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Title: One Trek Mind
Publisher: Boston Star Trek Association/Mountain Star Publications
Editor(s): Donna Chisholm
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1974-1976
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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One Trek Mind is the newsletter published by the Boston Chapter of S.T.A.R., the Star Trek Association for Revival. It contains fan fiction, articles, and cartoons.

Issue 1

back cover of issue #1, Bunny Foilb
front cover of issue #1, Anne Marie Kitz

One Trek Mind 1 was published in January 1974 and contains 64 (unnumbered) pages. The front cover and most illustrations are by Anne Marie Kitz. The back cover is by Bunny Foilb. Cartoons are by Cameron Garthe, Cady Goldfield, and Bob Leibman.

  • The Child of Forever by Gail S. Abend (fiction, 11 pages)
  • Everybody Has a Bad Day Now and Then by Shirley Maiewski
  • Was It Not Yesterday by Gail S. Abend (fiction, 8 pages)
  • STARGRAM by Donna Chisholm (also in issue #3) (2 pages)
  • Destiny by Gail S. Abend (3 pages)
  • Spock Chess Piece by Alan E. Andres (illustration)
  • Match Them Up by Donna Chisholm
  • BSTA Short Story Contest Announcement
  • The Simple Joys of Officerhood by Gail S. Abend
  • Crossword Puzzle by Terry McLaughlin (6 pages)
  • Uhura by Donna Chisholm (1 page poem and small illo)
  • STAR TREK BLOOPERS compiled by Alan E. Andres (transcript and description of the Blooper Reel, 17 pages)

Issue 2

One Trek Mind 2 was published in Autumn 1975 and contains 52 pages.

cover of issue #2, Anne Marie Kitz
cartoon from issue #2, Cory Correlli
  • cover by Anne Marie Kitz, other art by Carole Swoboda, Anne Marie Kitz, cartoons by Mary Beth Santarelli, Cady Goldfield, Caeron Garthe
  • Who Says I'm Fat? by Cameron Garthe (1)
  • Defender from Afar by Roberta Morrisette (6)
  • If I Were a Captain by Anne Marie Kitz (7)
  • You Call this Friendship by Donna Chisholm (8)
  • Stargram From McCoy (article) by Donna Chishom and Gail S. Abend (12)
  • Favorite Things by Ann Marie Kitz (19)
  • Red, White, and Blew by Anna Mary Hall -- Chekov is confused by the crew's plans for the Fourth of July. (reprinted in Archives #2) (20)
  • Friendship by Anne Marie Kitz (23)
  • This Side of Paradise: Epilog by Gail Abend (24)
back cover issue #2
  • "But, Mom..." by David C. Brussee (25)
  • By Duty We Die by Roberta Morrisette (29)
  • Personal Log by Alison and Virginia Walker (also Furaha #2 and Terra Vulcan Yearbook #3) (31)
  • answers to trivia (32)
  • If Wishes Come True by Donna Chisholm (33)
  • One by Four by Mary Manchester (34)
  • Speculative Thought (35)
  • The Gift of Grief by Elaine Pizzo (36)
  • Stargram from Chekov (A) by D. Chisholm
  • Star Bleep by Cory Correlli (also in Star-Borne #8, 13)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Despite a poor printing job, ONE TREK MIND is an enjoyable zine with lots of short- short stories, poetry and cartoons. The artwork is nominal but all right. The one long story, "Gift of Grief" by Elaine Pizzo, was fairly interesting, and although it made some attempts to confuse you, the ending was predictable. Due to the brevity of the stories, OTM can be read quickly and with much pleasure. [1]

Issue 3

front cover, Debbie Collin

One Trek Mind 3 is undated, but was published in 1975, and contains 51 pages. The cover of this issue shows Spock and Sulu, both in Revolutionary War dress, on the bridge of the Enterprise. The art is by Debbie Collin (cover), Richard Ciccarelli, Connie Faddis, Cameron Garthe, Cady Goldfield, Ed Laprade, and Ann Marie Kitz.

  • Low Spirits by A. Stuart Walker (also in Furaha #2) (1)
  • Stargrams by Gail Abend and D. Chisholm (11)
  • A Timely Encounter by Gail Abend (15)
  • Snowfallen, poem by Linda Martindale (21)
  • A Country Doctor by Anne Marie Kitz (22)
  • Imperative of the Sentinel by Stephen Langford (also in The Vaslovik Archives #1) (23)
  • answers to puzzle (28)
  • Star Trek Fan Song by Joel Davis (29)
  • crossword puzzle by Tim Malloy (30)
  • Memories from the Past by Donna Chisholm (33)
  • The Makers of Vulcan by George Hayes (34)
  • Sky Scene by Viola Alice Sprenkle (34)
  • Interference by A. Stuart Walker (also in Furaha #2) (Spock surprises McCoy by requesting a private consultation about a medical problem. Spock reports dreams of women having sexual fantasies of him.) (35)
  • Spock's Song by Gail Abend (40)
  • Star Trek Song by anonymous (40)
  • Could, Would, Should You? by Patricia E. Taylor (41)
  • Binary by New Year's Eve Party (43)
  • Amid Shipmen by Paula Smith (45)

Issue 4

One Trek Mind 4 was published in December 1975 and contains 90 pages.

