cecilia.

From Pop Stand Express #16: "If ever a series could be considered tailor-made for fandom, Simon and Simon would be it. Not since the heyday of Starsky & Hutch has a crime-fighting duo sparked such intense loyalty from its fans, or inspired such massive amounts of speculative fiction... Although, there are no official totals, S&S currently [1987] accounts for 50% of the small fandom marketplace."

The Fandom

Simon & Simon never had a big fandom, gen or slash. Although the show was fairly popular and long-lasting, it didn't have much genre appeal for the gen fans, and some slash fans were mildly squicked by the incest issue.[1]

Gen and slash stories showed up in multimedia zines of the time; and there was one digest-sized slash zine from Almost Foolproof Press for four or five years.


  • S/S, or as it was sometimes called, R/AJ
  • het pairings?

Gallery of Fan Art

Fiction Tropes

Rick served in the military during the Vietnam War; this occasionally led to stories where he had PTSD symptoms, along with secrets from his past suddenly appearing and intruding into the lives of the brothers. AJ, though a solid, good-sized guy, was rather 'sweet' looking; Rick often got protective around bad guys, or when they accidentally ended up in Jail (which happened a surprising amount).

Notable Stories



It is unclear whether these 1980s vids are meant to be gen or het. However, at the time they were made, incest topics were usually considered to be taboo.

Three Sisters vids (1980s)

  • I.O.U. - a Simon and Simon fanvid
  • Back to Back
  • It Might Be You – Simon and Simon
  • Take A Look At Me Now – Simon and Simon



  1. ^ Some fans were more than 'mildly' squicked. One might say their reactions were along the lines of bewilderment, horror, and denial: "I remember one of the original "incest slash" fandoms, from the early-to-mid-80s--"Simon and Simon" fandom. My friends and I were *so* bewildered by that and, when it was explained to us by proponents that "of course they're having sex, look at how much they love each other," it was (in modern 'net vernacular) a real *headdesk* moment for us.... I find incest to be a preposterous concept and the public be crossing a line that makes me want to deny being part of fandom if anyone asks." comment by klangley56 in The subject of slash, dated June 1, 2008; accessed Feb. 9, 2011; WebCite.