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For similarly titled zines see the disambiguation Starborne.

Title: Star-Borne
Publisher: S.T.A.R. aka "S.T.A.R. Central"
Editor(s): Laura Basta & Margaret Basta
Type: newsletter
Date(s): May 1972-September 1974
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Star-Borne was a newsletter published by S.T.A.R., the Star Trek Association for Revival. The first issue was published in May 1972 with a relatively modest circulation of 2000 copies, however that number increased ten-fold as the popularity of Star Trek increased. Subscription to the newsletter constituted membership in STAR.

The newsletter was originally intended to be published monthly, but then switched to every 6 weeks. The last issue was published in 1974.

In its pages, the newsletter published formal guidelines for writing letters to Paramount to urge that Star Trek be put back on the air. The letter campaign was STAR's reason for being, and STAR spread the word successfully.

Some Talk of The Hugo Nomination

From the March/April 1973 editorial of Star-Borne #6/7:

The reason for the HUGO NOMINATION BALLOT enclosed with this S-B is because S.T.A.R. is encouraging that all science fiction STAR TREK fans who attended the Los Angeles World SF con last fall, or will be going to Toronto this year to fill it out. As for who to recommend, let your conscience be your guide, though we do suggest naming things that you are familiar with such as David Gerrold's "When Harlie Was One" or Isaac Asimov's "The God's Themselves." As for best amateur fan magazine and fan writer, why not someone in the STAR TREK Pandora? Fanzines eligible for HUGO'S include BABEL edited by M & L Basta, as well as Ruth Berman's T-NEGATIVE. Fan writers could include Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Laura Basta, Ruth Berman, Anna Mary Hall, etc.

From Margaret Basta in February 1974:

My sister and I for the past 7 years have been active in the sf fandom as well. In fact we've been sf fans first, which to many ST fans, unfortunately sounds like heresy. ST was the best sf program on television. And if another sf show as good as, or better than ST comes along on tv, I will enjoy it too.

Anyway, every year the sf fandom holds an international sf convention over Labor Day weekend, called a World Con, and during this con they award prizes, similar to the film Oscar, but instead called Hugos, to both professional and amateur persons in the sf field. This Hugos are awarded for many many categories ranging from best professional sf novel to best film, to best amateur fanzine. Since ST was the best television sf ever done, it is but natural that many many ST fans are also sf fans. It is also natural that since ST won several of the categories when it was first shown, that many ST/sf fans feel that it is time for a ST fanzine to win a Hugo as the best sf fanzine. So, many BABEL readers have suggested to Laura and I that they nominate BABEL for a Hugo. We are of course honored, but I feel that this should not happen. Not that I don't think that a ST fanzine should not get a Hugo for this year, but that there are too many ST fanzines to nominate, and that the nominations would be ineffective. In order for a ST fanzine to be nomi­nated for a Hugo, and possibly win, all of those nominating a ST fanzine should decide on just one fanzine for the nomi­nation. Of the ST fanzines that are eligible for a nomination, there is, I feel, only one that is universally popular with ST fans - and that is STAR-BORNE. STAR-BORNE is the best candidate, because if just one third of S-B's readership nominates and then votes for S-B, you'll have over 250 (1 votes, which is almost triple the amount of votes that Hugos usually receive. So if you attend the World SF Convention in Washington D.C. this summer, please register early, and then vote as well as nominate STAR-BORNE. This could possibly be the year that a STAR TREK fanzine wins a Hugo. Think about it. [1]


A fan wrote to another fan in November 1975 and said: "You asked what happened to S.T.A.R. Central. It is defunct and decentralizing. Not to cheat everybody out of his money, though, they're going to try and print up a small 'zine to send to everyone in lieu of STARBORNE." [2]

Issue 1 (v.1 n.1)

first issue

Star-Borne 1 was published in May 1972 and contains 3 pages.

The newsletter and club's "mission statement":

The STAR TREK ASSOCIATION for REVIVAL is an organization dedicated solely for STAR TREK's renewal. This newsletter's purpose is to keep the S.T.A.R. member abreast of the events occurring in the STrek fan's world.

S.T.A.R. originated in January, 1972 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. S.T.A.R.'s founder was George Christman. At present, the bulk of S.T.A.R. Chapters are in the Great Lakes area. Until such time that Star Trek is back on the air, S.T.A.R. Central will remain situated in Michigan (Detroit/Ann Arbor/Kalamazoo).

Due to the relative newness of S.T.A.R. the structure of the organization is just beginning to evolve. S.T.A.R.'s membership fee is $2.00 which entitles the S.T.A.R. member to an introductory packet, at least two news letters, listings of ST privately-published fanzines and the opportunity to ex press your opinions on ST in an effective manner to the heads of the television industry.

STAR-BORNE will be published monthly.

For three years after Star Trek's demise, Star Trek fandom has grown. Individual pockets of fans across the world thought they were the only ones left. With little or now organization, STrekfandom remained nebulous and stratified. Then in January [1972] two things happened: The STAR TREK CONVENTION (held in New York) and S.T.A.R..

Now the picture is changing rapidly. S.T.A.R. along with other STrek-oriented clubs have suddenly sparked a massive publicity campaign for the return of Star Trek. From the west coast to the east, newspapers have carried articles about this phenomenon; or as one reporter commented: "The world's largest science fiction convention for a show that's been defunct for three years?"

Now is the time to revive the Save Star Trek Writing Campaign. Letters of protest can be effective, which was proven in 1967-68 with the renewal for Star Trek for a third season. This was largely due to the written response NBC received.

Star Trek fandom has been around for six years, since the conception of the show. S.T.A.R. is a relatively new member to a vast, complicated, highly interesting volatile group of people. Star Trek initiated the greatest amount of privately-published fan magazines called fanzines or STrekzines in the history of science fiction and "underground" publishing. There are "McCoy Cults" and "Spockian Societies" plus a multitude of clubs and letter exchanges for cast and crew. En tire groups are devoted to aspects de rived from the ST universe. ST posters, shirts, artwork, jewelry, artifacts, scripts, fanzines, film clips, decals etc. can be bought either through the official Star Trek outlet, STAR TREK ENTERPRISES, or through STrekfans who specialized in some aspect of the Federation universe.

