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Synonyms: Strekzine
See also: zine, Science Fiction Fandom vs. Media Fandom
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A Trekzine is a Star Trek fanzine. The term became popular in the 1970s, presumably to distinguish the increasing number of Star Trek fanzines from science fiction fanzines.

It was included in a 1978 glossary of Star Trek slang in an academic journal: Patricia Byrd, "Star Trek Lives: Trekker Slang". American Speech 53 [1978]: 52-58. Byrd identified a 1976 usage as her example, but the term appears to have been around since at least 1972, if not earlier; see Star-Borne.


Fans also used the variant Strekzine to refer to Star Trek fanzines. The earliest evidence of the term is the publication The Strekzine List, printed in November 1970. This term was in use during the 1970s and 1980s.