Inside Star Trek (Star Trek for-profit LP)

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Title: Inside Star Trek
Date(s): 1977
Medium: LP album
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Inside Star Trek is a Star Trek: TOS for-profit LP.

It was sold by Columbia Records, but had a relationship with Nova Enterprises, a fan-run merchandising company, something that touches upon fandom and profit.

On INSIDE STAR TREK, creator Gene Roddenberry reveals the behind-the-scenes story of his legendary television show for the very first time! Hear, in Gene's own words, and those of of the Enterprise's top guns, never-before revealed tales about the origins of the series, and its place in the history of science fiction.

INSIDE STAR TREK is a full-length, long-playing album devoted to STAR TREK, in the actual words and voices of the people who made it happen. What was Spock's childhood like? Was there really a feud between STAR TREK's two stars? When did the network executives start to invade Federation territory? How did struggles with network censors affect the U.S.S. Enterprise, her crew, and the planets around them? Why was STAR TREK taken off the air? How did Kirk's personality affect William Shatner? What was the philosophy behind the show?

These are but a few topics explored on INSIDE STAR TREK! The album is scheduled for release on October 15th, and yours will be sent to you in a corrugated cardboard mailer. To obtain your copy, just send $6.95 (New York City & State residents please add sales tax) to us, along with your name and address. Do you know someone who would like to receive INSIDE STAR TREK as a gift? We will gladly mail this historic album for you to your favorite Trekker at no additional cost. INSIDE STAR TREK is probably the most important STAR TREK documentary ever recorded, and we at Nova take pleasure in being able to offer it to you. Why not order yours, today!

Fan Comments

The album "Inside STAR TREK" features Gene Roddenberry interviewing William Shatner, DeForest Keliey, Mark "Sarek" Lenard, and Isaac Asimov, Gene Roddenberry explores Star Trek - the show, the people, and the ideas behind it.

Although this is a hard-to-find album by Columbia Records, it is well-worth pestering some record shop to order it or find it hidden in the stock.

Here are just a small few of the highlights of the album:

"William Shatner Meets Captain Kirk:" William Shatner said of his role as Captain, ". . . what essentially comes out is William Shatner saying the lines that were Written for me to say in a situation that I was placed in . . ." He went on further to say that he was mostly just acting the role of Captain.

"McCoy's RX for Life": DeForest Kelley says that McCoy has influenced his personality because ". . . he has some human qualities that are really worth emulating." Kelley said that Star Trek really gave hope to people, especially terminally ill patients, ". . . somehow if you believe it will happen, it will happen."

"A Letter from a Network Censor": Roddenberry reads a "typical" memo about a script, "The Bible" submitted to a network censor. He points out in several witty parts that the Bible wouldn't be respectable for "Family Hour viewing."

"The Star Trek Dream": The last section of this record sums up Roddenberry's feelings. How he became first connected with science-fiction, from his childhood of being handicapped. He expressed his feelings that if he had been a normal child he probably would not have gone on to become a writer. "Ah, how lovely all our daughters are inside, how fearless all our sons. If only we could see it," seems to sum up the dreamer's creed; it isn't what someone looks like, but what they think and can give that matters."

To sum up this review, I'd like to say it was probably the best $6.10 I've ever spent. If you don't have this album I urge you to go out and borrow, beg, or buy a copy. It is informative as well as entertaining, and humorous, too. If your record store doesn't have it on the shelves, ask a clerk if it's in the back or to order it especially for you. [1]


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