William Shatner

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Name: William Shatner
Also Known As:
Occupation: actor, director, producer, author
Medium: television, film
Works: Star Trek, Boston Legal, William Shatner "Live" and many others
Official Website(s): IMDb page
Fan Website(s): WilliamShatner.com: The Official Shatner Website (News)
On Fanlore: Related pages

William Shatner is a Canadian actor most famous for his role as Capt. James T. Kirk. He played Kirk in Star Trek: The Original Series and six subsequent films, as well as voicing Kirk in other Trek-related media. In partnership with Leonard Nimoy, his portrayal helped to inspire K/S fandom, the iconic slash pairing that slash itself derives its name from.

He has had a long career, and worked in different capacities on many tv shows and films. Between 2004 - 2008, he starred in Boston Legal, and was again paired with a male costar (James Spader) in a relationship that was so slashy, the subtext occasionally became text; ironically, this fandom is small to nonexistent.

Shatner is also a character in Star Trek RPF fandom.

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