Kan't Stop Laughing

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Title: Kan't Stop Laughing (Kan't/Stop Laughing)
Publisher: Midnight Publications, out of the UK
Editor(s): Cilla Futcher
Date(s): 1980-81
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Kan't Stop Laughing (Kan't/Stop Laughing) is a slash Star Trek: TOS fiction anthology by Cilla Futcher with three issues.

Reactions and Reviews

This series of UK zines was put out in the early 80s, and I think only ran to the three issues. They are small zines, averaging 36 pages (UK zines have always been much smaller than US ones). The humour is, I suspect, very British, but is of the kind that I personally thoroughly enjoy - where the humour depends not on silliness but on the characters behaving exactly in character. One story I very much enjoy is one in which Kirk has all the symptoms of pregnancy - because subconsciously Spock believes that his bondmate must be pregnant. In another, Kirk finds an inflated female dummy in his bed... The gem of the series, however, has to be Mary Hughes' "Amanda's Dilemma" in the first issue. Kirk and Spock have returned to Vulcan to tell Sarek and Amanda that they are bonded, but the news is not received just as they would like: "We... wanted you to find the right person and be happy," Amanda told Spock. "I have found the right person," Spock replied. "Jim," said Amanda with feeling, "is NOT who your father and I would have had in mind for you." Spock, going to town for furniture, uses all their money to buy a computer; Amanda gives them some old furniture, but the bed creaks. (Felicity M Parkinson picked up on this and had a sequel in issue 2 that revolves around their trying to stop the creaking.) The story introduces Spock's eccentric Aunt T'Pitha, who gives them a present of a pre-Reform design bonding quilt, which guarantees conception... Eventually, Spock's cousin, intercepting a mental message from Kirk to Spock, tries his luck with Kirk and ends up in the fishpond. "(Your aunt)," said Sarek, "is most disturbed and what is worse, the fish have been seriously alarmed and three of the water lilies will have to be replanted..." These characters are not Vulcans as we know them, and the whole setup, while perfectly logical, is ludicrous. [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Kan't Stop Laughing 1 was published in 1980 and contains 42 pages. Illos are by Miss Noma.

  • Epitaph for an Over-Enthusiastic Trekker: A Cautionary Tale for Those Who Would Read 'Adult' Zines! by Mary Sue (1)
  • Space Seed by Theresa White (3)
  • Third Time Lucky by Lily White (11)
  • A Sense of Adventure by Theresa White (17)
  • Amanda's Dilemma by Mary Hughes (20)
  • In The Dark by Mary Sue (36)
  • Shore Leave II by Theresa White (37)
  • Innuendo by Mary Sue (42)

Issue 2

Kan't Stop Laughing 2 was published in 1981 and contains 33 pages. The illos are by Miss Noma.

cover of issue #2
  • The Enterprise Christmas Party by Mary Sue (1)
  • Happily Ever After by Theresa White (3)
  • Honeymoon Gone Wrong by Mary Sue (17)
  • The Vulcan Constitution by 'Tish' (18)
  • Three Little Words by Lena Marson (23)
  • It'll Be All Right on the Night by Felicity M. Parkinson (24)

Issue 3

Kan't Stop Laughing 3 was published in 1981 and contains 32 pages. Illos by Miss Noma.

cover of issue #3
  • The Doctor is In by Drella (1)
  • The Continuing Story of Happy Ever After by Teresa White (2)
  • Just One of Those Occasions by Felicity M. Parkinson (15)
  • Curly Locks, Jimmy Kirk by Cathy Rickson (16)
  • Jimmy Kirk by Lena Marson (16)
  • Not in Front of the Budgies by Mary Highes (17)
  • The First Time by Teresa White (27)
  • The Strange Case of the Dummy in the Bed by Teresa White (28)


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