The greatest phenomenon of STrekdom is the Star Trek convention. Science Fiction conventions have been held for years, but this past January, a new dimension in sf conventions occurred, the STAR TREK CON. Held in New York City, it was an experience that was mind-boggling; not only to those STrekkies organizing the con, who estimated only a few hundred con-goers, but to the news media itself when several thousand extra STrekkies showed up than for what was planned.

EQUICON is the projected "super con" of them all. It will be held in Santa Barbara, California the weekend of April 19-22, 1973. The convention committee has already guaranteed the majority of the cast and crew for personal appearances, the sets, costumes and a gathering of the prominent Star Trek authors who wrote many of the shows.

As of now, more than a year away, the pre-registration has been fantastic.

EQUICON is promising to be the largest convention of its kind in the world for years to come.

Further information on EQUICON will appear in subsequent issues. Hotel rates, etc. are still being decided upon. Arrangements for a Charter are being considered.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

This is trekdom's own newszine and it seems promising. Put out by STAR (trekdom's own N3F?), its purpose is not only to report trekkish news, but to turn unknowing ST watchers on to the joys of fandom. Its first issue was rather thin, though. Only 3 pages, not counting ads, it told basically of the scope of STAR, explained trekdom to newcomers, gave addresses and suggestions on how to write effective revive-ST letters,and gave some convention news.


Like I said promising. Star-Borne, at the moment, has only one major flaw: a lack of news. Provided this is remedied (the zine welcomes any and all news) trekdom can get itself one good newszine. [3]

Issue 2 (v.1 n.2)

Star-Borne 2 was published in June/July 1972 and contains 5 pages.

front page of issue #2

The newsletter printed this June 22, 1972 statement from D.C. Fontana:

Paramount has not committed itself to any answer on renewal of the show. But they continue to reveal interest in "off the record" meetings. Our friends at that studio tell us they are enormously impressed by the quantity (and quality) of fan mail they continue to receive. The possibility seems to be slowly developing of a STAR TREK feature movie for theatrical release, aimed at becoming the NEW STAR TREK television pilot. We know for certain their researchers are attempting to estimate the number of fans who could be counted on to buy an admission ticket to such a movie.

On the network front, NBC still expresses great interest in doing STAR TREK in some form. Both NBC and Paramount continue to receive a great deal of mail and have had to assign secretaries to the sole job of answering it. Nor has the amount of STAR TREK mail gone unnoticed by the network and studio executives, and it is bound to have an effect on future decisions,,. In conclusion, to our knowledge, although there have been no decisions made on STAR TREK, we are optimistic that continuing fan interest will ultimately force a favorable decision...

This issue has an update on the newsletter's publication dates and policy:

There has been a policy change for STAR-BORNE in respect to publi cation dates. STAR-BORNE will now come out on the average of once every 6weeks. This is the June/July issue. The next will be the July/Aug publication. Due to the size of the publication run, the newsletter must be self-supporting. This will be the last issue every S.T.A.R. member will receive, unless you have paid for a subscription. The next S-B will be sent to subscribers and Chapter Heads only.


For those in the STAR CENTRAL area (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and Toledo, Ohio), that would like to become more deeply involved in the running of S.T.A.R, — we need you. People are needed to help on S-B, and the tremendous backlog of mail that five people can not answer by themselves. Projects such as the DETROIT TRIPLE FAN FAIR, THE FEDERATION COUNCIL of PLANETS, and S.T.A.R. fund raising activities need people. Because of the backlog of mail that will eventually be answered, those wishing speedy personal replies, or information or flyers etc., should send a stamped self-addressed to the S.T.A.R, CENTRAL member you are writing. Membership in S.T.A.R., which will include a general information packet including information on local STAR TREK fan clubs, etc, is $2,

Checks should made payable to S.T.A.R. or Margaret Basta, Packets will be out in late summer.

As of right now, there are several S.T.A.R. chapters forming throughout the country. If you would like to know where, or if you'd like to form your own chapter, please write George Christman or Margaret Basta.

If you know of any STAR TREK fan group or club, or any science fiction club that might be involved in ST, please write us.

Issue 3 (v.1 n.3)

v.1 n.3

Star-Borne 3 was published in September/October 1972 and has 12 letter-sized pages.

  • it contains a letter, the issue's main feature, from D.C. Fontana discussing the progress on the possible Star Trek movie, along with some of Roddenberry's other projects.
  • an ad for Detroit Triple Fan Fair
  • addresses for information about EquiCon, "New York Star Trek Con #2," Vul-Con #1, "International Film Fantasy Con," "TorCon"
  • ads for Grup ("The Adult Trekzine with the Vulcan centerfold"), Deck 6, Babel #3, Kraith, Star Trek Concordance and Supplement, Tholian Web
  • an large ad for a book called "A New Approach to Digital Computer Logic" ("Learn about what goes on INSIDE a computer! Contains FASCINATING SIMPLE PROJECTS which can be build from surplus electronic parts or integrated circuits! PROJECTS FOR EVERYONE -- from the simplest counters to the most difficult square rooter!")

We have been asked if local letter writing campaigns can bring back the STAR TREK reruns to local stations. Yes, especially if you can get publicity for the sponsoring of such a local campaign. Letter-writing, calling the station, etc. are just some of the things that might work. But you alone can not succeed'. Get everyone you know to do so also.

Right now S.T.A.R. is happy to say that the KAISER BROADCASTING SYSTEM is setting a fine example for other stations across the country. All KAISER affiliates are showing STAR TREK uncut and the film previews of the next ST episode. This does result in KAISER not utilizing almost 50% of the allowed advertising time. For all those ST fans who do view STAR TREK through a KAISER station whether it be. local or cable tv, please write the station and" any of the advertisers sponsoring STAR TREK.

If you have tried to get your local station to run the syndicated STAR TREK episodes, and you have not been successful, try to find out why the station took the show off of the air. For what reasons did a local station choose not to show STAR TREK again? If it was the ratings, try to get the actual figures,, as well as other important data such as time when the show was aired, how often, the show's competition etc. And then, if you can get us this information, send it to us.

Issue 4 (v.1 n.4)

Star-Borne 4 was published in Nov/December 1972 and contains four pages.

front page of issue #4
from issue #4, "One of the many good things that occurred during the DETROIT TRIPLE FAN FAIR was the proclamation It is an example of what STAR TREK fans can do, if they really try."
from issue #4, an early ad for tribbles sold by Dage Co.
  • ads for tribbles being sold by David Gerrold: "Authentic tribbles (as seen on the STAR TREK episode "THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES"), Three sizes: small/med/immense, and two colors: soft russet, shaggy gray...Complete family of 10 small tribbles, 3 med. size tribbles, and 1 large one: Soft Russet: $30, Shaggy Gray: $40. Also, a limited supply of "mutated" tribbles: $1 & $3, odd colors & shapes. "TRIBBLES" c/o David Gerrold's Co., PC Box 526, Hollywood, Calif, 90028. Tribbles are the exclusive creation of David Gerrold, all rights reserved."
  • ads for the zines Babel, Grup #2, the first volume of Kraith
  • a convention report for The Detroit Triple Fan Fair

Would you believe that we now have only one major obstacle preventing STAR TREK's return to production? It is true. The great bird of the galaxy, Gene Roddenberry verified this fact at the Detroit Convention, PARAMOUNT STUDIOS is still obstinate, but weakening. Because of this, more pressure must be brought to bear on the studio now. We must accelerate the letter writing campaign now.

Write PARAMOUNT. Tell them that you want STAR TREK to return as soon as possible. If you have already written, write again. One letter a week is not that impossible a task. Get your friends to write PARAMOUNT - even your enemies. Let's bury PARAMOUNT in a still greater avalanche of letters.

And while you are at it, once in a while write NBC too. And your local television station that is broadcasting STAR TREK. If you do see STAR TREK in reruns, also try to write a sponsor or two of the show, telling them when you have seen [their] advertisement, and especially if you have bought it.

Follow the letter writing rules. If you have trouble composing business letters, write a general form for the letter, and then use it as a basic outline for each letter that you do write. But most of all, write.

The remaking of STAR TREK is at hand - WRITE ON!

Issue 5 (v.1 n.5)

front page of issue #5

Star-Borne 5 was published in Jan/Feb 1973 and contains four pages.

from the Equicon progress report #2, all about the art show, by Bjo Trimble

Much of this issue is taken up by reprints of Bjo Trimble's comments about the art and craft show rules for Equicon which were printed in the second progress report.

Since people have been asking... The STAR TREK ASSOCIATION FOR REVIVAL has never officially sponsored any science fiction or STAR TREK convention of any kind. It has been STAR CENTRAL's policy to as it is feasibly possible, to support every STAR TREK convention, or any event concerning STAR TREK. We will try to be physically represented at every convention concerning STAR TREK. We definitely will be at the New York STAR TREK CON #2 and EQUICON. STAR's purpose concerning conventions is to let all STAR TREK fans know about them, and to assist STAR TREK fans in whatever way is possible. See you at the conventions....If you see someone running around wearing a STAR CENTRAL badge, say "Live long and prosper!"

Issue 6/7 (v.2 n.6/7)

front of #6/7

Star-Borne 6/7 was published in March/April 1973 and contains about 20 pages.

This issue has a con report for the second Star Trek Lives!, see that page.

This issue has a long rebuttal regarding Equicon, see Bjo Trimble Addresses Fan Complaints.

This issue has a long letter by D.C. Fontana, dated March 1, 1973, in which she talks about how Star Trek was coming back as an animated series, and she implores fans to support it:

Give the cartoon version of Star Trek a chance. Don't turn it off because it is a cartoon. Let it live awhile, because if you kill it, then you have really killed Star Trek. Give it a chance. See what it is like.

This issue contains full text of a speech by D.C. Fontana that was given at Star Trek Lives! in which she talks of the new animated series and how it is unlikely a live action Star Trek will return to the screen. See I'd like to talk about STAR TREK, past, present and future, and I don't know whether you're going to like what I have to say..

The editors of "Star-Borne" comment on Fontana's letter and on her speech:

Granted, an animation is not exactly what ST fans wanted, but we are presently faced with little choice concerning the show. If the idea displeases you, you are not alone with that feeling. But to repeat Miss Fontana's statements, if you condemn the animation now, you permanently kill all chances for STAR TREK to return.

Right now, STAR CENTRAL has only one suggestion - wait and see what happens. It possible that this new STAR TREK could be very very good.

Certainly the talent that probably will be working on the show warrants our attention, regardless of what you might think of ST being a cartoon. And may we point out that if you had heard of this show and the people involved, knowing what they are capable of, and if this show weren't called STAR TREK, wouldn't your reaction be far from negative?

Granted, some may feel disappointed. You might no longer have real live Vulcan ears or shapely legs to stare at. But at least we do have something to look forward to in the future. [see more comments at I'd like to talk about STAR TREK, past, present and future, and I don't know whether you're going to like what I have to say..

The editors encourage Trek fans and "Star-Borne" readers to vote in the Hugo Awards for Trek fanworks, as well as things both Isaac Asimov and David Gerrold (two visible supporters of Star Trek) have written:

The reason for the HUGO NOMINATION BALLOT enclosed with this S-B is because S.T.A.R. is encouraging that all science fiction STAR TREK fans who attended the Los Angeles World SF con last fall, or will be going to Toronto this year to fill it out. As for who to recommend, let your conscience be your guide, though we do suggest naming things that you are familiar with such as David Gerrold's "When Harlie Was One" or Isaac Asimov's "The God's Themselves." As for best amateur fan magazine and fan writer, why not someone in the STAR TREK Pandora? Fanzines eligible for HUGO'S include BABEL edited by M & L Basta, as well as Ruth Berman's T-NEGATIVE. Fan writers could include Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Laura Basta, Ruth Berman, Anna Mary Hall, etc.

The club is starting to show some strain regarding money, over-reach, and the exponential growth:

As some of you may have noticed, this issue number is 6/7. The reason for this is money - this issue is twice the normal size of a STAR-BORNE and hence costs about twice as much. The editors will try not to do this again, though there is the possibility that after EQUICON there will be another double. And as for the reason as to why this is a double issue, well, we felt that there was very little information that we could leave out this time.

As some of you may have guessed, STAR almost doubled its paid membership over the New York convention. What this means is that all new STAR members should be getting this issue as their first one. And that all old STAR members should have received their membership packets by now. If you joined STAR before 1973, your packet was mailed to you. Some areas of the country did get incomplete packets and you'll be receiving the missing items as soon as possible. As for the new STAR members, welcome. We will be mailing your membership packets off to you as soon as we get them printed, hopefully before EQUICON. And we're having a new bumper sticker printed up too...

