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The Committee is the group of fans that were responsible for putting on the first major Star Trek convention, Star Trek Lives!, and four other conventions after that, sometimes referred to as "the Committee Cons."

  • January 21-23, 1972 (held at the Statler Hilton, New York City)
  • February 16-19, 1973 (held at The Commodore Hotel, New York City)
  • February 15-18, 1974 (held at The Americana Hotel, New York City)
  • February 14-17, 1975 (held at The Commodore Hotel, New York City)

Joan Winston was one of the members, and she writes of her experiences in the 1977 book "The Making of the Trek Conventions." Other members were Elyse Pines, Allan Asherman, Eileen Becker, Steve Rosenstein and Al Schuster.

In 1974, Al Schuster had a falling out with the Committee which led to at least one lawsuit. [1] He then put on his own Star Trek convention a month before the Committee's 1975 convention under the name "The International Star Trek Convention" at the Statler Hilton.

Examples of Use

  • "In January '72 I attended the first of what has since come to be known as "the Committee" cons." [2]
  • "The '74 con was too crowded - 10,000 to 14,000 attendees - the exact number is unknown as the Committee split off its Chairman after this one and the one who ran registration took the records with him. But, the crowding was so bad that Fire Marshalls became involved. The Committee was soon nicknamed The Coping Committee - they coped."[3] Photos from the 1974 convention can be found here.[4]


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