The Twilight Zone

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Name(s): The Twilight Zone
Abbreviation(s): TZ
Scope/Focus: TV show
Date(s): 1959-1964; 1983 (feature film); 1985-1989 (The New Twilight Zone); 2002-2003; 2019-
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The Twilight Zone was a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror anthology series created and hosted by Rod Serling and airing on CBS from 1959 to 1964. It featured stories with characters in unusual, frightening or dangerous situations usually with a significant twist at the end.

In 1983 it became a feature film, Twilight Zone: The Movie, with four main segments (three remakes and an original tale), sadly remembered as the movie that ended the life of actor Vic Morrow and two young children. That movie's narrations were provided by Burgess Meredith, who had starred in several previous classic episodes.

The series was revamped (as The New Twilight Zone) in 1985-1989 (narrated by Robin Ward and Charles Aidman), and again in 2002-2003 (narrated by Forest Whitaker). Several classic episodes were revisited.

Another reboot series was developed for the CBS All Access streaming service. Jordan Peele was the new creator and host.


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