The Brothers File

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Title: The Brothers File
Publisher: Phantom Press
Editor(s): Christine Jeffords
Date(s): May 1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Simon and Simon
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

The Brothers File was published in 1987 and contains 382 pages.

It is a gen Simon and Simon anthology of fiction by Christine Jeffords.

The art is by Ann Larimer, Dani Lane, Mary Otten, TACS, Shayne McCormack, and T.J. Burnside.

It "includes three never-before-published stories and several revised and improved ones."

In late 1985, the author wrote in Details at 11 #11 that "I still need 75 postcards to show interest in this collection of my original S&S tales. Come on, people, I'd like to get it out next fall!"

The zine ended up premiering at MediaWest*Con 1987.

The Proposed Second Issue

A second issue was proposed in 1987. The two stories on a flyer ended up in other zines.

Regarding the Sparse Art

Despite the plentiful art, the editor is apologetic.

From the editorial:

[I] apologize for the lack of art is some of the stories. S&S fandom seems to be in the same situation SW fandom was when I first got into that -- everybody writes and nobody draws! And when you're as prolific as I am, that tends to present a major problem in putting together a collection. I have hopes of being able to furnish, later this year, drop-in art for at least Unfinished Symphony; SASE for details.

Regarding the Binding Choice

From the editorial:

Although I have tentative plans to buy a GBC binding system shortly, future volumes of THE BROTHERS FILE will, like this one, be bound loose, with screw-posts. The reason for this is that the various stories will continue to come out with no reference to the time of their setting, and the screw-post system will permit you to juggle them into chronological order if you care to do so, as well as to insert updates of the Calendar as they appear.

Regarding Further Editing

From the editorial:

The more perceptive of you may notice that some of the stories included show minor differences in detail from the versions first published elsewhere. This was necessary to reconcile them with new information offered by the series or my own ongoing establishment of my personal S&S Universe. The versions you see here are the final "official" ones.

Regarding a 1986 Christmas Fic Exchange

Regenia Marracino proposed a 1986 Christmas gift exchange in which half a dozen fans or so would write stories and send them to each other. The theme was hurt/comfort.

Some of those stories:

Regarding "The Calendar" ("An S&S Chronology")

This zine contains an extensive fan-created timeline of history and events pertaining to the Simon family.

It is based on information gleaned from the show as well as the editor's extensive Simon &Simon head canon.


  • Simon and Simon: A Review by Christine Jeffords (reprinted from Mixed Doubles #2) (1)
  • An S&S Chronology (original to this zine) (8)
  • Runaway Home ("13-year old A.J. is desperately lonely after Rick's departure to Mexico, and he attempts to join him there." Based on Rick's line of dialogue from the show: "...that year, right after [graduation] I split from home...") (reprinted from Brothers 'n Blues #1) (14)
  • After-the-Gas-Station Blues, poem (reprinted from Sweet Justice #1) (24)
  • Freshman Thoughts, poem (reprinted from Media Rare #1) (26)
  • Hermanos (Rick and A.J. in a motorcycle gang, originally to have been published in the gen proposed zine called "Blondes in Black" - subject: blond male characters, originally planned by Sharane McCurry and Michele Rosenberg in 1986) (original to this zine) (278) (28)
  • Soldier, Rest ("Rick's back from Vietnam, but he seems remote and unable to deal with the personal horror of his final days there.") (reprinted from Scenario #1) (59)
  • Nightwatch ("Driving a darkened highway proves disastrous for A.J., and an angry Janet blames newly arrived Rick for the accident.") (reprinted from Rerun #3) (79)
  • Virgin (originally written as part of a 1986 Christmas gift exchange) (original to this zine) (86)
  • Wolf Hunt ("At a stake-out, A.J. is wounded, and due to a series of events, Rick is led to believe that A.J. dies") (reprinted from Dial S #1) (99)
  • Best Friends (This is the author's first Simon & Simon fic, a missing scene from the episode, "Double Play.") (reprinted from Our Favorite Things #1) (132)
  • Under Glass ("AJ is one of several hostages taken in the SDPD computer room and the authorities adamantly do not want Rick involved in the negotiations.") (reprinted from Our Favorite Things #2, where Mary A. Otten is listed as a co-author) (139)
  • Missing Scene (for A.J.), poem ("Missing scene from "The Dillinger Print".") (reprinted from The Return of Scenario) (165)
  • Goodbye, Ms. Chips (reprinted from Finish the Story) (169)
  • Going/Returning ("A missing scene from "The List".") (reprinted from The Return of Scenario #2) (203)
  • Nightmare (A.J. is in jail and Rick can't help him. How does he cope, and avoid sexual assault by a guard?) (reprinted from Adult Situations #1) (210)
  • Running Fever (reprinted from Melange #6, where Mary A. Otten is listed as a co-author) (243)
  • Unfinished Symphony (an extensive missing scene from "Walk a Mile in My Hat") (original to this zine) (278)
  • Little Miracles (speculation on what a Christmas holiday would be like for the Simon family) (reprinted from Mixed Doubles #2) (309)

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