Dial S

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Title: Dial S
Publisher: T'Elfie Press
Editor(s): Cathi Brown
Date(s): 1985-1990
Series?: yes
Medium: print fanzine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Dial S is a gen multimedia anthology zine.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1
a very early flyer for issue #1, note: two the three stories end up not appearing in the zine series
flyer for issue #1, note: this flyer is much more accurate regarding actual zine contents

Dial S 1 contains 172 pages. It was published in 1985. Its complete title is Dial “S” for Steele…or Simon…or Sleuths at Large. This was shortened to "Dial S" for subsequent issues.

  • Steele in My Blood by S. Wardell & K. Moore (Remington Steele) (A young lady shows up at the agency looking for her long lost brother, and the information logged into the agency's computer keeps getting dumped. But by whom...?)
  • Of Repossessions and Recollections by Cathy Bryson & Cynthia Shannon (Simon & Simon) ("A.J.s sick and Rick has to deal with his guilt.")
  • The Price by Wendy Rockburn (Streets of San Francisco)
  • Wolf Hunt by Christine Jeffords (Simon & Simon) (At a stake-out, A.J. is wounded, and due to a series of events, Rick is led to believe that A.J. dies.) (reprinted in The Brothers File)
  • Steele Light, Steele Bright by Rachelle S. (Remington Steele) (Murphy Michaels meets up with a lady with a questionable attraction for him, and the whole world turns upside down. And to make matters worse, Laura is away, and Murphy has to ask HIM for help.)
  • Double Shock by Regina Marracino (Starsky & Hutch) ("Starsky gets the word: "Hutchinson's dead." But is he? Has there been some horrible mix-up? Or is it just wishful thinking?"
  • Haunted Past by Rachelle S. (Simon & Simon) ("Rick goes on a blind date totally unaware of the girl's scarred past. Meanwhile A.J. takes on a case of finding a man's brother and his family. With special appearances by Joe Rossi, Lou Grant, and Art Donovan. ")
  • Jinxed Steele by Nancy Gervais (Remington Steele) ("It simply isn't one of Remington's better days.")
  • Memories Are Forever by Lizabeth Tucker (Simon & Simon) (Rick's life in 'Nam catches up with him.)
  • plus verse, art & such.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Dial S 2 was published in September 1987 and is 204 pages long.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Cathi Brown

Dial S 3 was published in 1990 and has 172 pages. One of the stories is from V, one is from Shadow Chasers.

The cover is by Cathi Brown. Interior art is by Cathi Brown, Ann Larimer, and Gennie Summers.

Also Sold as a Combined Volume

Fans could purchase each volume separately for $10, or buy a combined 3-volume set for $22.

Some evidence of this is below: