Zines My Father Sold Me

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Title: Zines My Father Sold Me
Publisher: Rolling Thunder Press
Editor(s): Cynthia Shannon?
Date(s): 1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Hardcastle and McCormick
Language: English
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Zines My Father Sold Me is a 116-page gen Hardcastle and McCormick anthology.


  • Product Four Syndrome by Shirley Sipe—Someone is dropping PCP into drinks at a party and one of them belongs to Mark...) (4)
  • It Wouldn't Be the Same Without You by Lizabeth S. Tucker—Missing scene from "If You Could See What I See." Milt waits for Mark to regain consciousness (23)
  • It Wasn't Meant to Be by Cynthia Shannon—Donna McCormick is planning to make her son's fifth birthday party something special, but sometimes plans get changed. (34)
  • When I Look Back on All the Episodes by Dar F—A complete 3-season episode guide, including original air date, writer, director and synopsis. (41)
  • Body Count by Teri White—After 10 years, Hardcastle receives a letter telling him his son's remains have been found in Southeast Asia and are being returned to the States. Will this affect his relationship with McCormick? (53)
  • A View from the Inside by Lizabeth S. Tucker—A monologue by Mark about his relationship with Milt and how others perceive it. (61)
  • Death Takes a Holiday by Pamela Rose—When Hardcastle returns home after being mistakenly thought dead, he is surprised at the strength of Mark's reaction. (63)
  • A New Face at the Door by Dar F (78)
  • Bad Day at Gull's Way by Lizabeth S. Tucker—H&Mc batten down the hatches as a hurricane heads toward the estate. While waiting out the storm, they participate in a game of "Truth or Consequences" which leads to some interesting revelations. (84)
  • The Bar-B-Q by Melinda Reynolds—A computer snafu changes H&Mc's reservations from a dude ranch to a ranch where there is new meaning to the term GAY caballero! (95) (reprinted in Back to Back Addenda #1)