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Synonyms: Issue
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ish is an abbreviation for "issue" from the era of print zines. Thish was shorthand for "this issue". Annish was an anniversary issue. The term antedates 1942; see Science Fiction Citations.

Ish is also the title of a Canadian zine. See Zinewiki.

Examples of Use

  • From the letterzine, Southern Enclave: "One heck of a good ish, Cheree." and "Cheers for all who defended him [George Lucas] last ish, and extra ovations for those who call themselves Luke fans."
  • And from the zine, The Lost Jedis: "So, please, write me a letter of comment on this ish!"
  • From Warped Space #18: "The half-story cannot be read without having seen the last ish."
  • From Grup #3, "Thish, we have some pens [contributors] new to these pages."
  • From SPOCK v.2 No. 1, "I would like to thank many people ...who helped the Editor of this fanzine and myself in producing this ish."