The Brothers File

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Title: The Brothers File
Publisher: Phantom Press
Editor(s): Christine Jeffords
Date(s): May 1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Simon and Simon
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

The Brothers File is a gen 382-page Simon and Simon anthology of fiction by Christine Jeffords.

In late 1985, the author wrote in Details at 11 #11 that "I still need 75 postcards to show interest in this collection of my original S&S tales. Come on, people, I'd like to get it out next fall!"

The zine ended up premiering at MediaWest 1987.

"Includes three never-before-published stories and several revised and improved ones."


  • Simon and Simon: A Review by Christine Jeffords (reprinted from Mixed Doubles #2) (1)
  • An S&S Chronology (8)
  • Runaway Home--13-year old A.J. is desperately lonely after Rick's departure to Mexico, and he attempts to join him there. (14) (reprinted from Brothers 'n Blues #1)
  • After-the-Gas-Station Blues (24) (reprinted from Sweet Justice #1)
  • Freshman Thoughts (poem) (26) (reprinted from Media Rare #1)
  • Hermanos (28)
  • Soldier, Rest--Rick's back from Vietnam, but he seems remote and unable to deal with the personal horror of his final days there. (59) (reprinted from Scenario)
  • Night Watch--Driving a darkened highway proves disastrous for A.J., and an angry Janet blames newly arrived Rick for the accident. (79) (reprinted from Rerun #3)
  • Virgin (86)
  • Wolf Hunt--At a stake-out, A.J. is wounded, and due to a series of events, Rick is led to believe that A.J. dies. (99) (reprinted from Dial S #1)
  • Best Friends (132) (reprinted from Our Favorite Things #1)
  • Under Glass--AJ is one of several hostages taken in the SDPD computer room and the authorities adamantly do not want Rick involved in the negotiations. (139) (reprinted from Our Favorite Things #2, where Mary A. Otten is listed as a co-author)
  • Missing Scene (for A.J.)--Missing scene from "The Dillinger Print". (165) (reprinted from The Return of Scenario)
  • Goodbye, Ms. Chips (169) (reprinted from Finish the Story)
  • Going/Returning--A missing scene from "The List". (203) (reprinted from The Return of Scenario)
  • Nightmare (210)
  • Running Fever (243) (reprinted from Melange #6, where Mary A. Otten is listed as a co-author)
  • Unfinished Symphony (278)
  • Little Miracles (309) (reprinted from Mixed Doubles #2)

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