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You may be looking for Last Leaf, a Star Trek: TOS story that is the 18th Saurian Brandy Digest.

Title: The Last Leaf
Publisher: Wizard Works
Author(s): Christine Jeffords
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Simon and Simon
Language: English
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The Last Leaf is a gen 222-page Simon and Simon novel by Christine Jeffords. It is a sequel to Southhoming.


From a distributor, Agent With Style:

Years ago, while recovering from his experiences in Vietnam, Rick made a long visit to an old Marine buddy on his subsistence farm in Vermont. That visit was instrumental in his decision to accept the inheritance of his grandfather's old shack on Pirate's Key, Florida, which led in turn to A.J.'s move south and apprenticing with Peerless Detectives, and ultimately to the creation of Simon & Simon Investigations. Now Bucky Burdett, dying of leukemia brought on by Agent Orange, asks Rick to come back to Vermont and arrange his funeral, and A.J. insists upon accompanying him. But the brothers soon find themselves caught up in a lawsuit over Bucky's land, two murders, and a kidnapping. [1]


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