And, please, be patient with us. We are trying to keep records straight, but there have been mistakes made. If you feel we have erred, let us know and we'll try to correct it. Unfortunately, STAR CENTRAL consists of people who not only work full time but go to school full time too in many instances which means we sometimes don't have time to answer every letter.

If you have questions in general to ask, please write the STAR TREK WELCOMMITTEE. Specific questions about STAR-BORNE or STAR chapters should go to the STAR address, questions about the model kits should go to Dave Lillard, c/o STAR address, questions about fanzines should go to the editors of those zines, etc. And please Include a stamped self-addressed envelope (SASE). (an 8^ stamp multiplied by hundreds of letters to be answered is a lot of money and you lose in the end because we have to subtract it from the printing fund.)

And STAR is finally getting organized. In a few months, our addresses should be on computer labels, and we will be able to send every chapter head a geographical breakdown of people in their areas. But we do need your help for this. Check the address label on this newsletter. If your name is mistyped, or anything else is wrong, let us know right away. These are the permanent address copies, and if there's an error we'd like to correct it as soon as possible. If you ane. moving, live at school, or otherwise are not at your permanent address, let us. know when and where to send your S-B's. We will not remail S-B's if they go to the wrong address.

Issue 8 (v.2 n.8)

cover of issue #8

Star-Borne 8 was published May/June 1973 and contains 8 pages.

From Fontana's letter:

There are a couple of things I would like to ask you to pass on to members of S.T.A.R. Please do not refer to STAR TREK in animation as a cartoon. It is an animation. We are not being "cute". The drawings are being done to reproduce the backgrounds and characters as close to life as is possible in animation. The idea of a "cartoon" has been infuriating to a number of fans. They have not taken the time to analyze the fact that we are not talking about "pig or bunny"-type illustration. They hear only the word "cartoon". Please make the distinction and keep everyone who hasn't heard informed that it is an animation. Two: Please make it clear to all members that Paramount has nothing to do with this production. Filmation bought the right to do the animated version of STAR TREK from Paramount. The deal is between Filmation, NBC, Gene Roddenberry's Norway Productions... and Gene Roddenberry has full creative control of the series... Paramount is completely out of the picture on this project.

From Margaret Basta:

In the last issue of STAR-BORNE, #6/7, S.T.A.R. took the position that we are in favor of the STAR TREK animation. In fact, S.T.A.R. CENTRAL will do everything in its power to promote the animation. It has now come to our attention that in certain New Jersey newspapers, as well as possibly in other east-coast newspapers, advertisements were placed by a T.V. VIEWER'S COMMITTEE on bringing back STAR TREK. In fact, this ad said that you can bring back STAR TREK if you fill out the coupon-petition and send it to them. The coupon also said the following: The Undersigned urgently requests: NO ANIMATED CARTOONS OF STAR TREK. Please!

Don't fill out that coupon. Any movement against the animation can kill any chance of seeing STAR TREK again whether it be animation, tv show,or movie. You will do more damage that you can imagine if you send in the coupon or if you write a letter against the animation to PARAMOUNT. All this proves to PARAMOUNT is that STAR TREK fans are weird. And you don't make films for weirdos. There's no profit in that. If you must send in this coupon, state that you are in favor of the animation. And tell the people running this VIEWER'S COMMITTEE that the animation must not be stopped. We don't have to have the animation. We don't have to have STAR TREK. Ever again. But this writer wants to see STAR TREK again. This writer and STAR CENTRAL wants to give the animation a chance. Why? It isn't fair to condemn something even before you see it. But the main reason is that this animation is still STAR TREK! Wait until you see the artwork, the new changes, the scripts. Don't kill the animation. You're not giving it a fair chance. And all you will accomplish is to permanently kill any chance of STAR TREK's return whether it be in animation, television show, or theatrical movie.

[much snipped about the possibilities of Star Trek being on television or on the big screen]

... for the time being, the only reality we have is the animation. It is still STAR TREK. STAR TREK does indeed live! Let us at least keep this alive. But, if we do not succeed with the film, at least consider that the studios and the networks would have never invested money in QUESTOR or GENESIS II if they thought there wasn't a market for intelligent science fiction on television.

Issue 9 (v.2 n.9)

cover of issue #9

Star-Borne 9 was published in July/August 1973 and contains five pages.

The staff listed is Margaret L. Basta, Laura T. Basta, Roberta Brown, Ken Cramer, Jan Donaldson, Gerry Filipe, and Dave Lillard.

  • a flyer for Star-Con (1973, Detroit)
  • an announcement from D.C. Fontana that Gene L. Coon, a Star Trek writer, had died
  • an article about Gene L. Coon by Ken Cramer, who notes that Coon wrote scripts using the name "Lee L. Cronin"
  • D.C. Fontana gives fans updates about some animated episodes she will show at Torcon
  • Fontana mentions that since George Takei is running for public office in California, that Star Trek reruns with Takei will not be shown in the Los Angeles area until after the election due to the "equal time rule," and that if the Star Trek animated series has Takei's voice before September 18, it must be "blacked out
  • Fontana mentions that Pat Zotti and Bjo Trimble and "other fans who are either committee folk (EQUICON 2 committee) or fanzine editors who have been out to FILMATION to see the work in progress have come away absolutely starry-eyed at what they see. The backgrounds and effects (and aliens!) are so fine, it takes one's breath away. I honestly believe the quality of the story, the original actor's voices, and the great beauty of the settings and effects will overcome the drawback of the loss of subtlety in the characters' faces..."
  • August 1973 comments by Bjo Trimble and Pat Zotti which include a extensive description of a visit to the "set" where the animated series was being made at FILMATION (mentioned by Fontana). It ends with "There is a line from a song in the movie "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" that says "Come with me and you'll be in the world of pure imagination." Leaving FILMATION was like leaving that world. Now if I can only find someone with a color tv willing to put up with me every Saturday morning."
  • some rough drafts of story boards from the animated series
  • a con report by Dave Lillard for Vul-Con, see that page
  • the usual info on now to write an effective letter to TPTB
  • Star Bleep cartoon
  • this issue has a small plugs for Kraith and her pro-book "House of Zeor"
  • a fan mentions "a printout of one of the various ST computer games that are being played coast-to-coast these days. Chuck [a senior systems programmer] said it was one of the easy one, but I can't get past the nine pages of instruction. Bjo Trimble thinks it would convert nicely into a board game. The computer game is only one of many which avid ST fans have worked out over the years."
  • there is another ad for David Gerrold's tribble products
  • there is a copy of George Takei's political business card

The editors note:

S.T.A.R. NEWS... well, the most important thing concerning S.T.A.R. is that we are now S.T.A.R. Inc., a legal corporation. This was done for several reasons, mainly because this solves several problems. Certain people have requested information about STAR's finances. In an up-coming issue, we will publish a financial report. One thing that is perhaps not clear to many people is that the STAR CENTRAL COMMITTEE is made up of people who are volunteering their time. All money received by STAR goes for such things as printing and postage, supplies, some telephone bill,s advertising, etc.

