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Name: Hardcastle and McCormick
Creator: Stephen J. Cannell, Patrick Hasburgh
Date(s): 1983 - 1986
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: USA
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Hardcastle and McCormick was a 1980s show that inspired a Buddy Cop Fandom.

The Fandom

The series Hardcastle and McCormick started in September of 1983.

From a fan in 1996:

While the fandom started gen, there have been [slash] stories here and there (all in Multi-media / zines, as far as I know) in recent years that are slash, and I'll list what I know about (which is not comprehensive, since I am not a big collector of multi-media zines).

The series Hardcastle and McCormick started in September of 1983. The gen fiction started in early 1985. I didn't see any slash fiction until a few years later.

The first person to publish H&Mc fiction was Melinda Reynolds (old Trek fans may remember her from Delta Triad in the 70's). She did a zine called Back to Back, of which there were four issues (I did covers for three of the four). These zines followed the format of the series, that is to say, they were primarily hurt/comfort relationship stories that ranged from pretty mediocre to quite good. The writers in these zine were: Lizabeth Tucker, Judy Darnell, Melinda Reynolds, and Sandra Hanson. One short Teri White story. Ruth Kurz did some artwork.


I have a rough draft of a novel-in-progress that Connie Faddis wrote in 1986, but I never saw published (40 pp., about 1/2 done, according to her). For any of you that remember Connie's work, she was a seminal publisher/writer/artist in Trek fandom (the Interphases), and Starsky and Hutch fandom, incredibly multi-talented. This story, though unfinished, was no exception. It was Hurt/Comfort, but Mark gets raped, so it was pretty heavy stuff. Frustrating as hell, though, since I'll never see the end! [1]

Fanzines, Single Content

Mixed Media

A Fan's List of Fanfic

In August 2006, Lizabeth Tucker, a Hardcastle and McCormick archivist created this list of fiction from print zines, pass-arounds, and online fiction. It is not a complete list, but one she'd posted in hopes of collecting and archiving somehow: Wanted List of Hardcastle & McCormick Stories, Archived version.

Mailing Lists


  1. ^ quoted anonymously with permission from Virgule-L (Mar 30, 1996)