Deborah Langsam

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Name: Deborah Michel Langsam
Alias(es): Debbie Langsam
Type: zine editor and publisher, fan writer, fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek: The Original Series
Other: Amanita Publications (with Devra Langsam)
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Deborah Langsam is one of the original Star Trek: TOS writers and zine publishers. She is Devra Michele Langsam's cousin (named after the same relative).[1]

Debbie was the co-editor of Spockanalia and the first three issues of Masiform D with Devra. She also contributed fanfiction, fanart, and filks to the zines.

Debbie was a member of the group that founded Star Trek Lives!, one of the first Star Trek conventions, in 1972. At the convention, she was a moderator at the Fan Writing Panel or Don't Make Him Say That! panel.


  • contribution to "The Free Enterprise" by Lois McMaster from Spockanalia 2 (April 1968)
  • "Personal Diary Entries" from Spockanalia 2 (April 1968)
  • "A Slanderous Song", written with Devra Langsam and Joyce Yasner, from Spockanalia 3 (September 1968)
  • "Excerpt from the Young Vulcan's Handbook of Emotional Control" from Spockanalia 3 (September 1968)
  • "Scotty: Inter-personal relationships within a closed community", written with Devra Langsam, from Spockanalia 4 (April 1969)
  • contribution to "The Free Enterprise" by R. Oberdiek from Masiform D 1 (January 1971)
  • "Chemistry Songs" from Masiform D 3 (September 1973)
  • "Partial Translation of Expanded Outlines for Instructors at the Vulcan Academy" from Masiform D 3 (September 1973)


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