Issue 10 (v.2 n.10)

cover of issue #10

Star-Borne 10 was published in September/October 1973 and contains 4 pages (legal-sized).

This issue includes info about Star-Con:

First, gang, let's make one thing perfectly clear, the STAR TREK ASSOCIATION FOR REVIVAL IS NOT sponsoring this convention, in spite of what you may have read or previously heard. About 7 S-B's ago, STAR CENTRAL stated its policy of never sponsoring a ST convention. We still haven't changed this policy. S.T.A.R., Inc. is not responsible for STAR-CON. HOWEVER, several members of S.T.A.R., Inc. including the editor of S-B are involved with this con. But these people are acting as individuals, and are not representative of S.T.A.R., Inc. Now that that's settled... On to business. Who is running this con? Well, like Al Schuster's NYSTCONs, this Detroit Convention is owned and run by Dave Lillard. Mr. Lillard is handling all aspects of this con not covered by his employees or consultants.

The Con committee is as follows: CHAIRMAN: Mr. Lillard. EMPLOYEES: Mrs. Judy Horwitz, Publicity; Carol Lynn, Program & Films; Laura T. Basta, Dealer's Room; Margaret A. Basta, Registration; Gerry Felipe, Costume Ball; Ken Cramer, Guest Liason; John Benson, Program Book; Margaret A. Basta, Program Book; John Benson, Exhibits; Roberta Brown, Art Show & Exhibits; Mary Brenner, Information Registration; Patti Helmer, Gofers,' Mr. Howard DeVore, Consultant. [see much more at the Star-Con page]

The editor, Margaret, showed proper allegiance to Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry by supporting the animated series. She also echoes D.C. Fontana's comments in a previous issue that the Star Trek of the past is dead, so fans need to move on. Some of Basta's points: The show is good (but too short), two professional critics like it, the voices are good but the animation could be better (but this is for budgetary reasons), the animated show has a little bit of the flavor of the old show, if fans prove their support for this show then a movie with live actors might be possible, get those pens out to complain about the show's time slot, and it it emphasized that if fans say good things about this series there is hope for more goodies later:

At the time I am writing this piece, the STAR TREK animation has had three episodes aired. And what a show it is! There is much to praise about this new ST. Naturally an animation such as this needs good artwork, but I think more than one critic was more than surprised as to the superb quality as well as style of ST's animators. The backgrounds, the space scenes, the ship scenes, the new characters are all incredibly good. And the stories are all STAR TREK. It is indeed a pity that the first three episodes aired weren't an hour long. They were too interesting for just a mere 22 minutes of air time.

As for what other people have been saying about the animation, Clyde Smith of the LOS ANGELES TIMES said in his review of the show that this ST belonged in the Saturday morning kiddie line-up just as much as a Mercedez Benz belongs in a soap-box derby. And then there was Orson Bean on THE TONIGHT SHOW who had nothing but praise for it.

As for fan reaction to this new ST, the reaction has been varied. It seems to be difficult to accept the fact that though you may be hearing William Shatner, you aren't really seeing him. No animation can take the place of a live actor on film. But still the animated figures are good. They aren't perfect, but they are the best that they can be within the budget limitations for each episode. And as the stock footage of each character builds up as the episodes progress, the characters will improve. As for the stories, when you have a time limit of about 22 minutes, many of the embellishing scenes that made the old ST episodes memorable had to be eliminated. But still there are moments in every episode that I've seen so far where the personalities of the characters comes across whether it be in reference to a show from the old ST's 2nd season or a caustic comment on transporters. This show is still STAR TREK. And believe me, we are glad to have it.

Obviously though, STAR CENTRAL doesn't intend to just stop with the animation. A STAR TREK with live actors which will probably be a movie, is still the goal that we are aiming to achieve. However, we do not think that there is any just cause for certain people to condemn the animation because the only thing that they will settle for is Leonard Nimoy in the flesh. It is more than likely that if a ST movie is made, not all of the original actors and actresses will be in it. It seems impossible to ever expect ST to return the way it once was. Those days are dead though not gone. But the ST of the future could become even better, if all goes well. In the meantime, the letter campaign still must continue to PARAMOUNT and now to NBC a swell in order to have the animation moved to where it belongs - in a prime-time night-time slot on a week night.

The animation must be supported, not just because it is a good show,but because it is the first step in the possible return of STAR TREK with live actors. Again though, let me repeat that STAR CENTRAL applauds Dorothy Fontana, Gene Roddenberry, Lou Scheimer and FILMATION's crew for this great new STAR TREK. What a show it is!

This issue has some info about the upcoming Equicon:

At EQUICON '73 programming suffered because the committee wasn't expecting such a large attendance, and had planned for a smaller con. With the knowledge of how many ST fans are lurking Out There, EQUICON '74 has in planning a really outstanding program of multiple entertainment! The new Marriott has a whole convention floor which will allow around-the-clock films along with other programs. We'll have other science fiction films and TV items, along with the ST episodes (including the Blooper Film). Because of EQUICON '74's proximity to the Hollywood studios, it is possible to obtain many props and other items which cannot be shipped elsewhere. This also makes it more feasible for working personalities to attend a close at hand convention. Thus EQUICON'74 has the advantage of being the ST con which can give the fan the most in on-the-spot Hollywood program possibilities.

Some legalization is mentioned:

... there will be no free copies sent to people inquiring about S.T.A.R. of this issue. We are only printing enough copies for the paid subscribers. Hopefully in the next issue we will have the new STAR charter which we will ask all members to vote upon. Since S.T.A.R. is now a legal organization, it is necessary that we take formal legal steps like any other corporation. Also this means that we must have a lawyer, so we do. More details in October.

