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Name: Teri White
Type: writer, publisher, artist
Fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, Harry and Johnny, Star Trek: TOS, Hardcastle and McCormick, Blake's 7, Sherlock BBC
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Teri White is a publisher, artist and prolific zine author. She wrote both gen and slash. "Teri White was one of the first of S&H's fandom's classic zine writers to give us permission to post all her fanfiction to the Archive," [1] becoming some of the first Starsky and Hutch fiction to be posted online.

cover of Copkiller, art by Teri White
cover of The Beast, art by Teri White
cover of Companion

Her fiction was an inspiration to Susan M: "Susan (M's) Vermont Avenue and Homecoming stories, when joined together, create a unique novel. The stories were never published as a zine. Written before personal computers or the Internet, the stories were passed fan-to-fan when access to photocopying was not so common. The Vermont Avenue universe was the creation of Susan's friend, Teri White. Teri wrote several gen novels in SH in the same 'universe.' When Susan wrote these stories, her readership was familiar with Teri's work. Today, Teri's works are becoming available again on the Starsky and Hutch Archive, but many fans have not yet read them, and so important references in Susan's work will not have the same meaning to them..."

In Teri's stories, "Hutch becomes more and more disillusioned with police work in Teri's novel, Copkiller, but stays out of loyalty to Starsky. In Hopscotch, Hutch is imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit and at the same time, Starsky disappears. They are separated for nearly a year, while Hutch languishes in jail... In Teri's final novel My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, both men quit the police force to start a private detective firm. They take on the case of a missing young cowboy, the parter of an older bronc rider. Soon, it becomes apparent that these men were lovers. The older cowboy's fear that his best friend and only may be love causes Hutch to think about his own feelings... Susan recreates Teri's universe and builds on it..." by Flamingo in the foreword of Homecoming


All of Teri White's fiction was published in zines, and then later archived online.

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