The Adventures of Mark & the Judge

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Title: The Adventures of Mark & the Judge
Publisher: Wizard Works
Editor(s): Jan Keeler
Date(s): 1993-1995
Series?: yes
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Hardcastle and McCormick
Language: English
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The Adventures of Mark & the Judge is a gen Hardcastle and McCormick anthology.

From a submission request in Zine Scene:

A new zine totally filled with Hardcastle & McCormick. Do you have fiction, poetry or art based on Mark & the Judge with no place for them to call heme? Send them to us. We are looking for fiction, humorous, action/adventure, crossovers, in any combination, except slash. First issue should be ready for MediaWest 1992.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Anja Gruber

The Adventures of Mark & the Judge contains 157 pages and was published in May 1993.

  • The Lesser of Two Evils by Melinda Reynolds ("Mark makes it to his parole officer with just minutes to spare.") (2 pages)
  • Letter of the Law by Melinda Reynolds ("Hardcastle wants to bust Dr.Leslie Warner, but Warner has other ideas, and they include multiple parole violations for Mark. Will Mark have to endure more prison time in order to save Hardcastle?") (18 pages)
  • You Oughta Be In Pictures by Melinda Reynolds ("McCormick needs extra cash and fast. What harm could there be in answering a simple ad in the classifieds? How can Hardcastle help him if he's in Vegas "with the boys?"") (48 pages)
  • Chili Today...Hot Tamale by D.D. Brischke ("Mark takes the Judge to lunch at an ex-con's diner. The Black Cobras give the pair more than just indigestion.") (38 pages)
  • Where There's a Will... by D.D. Brischke ("In his spare time, Mark helps Hardcastle's neighbor with yardwork. He gets more than he expected when he inherits her estate, her company, and her dog.") (60 pages)
  • Cover art by Anja Gruber. Interior art by Anja Gruber and Melinda Reynolds.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Anja Gruber

Further Adventures of Mark and the Judge was published in May 1994 and contains 84 pages.

  • Single Reason... Many Rhymes by D.D. Brischke (1)
  • A Vow for the Wee Hours by Elaine Overby (37)
  • Father & Friends by Heidi J. Bloebaum (38)
  • Mirror Image by D.D. Brischke (39)

Issue 3

Yet More Adventures of Mark & the Judge contains 77 pages and was published in May 1995.

  • Finny Business by D.D. Brischke ("Mark gets involved with dolphins, a lady, and drug smuggling.")
  • Two Coins, Same Side by Elaine Overby ("Are Mark and the Judge more alike than even they realize?")
  • The Successful Experiment by Heidi M. ("Could the Judge's idea really work?")
  • The Cry Of The Wolf by D.D. Brischke ("We find Mark and the Judge in the Great North tracking a missing Ranger and some international fur poachers.") (originally printed in Dial S by Cathi Brown)