Star Trek Nuts & Bolts

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Title: Star Trek Nuts & Bolts
Publisher: George Perkins and Mark Behrend, out of Brookings, South Dakota, US
Date(s): 1974-1979
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Star Trek Nuts & Bolts is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of stories and articles. It is a club zine.

There were thirty-two issues.

Nuts & Bolts Worksheet is a sister zine.

The zine came out bi-monthly, with every other issue a double issue. The single issues contain news, club info. The double issues contain fiction and articles. LoCs are in both. The title of the zine comes from a quote by Ray Bradbury: "Fans are the nuts that hold the bolts of the universe together."

Some issues contain material that had been submitted to the proposed zine "Agripol."

In 1978, the editor reminded fans that "Star Trek Nuts & Bolts" was "South Dakota's only fanzine!" [1]

A One Shot that Became a Series

From the editorial in the "first issue": "Star Trek Nuts and Bolts, as you all well know, is a one-shot fanzine. Meaning that this is the first and last issue. However... Both of us... may decide to do a shorter issue... If you like it, let us know -- because we want everyone's reaction if we printed STN&B as a short newszine later on."

About Some Regular Features

A 1978 announcement in The Clipper Trade Ship #22:
Geoffrey Mandel (co-editor of Ballantine's Medical Reference, drafter of the K-7 Blueprints, Frieghter Blueprints, Space: 1999 Eagle Blueprints, and all-around technology expert) is the newest addition to ST NUTS & BOLTS. His column, "The Alternative Factor," discusses Trek technolgy and history [in] each issue (five to six ties a year). Don't miss it, and don't miss the other five regular readers' departments ("Mailing Frequencies," LoCs; "Tricorder Readings," reviews; "Nuts and Bolts," ads; "Personal Notes from Altair IV," news; and editorials), plus fiction, art, poetry, & humor.

Issue 1

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 1 was published in October 1974 and contains 60 pages. It has art by Doug Herring, Janice, Rick Havermann. The front cover is by Doug Herring and the back by Connie Faddis.

front cover of issue #1, Doug Herring
back cover of issue #2, Connie Faddis
  • Official Biographies of Animated Arex and M'Ress (2)
  • One Small Step, One Giant Leap by Dave Simmons (4)
  • Limericks by Peter Veters (7)
  • Network Needs Tour of the Enterprise by Tom Freeman (8)
  • Never Judge a Man, fiction by ElFreda Cox (9)
  • Trivia Quiz by Rich Woolworth and George Perkins (18)
  • The Hobbyist by Peter Veters (20)
  • The Shadow, fiction by Ken Fredrickson and George Perkins (25)
  • Beware the Ides of 1709.1 by LouAnn Jones (28)
  • IDIC, Starship, Starman, and Confessions of a Flyer by E.E. Cox (30)
  • Untitled by Jance (32)
  • The Starchaser's Song by E.E. Cox (32)
  • Women?! by LouAnn Jones (33)
  • Chessgame by Joe Walter (46)
  • The Kindslaian Mission by ElFreda Cox (47)
  • Nuts and Bolts, ads and letters (54)
  • Art Credits (60)

Issue 2

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 2 was published in 1975.

Issue 3

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 3 was published in 1975.

Issue 4

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 4 was published in 1975.

Issue 5

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 5 was published in October 1975. It has a front cover by Gee Moaven, and interior illos by K. Cordray, J. Mix, D. Munson, K. O'Brien, R. Woolworth.

  • News! News! News! (article)
  • The Celebrations by K. Cordray

Issue 6/7

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 6/7 was published in February 1976 and contains about 50 pages. The front cover is by R. Woolworth, the back cover by S. Kopp, and the interior illos by D. Munson and B. Pohl.

  • "The Man Who Folded Himself" (review) by George Perkins (article)
  • War Games by B. Woolworth
  • To Battle, To Battle by J. Schultz
  • "Midworld" (review) by M. Behrend
  • The Sepron Assignment by B. PohI
  • Editorial: Happy Birthday by George Perkins (article)
  • "Questor Tapes" (review) by George Perkins
  • Pro/Con Space: 1999 by B. Wookworth (article)

Issue 8

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 8 was published in April 1976. The front cover is by G. Perkins, and the interior illos by T. Inoue, S. Kopp, B. Pohl, D. Rowan, and K. Trummel.

  • "Star Trek:the New Voyages" (review) by D. Bubin
  • Star Trek Con by J. Hoover (article)
  • Dr. Who" (review) by B. PohI (article)
  • Interview with Gene Roddenberry by D. Osio (article)
  • "Six Million Dollar Man Book 5" (review) by G. Perkins -
  • Brain-Storm by R. Pohl

Issue 9

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 9

Issue 10

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 10 was published in August 1976. The front cover is by K.L. Higley, and the interior illos are by G. Perkins.