The front cover is by Debbie Collin. The interior illos are by Amy Falkowitz, Cameron Garthe, Ed Laprade, Mary Beth Santarelli, and Richard Ciccarelli.

front cover of issue #4, Debbie Collin
  • The Vulcan Ensign by Johanna Cantor (1)
  • Ruth by Linda Sawicki(11)
  • Peace by Hannah Boehme (11)
  • Fanzine Writer by Ed Laprade (12)
  • Augury by Gail Abend (reprinted in The Vaslovik Archives #1) (15)
  • S.W.A.T. by Nottingham Tribble Far (17)
  • Trilogy by Mary Hartery (18)
  • Star Trekker by Ed Laprade (21)
  • For the Love of Miramanee by Julie Johnson (21)
  • Epitaph by Casey Mayers (23)
  • Different Among All Who Are Strange by Anne Marie Kitz (27)
  • We Were Enemies by Hanna Boehme (51)
  • Wind and Wisdom by Michelle Phaneuf (51)
  • Enterprise by Gail S. Abend (52)
  • Elysium by Alethea Moerheim (54)
  • T.V. Jest by Ed Laprade (55)
  • The Trouble With Toilets by J. Augustinsky (56)
  • Vina and Leila by Linda Sawicki (61)
  • An Uneventful Shoreleave by Joel Davis (62)
  • Futuristic Fashion #1 by Linda Cappel (64)
  • The Wheels of the Living by Casey Mayers (65)
  • Star Trek Holidays by Brian Breen (66)
  • The Dark of Night by Michelle Phaneuf (76)
  • Quarrel by Hannah Boehme (76)
  • Futuristic Fashion #2 by Linda Cappel (77)
  • The Anniversary by D. Collin (McCoy's musings on the 10th anniversary of his daughter's marriage to Spock.) (also in Clipper Trade Ship #4) (78)
  • Futuristic Fashion #3 by Linda Cappel (82)
  • Futuristic Fashion #4 by Linda Cappel (86)

Issue 5

One Trek Mind 5 was published in May 1976 and contains 118 pages. It was the final issue. The art is by Brian Breen, Richard Ciccarelli, Debbie Collin, Amy Falcowitz, Cameron Garthe, Alice Jones, Signe Landon, Edward LaPrade, Mary Beth Santorelli, and Charlene Taylor.

front cover of issue #5, Signe Landon
  • The Wind's Will by Debbie Collin (3) (reprinted from The Clipper Trade Ship #9; also in The Best of Amanda and Sarek and Star Trek Nuts & Bolts #14/15)
  • Ode to Kirk (9)
  • A Speculation on the Utilization of Animals in the Future by Marguerite Grant (12)
  • Futuristic Fashion by Linda Cappel (14)
  • Till Woman Smiled: Confusion, Thy Name is Kerenon by Jeanne Butler (also in Star Trek Today #5) (15)
  • The Visitor, or, How I Passed My Calculus Course by Marguerite Grant (26)
  • Eternal Loser by Leslie Fish (29)
  • Help by Linda DeFazio (30)
  • Uhura by SINclair (30)
  • Futurisitic Fashion by Linda Cappel (31)
  • Poetry for the Average Man - Circa 2225 by Mary Hartery (33)
  • Witching Hour by Debbie Collin (37) (reprinted in Clipper Trade Ship #5, also in Star Trek Prospers #8)
  • 6 Haiku for a New Flower by Leslie Fish (47)
  • The Corona Affair by Carol Davis (50)
  • Dreams by Hannah Boehme (53)
  • Futuristic Fashion 3 by Linda Cappel (55)
  • Was It Not Yesterday? by Gail Abend (56)
  • G.N. by MAE (65)
  • An Eye for an Eye by SINclair (82)
  • poem by Gail Abend (82)
  • Futuristic Fashion 4 by Linda Cappel (85)
  • Adar by Linda Shadle (86)
  • The Last Time by Deborah-Lynn Courville (97)
  • Ultimately Logical by Hannah Boehme (98)
  • To Spock and McCoy by Anonymous (98)
  • The Probability Factor by Laureen Feinman (101)
  • Mission Incredible by Ruth Berman (116) (Paris, Leonard Nimoy's character from Mission Impossible, is broken by the enemy who tapes his eyelids open and forces him to watch the episode "Spock's Brain" over and over again.)
  • Return of the Night Before Christmas by Debbie Collin (119)


  1. ^ from Interphase #1