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You may be looking for The Naked Times.

Title: Naked Times
Publisher: Pon Farr Press, also agented later by Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Della Van Hise (#1), Della Van Hise and Diane T. Jeffords (#2 and #3), D. Hawks (#4), the rest of the issues by Alexis Fegan Black
Date(s): 1978-1994
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Naked Times (title on original flyer was "The Naked Times") is a Kirk/Spock story anthology slash zine published by Pon Farr Press. The zine series ran to 32 issues; the last was published in 1994.

In late 1984, the editor proposed changing the zine's title to "The Amok Times" for "personal reasons," but this did not occur.

From the Publisher

"Respectfully dedicated to anyone who has ever loved in a different way."

The Individual Issues

Submission Requests and Flyers

Controversy Regarding One Flyer

The flyer featuring the "limp-wristed" Spock" generated a lot of fan discussion.

A fan wrote in 1978:

The illo for THE NAKED TIMES, showing Spock as the (by now) infamous 'simpering gay' was priceless! [1]

The next fan responses were much lengthier, touching upon censorship, opinion, creativity, and content in fanworks.

See The Naked Times Flyer Controversy.

No "Mayhem"

The editor had strong ideas about the tone and content of what she would publish in this zine series.

In 1985, from "Naked Times" #6:

In this issue, I have tried to stress the positive angles of the K/S relationship. Somehow, I'm getting awfully tired of the s&m versions of K/S, as I feel this only adds fuel to the fire of people who are adamantly and publicly opposed to the concept. K/S is, to me anyway, a beautiful extension of a friendship which began nearly 20 years ago — and in my personal opinion, I think we writers, artists and editors have an obligation to uphold at least the idea that Kirk and Spock are friends! Sure, there are always variations, and stories just-for-fun, and stories when one or both must meet the Reaper. I'm not talking about that at all. What I'm talking about are the stories which seem to be written solely to humiliate the characters or to showcase a lot of sloppy emotions which just aren't part of the characters. (Yes, I know... there are always possibilities... and exceptions). I am not condemning these stories. Everything has its place. But my hope is to make NAKED TIMES a zine which stresses positive attitudes and ideas - I will consider any story which is submitted on the basis of its own merits, so please don't be "put off" by my opinions. Sometimes I just think that K/S writers should step back and look at their story objectively — or have a friend do it for them. Kinkiness is fine. Abuse and humiliation are another matter entirely.

In 1986, from "Naked Times" #9:

I will consider slave stories and Mirror universe stories, though I request that no explicit violence be inherent in the plot of the story itself. As always, I want to keep NAKED TIMES as loving and gentle as possible. No rape stories, please! At this point, the "slant" of NT#11 is purely tentative. If enough interest is shown, I'd love to do it. If not, NT#11 will follow the usual guidelines.

In 1987, from the editorial of "Naked Times" #17:

I've tried to do things just a little bit differently with this issue, and I hope you'll enjoy the changes. In this issue, we've "slackened" our guidelines just a little, though we've tried to maintain only stories with no undue violence, torture, or mayhem. The "looser" editorial policy for this issue only was done mainly to discover just what types of stories are out there -- and for the most part, I've come to the conclusion that the writers and readers are indeed more comfortable with the normal guidelines of NAKED TIMES (i.e., none of the ridiculous torture and cruelty in K/S that sometimes finds its way into print). I prefer to keep NT as a "loving, relationship" zine, (which doesn't mean that there can't be conflict between the characters -- just no undue physical violence!); and I was pleased by the submissions which came to me for this issue.

In 1988, from the introduction to Off Duty, another one of Pon Farr Press' zines:

Finally, to the few "complaints" I have received about the basic thrust (no pun intended) of OFF DUTY, let me just say a few words. I've personally felt that K/S is and should remain fun. This is one of the reasons that I altered the guidelines of NAKED TIMES to include the stipulations of "no violence, torture, mayhem, etc..".) OFF DUTY holds those same standards so far as violence, torture and mayhem are concerned. What OFF DUTY does that many K/S zines have stopped doing is that it accepts stories which are good clean (sorry, D.G.) fun. We make no bones about the fact that many of the stories in OFF DUTY are what we affectionately call "sex scenes in search of a plot". (Now wouldn't that make a good IN SEARCH OF episode!). And yet, to those who might frown at this type of stories, I would urge you to remember that each and every story in this zine is based first and foremost on love. Whether that love is homosexual, bi-sexual or heterosexual shouldn't make any difference. If it does, perhaps the offended party should consider his or her own moral standards and put the zine down right away.

Its Introduction

From the flyer:

THE NAKED TIMES is a new adult Trekzine which will be published approximately four times per year, permitting. It will deal with all adult themes, and will specifically concentrate on the K/S relationship in its many forms, it will, however, avoid "Mary Sue like the plague!"

All writers and artists are highly encouraged to submit their work for consideration in NAKED TIMES, keeping in mind the theme of this zine. Also, please be sure to include return postage on anything you ever wanted to see alive again. The first issue of NAKED TIMES should be going to the printer sometime during the month of December, providing all contributions are in on time.

NAKED TIMES will be printed offset, side-stapled, and shipped in an envelope which proclaims to contain filthy material! (Not really, but it certainly got your attention in a hurry!) There will be high-quality reproduction on the entire zine with a special emphasis on 'true' reproduction for all artwork. We are equipped to do 'half-tone' artwork printing, so if any of you artists prefer to work in pencils or subtle tones, please feel free to do so.

We are accepting advance orders for NAKED TIMES #1, as well as subscriptions. ONLY AS MANY COPIES ARE ORDERED IN ADVANCE WILL BE PRINTED! There will be very few extras, so if you want to be sure to get a copy, please order in advance. Orders should be received by December 31, 1978, to insure [sic] reserving a copy of this atrocity for yourself! You absolutely must be over 18 years of age to receive NAKED TIMES, and if there is any doubt (i.e. you order the zine in a letter written in a red crayon), we will request a photocopy of your driver's license or rabies vaccination record.

If you are offended by the physical love between two people of the same sex, or if you're simply offended by sex (god help you), do not order NAKED TIMES. there will be explicit sexual material between these covers, and should be read by those [unknown 12-letter word with a strikethrough} open-minded folks out there! Order NAKED TIMES today. (Your libido will appreciate it later.)

A Fan Remembers

In 1999, a fan wrote about Naked Times and another zine with a long run, As I Do Thee:

I would like to share a bit of information with those of you who aren’t so familiar with the titles available. I’m more knowledgeable about the Naked Times and As I Do Thee series as I was able to collect them all. I would class the NT zines as the lusty, more gritty of the group. If all you want to read is a lot of sex without a lot of plot getting in your way they are a good place to turn. There are some good stories to be had; I’ve recently pulled out a couple from the mid-80's and was not disappointed. Some are reviewed in this issue. The AIDT zines must be considered among the best for consistently providing tender, compassionate stories so chuck full of love you can hardly believe your eyes. They explore the challenges and rewards of love in ways no K/S fan should miss. Want a feel-good feeling? As I Do Thee will deliver. [2]