'Tis the Season (Hardcastle and McCormick zine)

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You may be looking for The 'Tis the Season to Be Jolly Affair, a MUNCLE zine.

Title: 'Tis the Season
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press and Wizard Works
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Hardcastle and McCormick
Language: English
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'Tis the Season is a gen 150-page Christmas Hardcastle and McCormick anthology by D.D. Brischke.

front cover
back cover


  • 'Tis the Season and the Reason (Mark and the Judge return to Arkansas for an old fashioned Hardcastle Christmas) (3)
  • Before His Eyes (The Judge finds himself on a raft in the middle of the Pacific on Christmas Eve, wondering if he'll see the new year.) (61)
  • Was It a Wonderful Life?!/Coyote Kid Christmas (Jimmy Stewart's classic movie will never be the same when the Coyote Kid wonders, was this a wonderful life?) (113)