Issue 11/12 (v.2 n.11/12)

cover of issue #11/12

Star-Borne 11/12 was published in December 1973/January 1974 and contains 20 pages.

D.C. Fontana had this statement regarding film clips and reproduction of Star Trek items:

Despite what anyone has said, no one has ever objected to the sale of film clips for charitable causes, as swaps, or even reproduced as photos for sale at conventions, or for slides, etc. There is no great amount of profit in it for anyone, least of all PARAMOUNT who could not care less about someone's couple of bucks extra for selling film clips. What is unethical, illegal, and in violation of PARAMOUNT'S right to license and merchandise is a situation where someone has reproduced scripts and is selling them, or the situation which arose wherein someone bought items from STAR TREK ENTERPRISES (LINCOLN ENTERPRISES) the only licensed souvenir dealer and then resold the items to fans at 25% more . And were I a new fan who had been taken in such a deal, I'd be as mad as PARAMOUNT and STAR TREK ENTERPRISE were!. Also illegal and unethical are the mass producing of phasers, communicators, tricorders, etc. , which are all copyright by PARAMOUNT. One such item made for display, entry in an art show, as a costume prop, or for one's own enjoyment is obviously not a violation. Making a number of them and turning it into a business is a violation. Also a violation is the selling of "bootleg" Blooper films. The film is property of Gene Roddenberry, and allowed him by PARAMOUNT. I don't think I have to lay out the impropriety of the selling of such films. Any tapes made on a home television recorder and sold are on very shaky legal ground too. The same goes for selling tapes. REPEAT: Any item you record for your own pleasure is fine. But turning it into a business and profiting from other's work, without license or permission from PARAMOUNT is at the very least unethical, if not illegal...

From the editor in this issue, more troubles reported regarding merchandising and everyone bellying up to the trough:

For the past month half of S-B #11-12 has been in my basement waiting for the other half to be written and printed. With any luck this will be the very last page, . . Getting back to rumors, It seems that there are some people that are also trying to capitalize on them, so we asked our lawyer to look into one of them. Certain fan dealers within the fandom have been claiming that they have *exclusive* rights to merchandise certain items, and have been trying to force some of the smaller dealers out of business. This is not very nice, not to mention not being in the spirit of a competitive business system. And so I quote Anthony Sauber of the PARAMOUNT legal department: "In response to your letter. .. please be advised that Paramount Television has granted the non-exclusive right to merchandise certain "Star Trek" paraphernalia such as "photo-buttons" ... That should settle that.

From the editor, more trouble about an ousted member and over-reach:

Another rumor that is going about this area anyway is that S.T.A.R. and S.T.A.R. Central is planning another ST convention. This con that is supposed to be held in July is called "Star-CON II" which I guess is supposed to be after the one that was held here in Detroit last October. All that S.T.A.R. Central can say to this is that no one involved with S.T.A.R. Central, or to our knowledge S.T.A.R. itself is running or planning this convention. And we have not been informed by any of the STAR TREK cast or crew that they plan to attend this convention too. So all I can tell you is that S.T.A.R. is not now, nor has it ever been involved in the planning or running of any ST convention. [4]

From the editor, more problems, probably also related to the ousted member:

And now, the final problem, which you can help us with. . . . .Last August, 1973, approximately 2/3 of the old S.T.A.R. mailing list was stolen by a then-member of S.T.A.R. At the time we had no idea why anyone would want our mailing list, but soon afterwards we discovered that there are many companies such as mail-order houses, charities, and even pornographic dealers who pay good money for lists the size of S.T.A.R.'s mailing list. Eventually the list was returned to us, but we have reason to believe that it was copied before it was returned. We apologize for our carelessness and hope that it will never happen again. In the meantime, S.T.A.R. Central now believes that this old list was sold because some of you are now getting flierd from a variety of dealers, and the address labels on these fliers contain the same typographical errors that was on this old uncorrected list, (we still have copies of the list to double-check and see if the errors do match. ) So if you do receive any kind of flier and cannot figure out how they got your address, check the address label, and if you believe that it was copied from one of S.T.A.R.'s lists, please send us the material and that address label in order that we can double-check and gather evidence against the individual that stole the list.

Issue 13 (v.3 n.13)

cover of issue #13

Star-Borne 13 was published in June 1974 and contains 10 pages.

  • info about Eyecon, convention rip off
  • comments by Margaret Basta about various fans taking advantage of each other
  • comments about Margaret Basta about the tensions between Star Trek Lives! cons and Equicon, as well as other comments about Al Schuster
  • a long, glowing con report by Margaret A. Basta for Equicon, see that page
  • an unflattering con report by Margaret A. Basta for Star Trek Lives! (convention)/1974, see that page
  • Star Bleep, cartoon by Cory Correlli (also in One Trek Mind #2)
  • Steady as She Goes...Downhill?, an essay by Eric Larsen ("A few years ago STAR TREK's actors became the first people to see what a large following STAR TREK had. All they had to do was note the amount of mail they were getting. Later, NBC and then PARAMOUNT found through their mail that we were indeed an extremely large group and an extremely dedicated group. Now I am asking that we as agroup and as individuals, take up an additional cause, equal or perhaps even greater in importance than STAR TREK. The cause: The United States' Space Program.")
  • an essay by D.C. Fontana called The Care and Feeding of Celebrities: "This topic was also discussed by Ms. Fontana at NYSTCON #3."

From Margaret A. Basta:

In the last issue of S-B, #11-12, certain statements were made that were misunderstood by some of our readers. Erroneous assumptions were made as to the identities of the individuals being discussed. Some of these people believed, by innuendo, that the individual being discussed was David Gerrold. S.T.A.R. CENTRAL, and Margaret A. Basta the writer of that particular editorial, in no way meant to imply Mr. Gerrold. S.T.A.R. CENTRAL has nothing but the greatest respect, admiration and love for David Gerrold, and all that he has done for S.T.A.R. Other names were also erroneously believed. To these people, we hereby apologize for any inference that was assumed. In no way did we mean to imply the following people: Mrs. Micki Franz, Devra or Debra Langsam, Robert Langley , John or Bjo Trimble, Craig Miller, William Tunning, James Mule, Steve D. Reed, David Lillard, Denny Arnold, Richard Arnold, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Deborah Goldstein, Karen Donaldson, Ken Cramer, Robert Brosch, Bruce Nardoci, Albert Schuster, Stu Hellinger, J. M. Winston, or anyone else for that matter. So be it.