  • With the Wallop of His Fist G. Perkins
  • "Vulcan Reflections" (review) by M. Berend (article)
  • Star Trek Telephone Survey (article)

Issue 11

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 11 was published in 1976.

Issue 12

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 12

Issue 13

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 13

Issue 14/15

cover of issue #14/15, Kathy Lynn Higley

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 14/15 was published in March/April 1977 and contains 38 pages. It has a front cover by Kathy Lynn Higley, back cover by Douglass Herring, a frontispiece by Steven K. Dixon, and a backispiece by Duane Hanson. This issue focuses on Spock's past.

From an ad in The Halkan Council #24 (April 1977): "Agripol has gone the way of the dinosaurs but George Perkins says he'll be printing all of the Agripol material in future issues of 'Star Trek Nuts & Bolts', namely #14/#15; $1.50 due out in late March."

Issue 16

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 16 was published in 1977.

Issue 17/18

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 17/18 was published in October 1977.

Issue 19

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 19 was published in 1977.

Issue 20

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 20 was published in 1978.

Issue 21/22

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 21/22 was published in February 1978 and contains 40 pages. Features work of George Perkins, Brenda Harper, and Mark Behrend.

Issue 23

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 23 was published in June 1978 and contains 28 pages. It contained a flyer for Brookcon 78, held in Brookings, South Dakota July 23-25, 1978.

Issue 24/25

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 24 was published in August 1978.

Issue 26

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 26 was published in November 1978 and contains 22 pages.

cover of issue #26
  • A Most Necessary Duty by RIch Woolworth (Star Wars fiction)
  • poetry
  • Tricorder Recorder Readings (a review column)
  • Alternative Factor (recurring column by Geoffry Mandel)
  • artwork
  • poetry
  • cartoons

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 26

You asked for it, you got it George [referring to the editor's request in Scuttlebutt that someone review his zine], but why in the world you asked for a request of your zine is beyond me. I first considered not writing this at all -- something like if you don't have anything nice to say, why say anything -- but after reading your last issue and editoral comments, I couldn't resist. Frankly, I think you should save your time and efforts. The one or two articles you've somehow managed to come up with that were readable, can't carry the weight of the other tons of dribble you offer. Your zine consists mainly of YOUR comments, YOUR editorials, a selection of boring reviews and ratings, all sprinkled heavily with unexcusable [sic] typos, misspellings, and printed in occasionally unreadable 75% reduction, el-cheapo off-set. My opinion of your zine -- the absolute pits! Save a tree, George, don't waste paper printing the zine, and readers: don't waste your eyesight trying to read it. [2]
If you are a Trekker exclusively, or into SW and ignore all else, or struck in a rut of any other one-and-only fandom, STN&B is not for you. But if you're interested in variety, you'd probably enjoy this zine. (Really, I don't see why the 'Star Trek' is still in the zine title, if #26 is typical, the zine has branched out beyond its original purpose.( Only one piece in the zine is fiction: 'A Most Necessary Duty' by Rich Woolworth. It's a well-written, plausible story of how Leia got the Death Star plans, but it could have been much more fleshed out and detailed than the skeleton treatment it was given here. Admittedly, though, the author and editor wanted a short story, not a novella. The rest of the zine, except for some poetry, devoted to non-fiction; I understand that each issue of STN&B usually has only one major fiction work. 'Tricorder Readings,' a review column is good since it reviews not only fanzines but prozines, novels, and other items a generalist fan would be interested in. Geoffrey Mandel's continuing 'Alternative Factor' is devoted in this issue to reliable-sounding news on the ST movie, including some information I hadn't been aware of from my previous reading of pro media and STW's APOTA. There is also a LoC and ad column. The print is reduced, but clear and readable. The artwork didn't really turn me on, but then it didn't turn me off either. I did get few chuckles out of the cartoons, especially the 'Fan Merchandise We'd Like to See.' Only one thing in the zine bothered me: under the guise of a disclaimer, the editor uses his closing comments to put down a former contributor with whom he apparently had a misunderstanding and a quarrel. I don't know the circumstances and imagine there was right and wrong on both sides. But I consider this personal airing unnecessary and something that should have been kept between the two parties involved. Well, except fo that last bit, by STN&B's own rating system, I'd give it a 7: Quite Good. [3]

Issue 27/28

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 27/28 was published in 1979 and contains 27 pages. Is a single novel called "Triumph in the Dust' by Patrick Wilson and Bruce Scivally.

front cover of issue #27-28, Bruce Scivally
back cover of issue #27-28, Bruce Scivally

Issue 29

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 29 was published in 1979 and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue #29
back cover of issue #29
  • A Frightening Sense of Doom
  • Tricorder Headings
  • The Alternative Factor
  • The Hiding Place
  • Personal Noted from Altar IV
  • Starlines
  • Mailing Frequencies Open
  • Meet the Artists
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Afterwords

Issue 30

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 30

Issue 31

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 31

Issue 32

Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 32


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  2. from Scuttlebutt #11
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