Star Trek Lives (fan film)

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Fan Film
Title: Star Trek Lives
Creator: Donald Swerdlow, out of New York
Date: 1971 or 1972
Length: "All 8mm is mounted on a 200 foot reel."

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Star Trek Lives is a film created by a fan named Donald Swerdlow.

It was advertised inStar-Borne, a zine that had the ear of Gene Roddenberry, D.C. Fontana, and David Gerrold, and because of this high visibility, was likely nipped in the bud fairly quickly.

an early 1972 flyer

From an ad printed in Star-Borne #2:


And you can relive it just as if you were one of the thousands of trekkies who grokked Spock and the Star Trek Con. This film documentary will become a heirloom.

Just what was that special quality of Star Trek which made you watch it every week? What external forces combined to crush it? Yes, fellow Trekkie, Star Trek lives again in living color and sound. You'll see and hear creator Gene Roddenberry discuss such things as Mr. Spock, Nurse Christine Chapel, and whether Star Trek will ever return. You'll see and hear film clips from two different episodes.

Star Trek Lives can be yours in either Super 8 or regular 8mm magnetic sound as well as 16mm optical sound. The low introductory price includes postpaid, insured delivery.