From Basta, comments about committees, jockeying for power, and communication, and puts her and S.T.A.R.'s wagon behind Equicon:

Speaking of conventions, as most people on the east coast there is quite a lot of trouble going on in New York City for next year's ST con. For sure in New York City next year there will be a STAR TREK con called The STAR TREK CONVENTION. Feb. 14-17, 1975. ALL REGISTRATION WILL BE IN ADVANCE. Advance registration through June 30, is $7. 50. Registration between July 1, 1974 and Jan. 15, 197 5 is $10. 00. It will be held at the COMMODORE HOTEL. Almost all of the con committee from this year's INTERNATIONAL ST CON resigned from Al Schuster's con, and have gone over. [5] This con committee's chairman is Devra Langsam.

Now, THE STAR TREK CONVENTION (I personally don't care for that name since it is not THE anything. That belongs to the best ST con which most certainly has never been held in New York City.) Anyway, they have published the following: "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to inform you that the Committee members of THE STAR TREK CONVENTION formerly associated with the International STAR TREK convention, hereby state their complete and total disassociation with Mr. Albert Schuster. Any and all future debts he may incur in the name of the Convention will not be paid or honored, and he no longer has any authority to incur expenses, arrange contracts or conduct business in the name of the Convention."

Elsewhere in this issue, The INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK STAR TREK CON #3 is discussed. As you may have already gathered, those who went to the con were not pleased by what occurred at all. THE STAR TREK CONVENTION committee claims that Albert Schuster was responsible for the mess. However, let me say this - this was the 3rd time round for the committee. Can someone explain to me how you can get worse with experience, and not better?

Anyone who attended EQUICON 74 and NYSTCON #3 can't help but compare the difference between the two cons. EQUICON 74 was quality. NYSTCON #3 was quantity. Therein lies the difference in thinking between the two con committees. There also lies some personal difficulty between the NYcon committee people and S.T.A.R. Central.

For 2 years now, S.T.A.R. CENTRAL people who joined the con never once received any kind of communication from the con as to progress reports, etc. This year we had to put a personal plea in the last issue to get some material and this came from people who weren't even connected with the con. Why? The Post Office is bad of course, but not that bad, all the time. For a year, every time we wrote or saw Mr. Schuster, we asked for advertising information for the NYSTCON #3 program book. Curiously, we never received one word. To make matters even more interesting, the only advertising in the program booklet was Mr. Schuster's & friends. Nice, eh? [6]S.T.A.R. Central has always offered STAR TREK and science fiction conventions free publicity in STAR-BORNE. This was in order to provide you the reader with accurate information about conventions. But we cannot provide it if we don't get it. EQUICON 74 had fan rooms, and fan panels, and free publicity for many of the ST groups. NYSTCON #3 did not even bother.

S.T.A.R. CENTRAL sincerely hopes that this new con committee of THE STAR TREK CONVENTION will not follow the earlier examples of NY ST cons. Instead follow in the footsteps of EQUICON. Publish a financial report after the con is over to eliminate rumors and show the world just how much money is spent running a convention. S.T.A.R CENTRAL knows that it costs an awful lot of money, but the general public does not. Prove it to them.

Now, we have been informed that there with be a 4th INTERNATIONAL STAR TREK CONVENTION January 10, 1975 at the AMERICANA HOTEL, run by Mr. Albert Schuster. In his flyer, which was sent to us via a S.T.A.R. chapter incidentally, and NOT Al Schuster, he claims that there will be 75% more con space in THE AMERICANA, and that the con will be limited to a registration of 8,000, which is 10,000 less than what he had this year. Does this mean that Mr. Schuster knowingly crammed 18,000 people into only 1/4 the area available? And remember, people, this year's con was boasting that they were prepared for 10,000 people. And yet here is Mr. Schuster advertising 75% more space, and 2,000 less people. Draw your own conclusions.

Issue 14 (v.3 n.14)

Star-Borne 14 was published in September 1974 and contains 5 pages.

front cover of issue #14
  • a con report for Houstoncon, see that page
  • blurbs about other cons, including Discon and Equicon
  • a cartoon by Cory Correll, the topic is DeForest Kelley and Leonard Nimoy riding bikes and talking about their cars in the parking lot
  • comments by the editors about rumors and difficulties
  • the usual information about writing Paramount, though it isn't really stated what these letters should be about as all talk of the movies, the television show, and the new animated series has disappeared
  • many ads, some of them were:
    • Have You No Curiosity? (fan club)
    • Star Trek Trivia Quiz ("Find out how much you know about ST. Have fun answering 200 questions about the stars, The Enterprise, and the show. Answers included. $2.00. Eva Penzes.")
    • "Who is David Gerrold and Why is He Doing These Wonderful Things for Us?" ("We aren't quite sure ourselves, but our exclusive interview with him is in 2-5YM, ST's newest zine.")
    • Kraith Collected
    • KWeST Con 74 ("A lot of great things planned for this college/S.T.A.R./Kwe con, held a the University Student Center, Western Michigan Univ. It's going to be a small but very nice con.")
    • STE/Lincoln Enterprises
    • David Gerrold's tribbles and other goods
    • Babel (all six issues)
    • "THE STAR TREK CONVENTION: Another happening in New York! Feb.14-17, 1975, at the Hotel Commodore. Registration $7.50 till9/9/74. $5 supporting. THE STAR TREK CONVENTION, G.P.O. Box 951, Brooklyn NY 11201 (NOTE: This con is chaired by Devra Langsam and has nothing to do with Al Schuster!")

From the editor:

About S.T.A.R. - Many people just don't seem to understand. We are a VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION. We are not getting paid for any of this. We are not being subsidized by Paramount, or anyone else for that matter. We try to answer your letters, but oftentimes, we just simply can't, and still keep up with the mailing lists, publishing S-B, etc. And this goes for S.T.A.R. Chapters too. Generally, if you don't hear from us - everything is ok. And if you do have a problem, don't start off by saying "In my last letter. . . " and then just let us guess. Finding your last letter could be a major undertaking. Besides, it is good business practice to briefly state the problem.

