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The Committee is the group of fans that were responsible for putting on the first major Star Trek convention, Star Trek Lives!, and four other conventions after that, sometimes referred to as "the Committee Cons."

The Cons

Exit Al Schuster

In 1974, "the committee fissioned leaving records in disarray. Shortly after the convention, the committee announced that they no longer had any connection with Al Schuster and "and and all future debts he may incur in the name of the Convention will not be paid or honored, and he no longer has any authority to incur expenses, arrange contracts or conduct business in the name of the convention." [1]

This division led to at least one lawsuit. [2]

He then put on his own Star Trek convention a month before the Committee's 1975 convention under the name "The Fourth International Star Trek Convention" at the Statler Hilton. This became the series of his for-profit cons called Schuster Star Trek Conventions.

Committee Members


  • Al Schuster, Co-ordinator
  • Elyse Pines, Program
  • Joan Winston, Dealers Room, NASA Display, Signs
  • Eileen Becker, Registration
  • Allan Asherman, Art Show
  • Deborah Langsam, Costume Call
  • Joyce Yasner, Displays
  • Devra Langsam, Slide Shows, Program Asst.
  • Regina Gottesman, Hospitality
  • Steve Rosenstein, Auctioneer, MC
  • Stu Hellinger, Program Assistant
  • Chris Steinbrunner/Chester Grabowski, Visuals


  • Joan Winston
  • Elyse Rosenstein
  • Allen Asherman,
  • Eileen Becker
  • Steve Rosenstein
  • Dana Anderson
  • Thom Anderson
  • Renee Bodner
  • Stu Hellinger
  • Devra Langsam
  • Deborah Langsam
  • Eileen Becker
  • Maureen Wilson
  • Joyce Yasner
  • Al Schuster


  • Al Schuster, Chairman
  • Deborah Langsam, Assistant Chairman (at Con), Hotel Liaison
  • Dana L.F. Anderson, Costume Call Director, Advance Registration, Fanzine Display
  • Thom Andersen, Treasurer, Associate Director of Registration
  • Renee Bodner, Registration Director
  • Devra Langsam, Executive Secretary, Assistant Chairman (pre-Con), Art Show Director
  • Stu C. Hellinger, Press Releases-Advertising
  • Elyse S. Rosenstein, Program Director
  • Steve J. Rosenstein, Operations Director
  • David A. Simons Personnel Coordinator
  • Barbara Wenk, Assistant Director of the Art Show
  • Joan Winston, Publicity & Press Director, Film Liaison, Program Book
  • Ben Yallow, Official Convention Photographer
  • Joyce Yasner, Displays, Theatrical Coordinator


  • Devra Michele Langsam, Chairperson & Co-coordinator ("Official Yeller and Whip-Cracker")
  • Dana L.F. Anderson, Advance Registration, Fanzine & Fan Club List Compiler, Costume Call Director, Printing Layout & Design
  • Wendy Lindboe, Art Show Co-Director, Graphical Design
  • Elyse S. Rosenstein, Program Director, Progress Report, Guest Liaison, Trivia Contest, Advertising & Telephone Information
  • Steven J. Rosenstein, Director of Operations & Proceedings, Printing & Logistics, Techical Assistance & Construction
  • Louise Sachter, Art Show Co-Director
  • Barbara Wenk, Personnel Director (Helpers)
  • Joan Winston, Director of Press & Publicity, Film & Television Liaison, Program Book Editor
  • Joyce Yasner, Recording Secretary, General Records Keeper, At-the-Door Registration Director
  • Thom Anderson, Treasurer ("General Mouth")
  • Stuart Grossman, Dealer's Room Organization, Television Advertising
  • Stuart C. Hellinger, Hotel Liaison, Security Co-coordinator ("Former Bull Horn Operator")
  • Ben Yalow, Official Convention Photographer, Documentation & Resources, Technical Assistance



  • Dana L.F. Anderson: Fanzine/Fan Club Listing, Fanzine and Book Exhibit, Fashion Show, Masquerade
  • Thom Anderson: Chairman
  • Allan Asherman: Master of Ceremonies
  • Claire Eddy: Staff (Helpers) Directory
  • Stu Grossman: Dealers' Room Coordinator, Mail Distribution, Film Committee
  • Robert and Sondra Harris: Legal Counsel
  • Stuart C. Hellinger: Director of Security, Hotel Liaison
  • Devra Michele Langsam: Art Show Director, Treasurer/Recording Secretary
  • Elyse S. Rosenstein: Director of Programming, Guest Liaison, Director of Information and Advertising, Trivia Contest
  • Steven J. Rosenstein: Director of Operations, Printing & Publishing Design, Communications
  • David Simmons: Assistant Chairman
  • Barbara Wenk: Art Show, "Trek-A-Star," Song Contest and Songfest
  • Joan Winston: Vice Chairman, Director of Films and Press, Press Liaison
  • Ben Yalow: Photographer
  • Joyce Yasner: Director of Registration


  • Ruth Bollerud, Diane Duane (Art Show)
  • Gennie Curcio, Pat O'Neill, Manuel Mourino (Security)
  • Alina Chu (Convention Headquarters)
  • Linda Deneroff, Carol McFelley (Programming)
  • Robert Domitz (Convention Operations)
  • Lise Eisnberg, Karina Girsdanski, Cheryl McDaniels (General)
  • Jon Estren, Jeremy Paulson, Jim Zito (Dealers' Room)
  • Regina Gottesman (Information Desk)
  • Rosemarie Krist (Helpers)
  • Ellen Schlackman (Press Room)
  • Lee Smoire (Registration)
  • Jill Wallach (Convention Suite)
  • Michael Weisel (Films)

Examples of Use of: "The Committee"

  • "In January '72 I attended the first of what has since come to be known as "the Committee" cons." [3]
  • "The '74 con was too crowded - 10,000 to 14,000 attendees - the exact number is unknown as the Committee split off its Chairman after this one and the one who ran registration took the records with him. But, the crowding was so bad that Fire Marshalls became involved. The Committee was soon nicknamed The Coping Committee - they coped."[4] Photos from the 1974 convention can be found here.[5]


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