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Name: Alan Dean Foster
Also Known As:
Occupation: Science fiction writer
Medium: Print
Official Website(s): ALAN DEAN FOSTER.COM
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Alan Dean Foster is a pro sci-fi author whose career began in the early 70s.

He is known for writing novelizations of movie scripts, such as Alien, The Thing, and The Last Starfighter, and wrote some Star Trek: TAS novelizations called Star Trek Logs. His success with the Logs led to the opportunity to provide the story for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Foster wrote tie-in novels, the most famous of which is probably Splinter of the Mind's Eye for Star Wars. He has also written dozens of short stories. He contributed to a few zines.

Power Records (Peter Pan) has released a album sized record with three short Star Trek stories, written by Alan Dean Foster. Also available as 45rpm with short comic that follows the story. It did not utilize the original stars' voices. [1]

He later renewed his Star Trek connections by writing the novelizations for the first two "Kelvinverse" movies in the Star Trek: Alternate Original Series.

Fan Comments


Trash in trekfiction isn't a criterion; fanzines publish perfectly horrible SF trash every year. There is NO WAY to avoid it. Some fanzine editors won't touch fan fiction and some seem to dote on the worst kind. Nobody in fandom has the right to put down ST fandom for that!...Trekfiction, per se, is probably not going to become acceptable to SF fandom, simply because it is still basically a copy of someone else's universe, and copying the scripts and story ideas of someone else. Originality counts, remember. No matter how good the Log One stories get (and they show no signs of it, yet) or the Blish things could have gotten (and they were dreadful), they are still copies of GR's universe, and not original stories. [2]