As for the membership packet - S.T.A.R. CENTRAL has come to the conclusion that we can no longer afford to continue the publication of it. Therefore, as of September 1, 1974, we will discontinue it. Anyone who has joined S.T.A.R. before then will receive their complete packet sooner or later, probably before September. Please understand, that after we put together S-B, take care of the address lists, and answer important mail - then we mail out packets.

Again, if you are moving, or are a student, and have several addresses, if you do not inform us of your new address, you will not receive S-Bs. From SB #13, almost 500 were returned. That is not our fault. So let us know? OK?

From the editor:

Certain things have been occurring lately in the ST/sf fandom that are causing S.T.A.R. Central concern. Basically it is the problem of rumors. And the people who start them. How does an innocent fan tell the good guys from the bad. How do you know if what you have heard is the truth or not? Try asking us first. You'd be surprised and some of the things we've been hearing lately, and most of it is slanderous to say the least.

For instance, Gene Roddenberry did not sign any ST movie contract in April. William Shatner did not make a secret appearance at EQUICON 74. He was in Mexico at the time. Or, a certain reputable fan club for an actor recently printed that S.T.A.R. had dissolved and that S.T.A.R. CENTRAL had a) run off with the money, or b) been arrested. That's news to us. Or another interesting rumor is that S.T.A.R. and STFU are merging. That will not happen. We're cooperating with each other, but that is it.

Both the ST stars and the ST fans seem to be victims of this sort of problem. Whenever anybody or any group is successful, you create enemies. STAR CENTRAL founded S.T.A.R. strictly out of love for the show. Not one member of S.T.A.R. Central has proffitted financially from S.T.A.R. In fact, most of us have spent a great deal of time as well as money, keeping S.T.A.R. out of the red. (If you think that you're membership money covers all of the expenses, you are mistaken.) But still, there are people out there, who are trying to destroy us. Why? Who knows. And maybe out of the 500,000 ST fans that are known to exist and belong to ST clubs, etc, we know of maybe 10 who are dishonest. Most fans know that there is no way that one can make a living off of ST. Some have tried, and discovered this to be true. In fact, I know of very few people who can even make a "living" off of sf. With most of us, ST/sf is one giant expensive, but loved hobby. What we're really trying to say is that don't believe everything that you hear about a ST person, or fan. Anyway, the best thing about the ST fandom is the people that are in it. And if any of you get the chance, come on over to the Windsor party - in costume if you like, but remember customs. Or attend DISCON II. We'll be there. Look us up.

From the editor:


Also, if you receive this S-B, even though the address label is incorrectly marked, don't worry. Be grateful that you're reading this. All will be taken care of eventually. A "*" after your name does mean that this is your last issue.

Star Trek Revival Instructions

For more on the Star Trek fan campaigns, see: Fan Campaigns/History of Star Trek Fan Campaigns.

Star trek - write now!
There has been mentioned in STAR-BORNE, in almost every issue, the letter writing campaign to help bring back ‘live’ STAR TREK and to help keep the animated STAR TREK on the air too. What should you do when you write your letters? Follow the information given here.
How often should you write? Would it be difficult for anyone to write one letter a week to PARAMOUNT and NBC? First, WRITE PARAMOUNT. Tell them that you want STAR TREK to return as a live television show or movie. Then get your friends, cousins, fellow workers, school mates, etc., to write too. The more letters the better. Let us keep burying PARAMOUNT in an avalanche of letters.
And then WRITE NBC. Tell them what you think of the animation. Tell them if you want it back next year. Tell them if you would like to see it as a prime-time evening show.
Write to your local television station that might be broadcasting the syndicated rerun STAR TREK. This can be instrumental in keeping the reruns in your area. There is nothing wrong in calling the station manager too and telling him/her what you think of STAR TREK. Every call or letter counts.
Follow the letter writing rules. If you have trouble composing a general business letter, write a general form letter and use it as the model for the letters that you will write. But most of all - WRITE!
The following are the guides for writing letters:
DO NOT write STAR TREK, “I LOVE LEONARD NIMOY” etc. on the outside of the envelope. This is automatically forwarded to Gene Roddenberry by NBC or Paramount.
DO NOT send in petitions. They are virtually worthless. One letter is worth more than 100 signatures.
DO NOT send in “Form” letters of any kind including carbon or ditto. These are too readily identified.
DO NOT write ‘cute’ letters. This is a BUSINESS LETTER! Use proper English and letter form if possible. Also, anonymous letters present a very bad image as to the caliber of the ST fan.
DO type or write neat intelligent letters with a firm voicing of opinion.
DO use letter-headed stationery only IF IT IS REPRESENTATIVE OF YOU personally. It is ideal for pointing out the kind of responsible person that the STAR TREK fan is.
WRITE NOW! It is also recommended that you keep carbons of all correspondence with both PARAMOUNT and NBC, and that you also keep records of all replies (if any) that you receive from NBC or PARAMOUNT.
S.T.A.R. CENTRAL encourages all of our readers to write now. The above rules may be reprinted freely by any ST fan or club in order that more of STAR TREK’s fans will find out about the campaign."


  1. ^ from the editorial of Babel #5
  2. ^ from Jean Peacock in a letter to The Communicator v.3. n.5
  3. ^ from Star Trek Today #5 (1972)
  4. ^ While S.T.A.R. Central did not "own" this con, nor officially sponsor it, almost 100% of "Star-Con's" con committee were S.T.A.R. Central, as per stated in the previous issue: "The Con committee is as follows: CHAIRMAN: Mr. Lillard. EMPLOYEES: Mrs. Judy Horwitz, Publicity; Carol Lynn, Program & Films; Laura T. Basta, Dealer's Room; Margaret A. Basta, Registration; Gerry Felipe, Costume Ball; Ken Cramer, Guest Liason; John Benson, Program Book; Margaret A. Basta, Program Book; John Benson, Exhibits; Roberta Brown, Art Show & Exhibits; Mary Brenner, Information Registration; Patti Helmer, Gofers,' Mr. Howard DeVore, Consultant."
  5. ^ This statement by Basta is super-convoluted, and is missing some facts. It was Schuster who left the main con, and began is own series.
  6. ^ Well, Basta lauded Equicon as being far superior to Star Trek Lives! cons, but the program book for "Equicon" hadn't even been sent to fans five months after the con, and in fact, may have never been sent at all.